Chapter 5:

Transfer student

Wind Sniper 0

“Ugh, free day my ass! Now two different women are working me like a slave.”

After I came home extremely late last night, my mother and Erika were so upset that they confined me to the house and forced me to do the cleaning.

“Square root of 144?” Erika barked.

“I’m scrubbing the toilet!”

“SQUARE ROOT OF 144 or I shove your face in it.”

“14 right? Blorb!”


After I washed my face, it was onto dusting.

“I just saw a speck fall, clean it up.”

“Where? I don’t see it?”

Do I need to wash out your eyes again in the toilet?”

Ever since Himesaki began using me as a focal point against Erika, Erika has been treating me worse and worse. That bitch Himesaki had convinced everyone that since Erika can’t even educate her own stupid brother, she’s unfit to lead. She also slandered her and stated that all my bad habits came from her. Even though Erika’s one of the top students, she’s treated terribly and is essentially on the lowest tier of the social hierarchy for the 3rd years. To make matters worse, she ended up having to repeat a grade because of me.

The incident in question was regarding my finals. Himesaki had successfully managed to frame Erika for helping me cheat on the finals. Even though I had passed on my own ability, Himesaki was somehow able to convince the staff to hold her back a year and bar her from attending college. She also humiliated Erika at what would have been her graduation. I was kept completely in the dark that I had even been accused of cheating and only learned about the whole thing via the school paper, which Himesaki's underling controls. 

When I found out Erika was punished for something she didn't even do or have anything to do with it made my blood boil.  I know Himesaki's dad is a big shot in the government, but that’s no reason to just let her go wild. Though what mystified me was the fact that Erika seemed to resent me more than Himesaki. She had always been annoyed at my uselessness, but never hostile to me until after the incident.

“Say Erika, why do you put up with Himesaki’s bullshit?” I asked.

“ONEE-SAN to you! Trash like you doesn’t get to call me by my first name!”

“But I’m your brother.”

“AND THAT’S WHY! IT’S BECAUSE A LOSER LIKE YOU IS MY BROTHER THAT I CAN’T ENJOY MY LIFE! I had that student council election in the bag until you came along and failed so hard you dragged me down with you! ”

“Why!? We’re our own people, aren’t we? One’s actions shouldn’t affect the other.”

“Oh, but it does! “Tsubakis are failures and irredeemable trash” is what they say. You’re so bad at life, it rubs off on me. All the negative press I got from the election made my school life hell! Then there was the incident. I was HUMILIATED; all for a piece of shit like you!  I can’t have friends or go to college because of you. I hate you!”

She then stormed up to her room.

I never realized how much my actions hurt those around me, but even then I still felt a majority of her problems were rooted in Himesaki’s grudge towards her for daring to oppose her rule.

I ended up being forced to do housework until 9:30 P.M., the time I got home last night. This punishment was all because Sakura the gorilla refused to elaborate on the plan. If their whole argument for leaving me in the dark was so it could help catch Hyena off guard, I’d sadly concede that point to them. But I’d still press them on what they expected to happen when they forced a high schooler with low mental fortitude to do the job. If that bitch really wanted Hyena dead, why didn’t she just have one of her more experienced hitmen do it?”

On Monday, my life got worse.

“Today we have a new transfer student. Her name is Sakura Harukawa,” Ushino stated.

“Hello, my name is Sakura Harukawa. I just moved in yesterday, though I hurt my arm. Don’t worry, I’m fine, but I can’t really do a lot with my arm like this. I look forward towards studying with you all,” Sakura stated politely.

Once she sat next to me, her demeanor went back to normal.

“Rooftop at lunch,” she growled.

As the lunch bell rang, the two of us were confronted by Kuriyama.

“Pleased to meet you Harukawa-san. My name is Maya Kuriyama, and I am the Student council Secretary as well as the head of the disciplinary committee. I wanted to warn you about the boy you’ve been talking to.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I know he’s a useless piece of shit. This bastard’s the reason my arm’s in a sling. The reason I’ve been talking with him is because I’m forcing him to do my tasks for me, since he’s the reason I can’t do them.”

“I understand, though be careful that he does not land your other arm in a sling. He’s THAT pathetic.”

Kuriyama glared at me as we left.

“Yeah, you're  going to be my pack mule from now on,” Sakura growled.

“You can carry your stuff just fine Gorilla!”

“WATCH IT! Madam has assigned me here both to keep an eye on you and to watch for Hyena. You better not have forgotten that Madam warned you that Hyena is going to target girls at this school.”

“Nope, not at all,” I lied.

“Since we can’t have you just whipping out a rifle in broad daylight, I’m here. Though I’m only at 75% thanks to you.”

“Why doesn’t the bitch-Gack!”

“You will refer to Madam with RESPECT!” Sakura growled as she grabbed my throat.

“OK! Why doesn’t Miss Ramona just send more experience people? I mean she’s the boss of a large criminal mafia, so I’m sure she has the power and resources to do so.”

“None of your business,” Sakura growled.

“Anyway, I’ll contact you. Only text me if you notice Hyena.”

Once school got out, I ran into Naname.

“Kazerou-kun! Naname’s been worried. You haven’t been picking up your phone. What happened?”

“Oh, uh sorry. I guess you could say I got grounded.”

“For what?”

“For this!” Sakura cheerfully stated as she walked up and pointed to her arm.

“Ah, she’s a new student. I noticed her moving in the other day and offered to help only to result in that. So now I’m forced to help her out with stuff until her arm gets better.” I explained.

“Ah, Naname understands.”

“Pleased to meet you. My name is Sakura Harukawa.”

“Naname Hosen, pleased to meet you. Would you like to be friends?”

“Yes, I’d love that.”

I groaned as the two exchanged contact information. Now that damn gorilla would be monitoring Naname. Then Erika showed up.

“Zerou! What the hell is this! I heard you broke a girl’s arm, is this what you were doing the other day!?”

“Yes, he saw me moving in and offered to help, only to just make things worse and get my arm busted.”

“Please forgive me. This delinquent did not inform me about this. Had I known, our family would have provided medical compensation."

“No worries, its his fault not yours.”

Erika’s eyes glowed as her mood improved.

“You truly think so? I’m so glad. I’m Erika Tsubaki.”

“Sakura Harukawa,.”

After Sakura forced me to tie her shoelaces, the three girls walked out together as Kuriyama confronted me.

“What? I didn’t run in the halls.”

“You did skirt your punishment on Saturday. Detention room, NOW!”


After an Eternity I was allowed to leave.

As I walked home, I heard a commotion in an alley. I peeked in and noticed a bloody and beaten Sakura fighting Hyena.

“Give up girl, help isn’t gonna come. Still surprised you were a high schooler. Guess that means you’re my type. Keh heh,” he sneered.

Sakura took notice of me.

“Back lot P, grey cube,” she uttered.

Hyena stared in confusion as Sakura kicked at him.

“Grey cube? Wait! Does she mean her car?”

I immediately ran to the specified location and noticed her car.

“Shit! It’s locked. I can see the rife case in there. Well nobody’s around, and this is an emergency so…”

I smashed one of the windows and grabbed the case as her car alarm went off.

After gaining some distance, I received a message on my phone.

“A message from Naname? What could it- __!”

To my horror, it was a picture of Naname, Erika, and Sakura bound and gagged, along with a message reading “Got your girls Kazerou, Zerou, whatever your name is. If you want them back, we’ll do business on the roof of X-building at 6:30 P.M. Don’t show up, and I sell em off to a politician. Bring ALL your money. -Keh heh.”

Hyena had kidnapped all three girls.

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