Chapter 23:

Chapter 23

Prince of the Sun

Unfortunately the song came to an end Jace was sad to come to a stop, his coat stilling at his legs. Zebedaios smiled down at him.

“You’re a beautiful dancer,” Jace whispered softly.

From their close position Zebedaios hand came up and brushed the side of Jace’s face, electricity cracked and spread though his body. A blush grew on his face and he couldn’t control it this time.

Zebedaios whispered, “You too Prince.”

Jace’s heart was fluttering as Zebedaios let them off the dancefloor, as the next song was beginning to start. Jace wished he could have just asked to have the next dance but before he knew it Zebedaios had let go of him and disappeared into the crowd.

Jace just stood there completely out of it. Dancing with Zebedaios was unlike any other dance he had done before. His heart was racing completely and his mind was blank. He knew that people were watching him, that they likely would have been watching him on the dancefloor. Would there be questions? He didn’t know who Zebedaios was really.

Coming out of his daze he stepped into the crowd, his eyes scanned for the tropical aqua skin. He needed more.

There was an original quest but that had been long forgotten in his quest for the mysterious Zebedaios. As the Prince he knew a person that answered his questions so cryptically was probably a danger and therefore should not be dealt with by the heir to the Phoenix throne but Jace was so intrigued he couldn't help himself.

He was nowhere to be seen.

He came across April and Claude before. Claude looking at him directly, concern flashing across his face. “Jace, are you ok?”

His Princely training kicked in as he pulled a pleasant smile onto his face, “Sorry to worry you I’m just looking for someone.”

“Oh, Momoka is over by the south wall,” Claude said, turning his head in the direction.

Jace looked over to see Momoka sat down completely alone and looking very glum. Jace’s heart fell. Guilt washed over him for forgetting about trying to find her. His stomach twisted as he wanted to keep searching for Zebedaios but he couldn’t live her like that.

“Thank you,” he said to Claude and April.

April gave him a sharp nod and Claude watched him walk away a little worried.

Momoka’s head was hung down so she didn’t see Jace approach and was slightly startled has he sat beside her. She looked up at him.

“I’m sorry I’m ruining your solstice,” she said softly.

Jace put his arm around Momoka pulling her close, she could feel his familiar radiant heat rolling off him. “Don’t worry you’re not ruining it.”

She sighed. “Is Nikita ruining it?”

“No one is ruining it, I’m having a good time,” Jace said. He looked out into the crowd, hoping that maybe he could catch a glimpse of Zebedaios.

Momoka frowned a few tears in her eyes. “What do you mean?”

Jace forced his eyes away from his search to look down at Momoka. “Don’t worry Momoka.”

Her frown deepened. “How could you be having a good time right now? What have you been up to?”

Jace’s stomach fell. The jealousy burned in her words, it bit into his flesh like a stab wound. This sound was familiar and haunting. How could Nikita be right?

“Nothing,” Jace’s voice was but a wisp of breath as he was emotionally winded.

“Were you with her? She’s so annoying. Is she doing it just to spite me, what did I even do to her,” Momoka said, raving with jealousy.

“I spoke to Nikita and told her off for glaring but I wasn’t with her, you don’t need to panic,” Jace said calmly.

“You weren’t, then who were you with?” she asked.

“Don’t worry it’s not important,” Jace said quickly.

The song was about to come to an end. Jace stood.

“Not important,” Momoka whispered under her breath, her face darkening once again.

“Would you like this dance?” Jace offered his hand.

Momoka took it, yet the dark clouds still hung over her even as they started the dance and the upbeat music started. Even as he held her close and spun her again and again.

The awful feeling started to build inside of him. He so wanted Momoka to be different, she was a werewolf after all. He hoped that just maybe that curse wasn’t going to extend to her. Yet it wasn’t a curse of magic with clear and defined rules, it was pure jealousy that was difficult to tame and almost impossible for a self respecting person to swallow.

Though they danced beautifully together, he could see how distraught Momoka was, and despite all of his Prince training of etiquette and the way each of his chosen words had been whipped into perfection, he could not think of a word to say to quell her jealousy. So he held her tight and close as the song slowed. Hoping that the heat she had once said she enjoyed would be a comfort to her now. She held onto him tight. She was almost clinging to him.

Jace’s breath caught. He hated the fact that just maybe Nikita had a point, was it even right to keep Momoka in this state? He knew how awful it could get, was he being ethical. Was it even ethical for him to date anyone?

His thoughts seemed to spiral. He felt like he was going to be sick.

He caught a glimpse of teal and his heart raced. He had to keep time with the music and perform each of the steps correctly yet his eyes desperately searched the crowd for Zebedaios.

He knew it was wrong to be looking for another while in Momoka’s arms yet things weren’t so complicated when he danced with Zebedaios and there was still so much he needed to know about Zebedaios.

That smile on those plush lips was burnt into his mind and he longed to see it.

Yet Zebedaios was nowhere to be seen. All he had was Momoka and though she was not saying a thing he could feel her sinking, further and further.

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