Chapter 86:


Elyon - Gods among us

—We won't let you take another step— Ana yelled at the top of her lungs, and everyone nodded.
Now, Menrva and Susanoo also joined the group, threatening the Toltec deity with their weapons.

—See, I don't want to fight you. It will only be a painless sacrifice. The young man won't suffer, you have my word— Tezcatlipoca commented with a conciliatory tone.

—That's not up for discussion— Menrva responded, preparing her electric spear and aiming it at the Toltec god with great determination.

—An absolute NO!— Ana shouted as she gripped her Gram sword tighter.

All the other members of Orniskem nodded in determination at the words of Menrva and Ana.

At that moment, Rodrigo disappeared from everyone's sight, including the Toltec god. In his place, Loki appeared making an obscene gesture to the Toltec deity.

—If you don't know where he is, you can't kill him, right?— said the Nordic dark god mockingly.

—I can't believe Loki is going to help us— Ana said in surprise.

—It's your fault, Irish beauty. For you, I would give my life for that individual— the dark god said romantically, which only caused embarrassment to everyone, except Ana, who, for some reason, liked those kinds of words.

—I think... I think it's not the time for you to say those nonsense, Loki... but I thank you— the Irish goddess answered, without taking her eyes off the Toltec god, but still blushing.

—Do you really think I won't be able to find that boy with your matter exchange tricks?— the disappointed Toltec god asked.

—At least it will be enough time to make you go back to your kingdom without another leg— Loki mockingly said, as all the others were emboldened.

—Fine— the Toltec deity said almost tiredly, at the same time murmuring: —Tloque Nahuaque

Then, a dark gas came out from Tezcatlipoca's back, and immediately, everything darkened in the area where they were. The members of Orniskem looked everywhere, but they were unable to see anything in the absolute darkness.

—I am what you call, a Saturn god, and I specialize in the powers of darkness and illusions— the Toltec king commented. —In this world, only I can see and... move—

At that moment, everyone was paralyzed as if time had stopped. The colors of everyone were dull, as if they were submerged in a dark fog. Yet, in this absurd darkness, the souls of each member of Orniskem shone like stars, right where each god's heart was.

—No matter where you hide that boy named Rodrigo, in this absolute darkness I can find him easily— Tezcatlipoca said, walking among the members of Orniskem, while they couldn't move or do anything.

Then, he saw the hole where Bellona was lying far away, and saw a star in her chest.

—So he's there?— the Toltec god asked, and with a huge jump, he got to where the body was lying.

Tezcatlipoca took his sword firmly and pointed it at the neck of the lifeless body, but then, he immediately stopped. It was Loki's naked body lying there.

—Did he trick me? I couldn't see well because his armor doesn't let me see his face well— the Toltec god said to himself, and with another jump, he returned to where Loki had exchanged his body.

The king-god of Tula approached the body where the Nordic god's armor was, and violently removed the helmet. Then, he was surprised that it was actually Bellona, who was unconscious.

—I fell for that third-rate magician's trap— the Toltec god said to himself, frustrated.

He was about to lose his temper and behead Bellona's body, but he calmed down.

—No, I didn't come to kill anyone uselessly, I just have to find that Rodrigo guy and that's it— he said to himself.

—He must be close, he can't have thrown him that far; the divine power block must have stopped him— he continued pondering.

But before he could continue searching, Ana, unsheathing her Gram sword, jumped and attacked Tezcatlipoca. The god, almost reflexively, stopped the attack with his blade-shaped sword.

—How can you move in my dimension?— Tezcatlipoca asked in surprise, while struggling to stop the attack of Gram from the Irish goddess.

Ana, who had tried to cut the god with a jumping attack, also struggled in the air trying to pressure the deity with her huge sword.

—I am also a Saturn and I understood your technique. Besides, this sword grants me a great power increase, so I believe, I am currently the strongest in my group— Ana said, and at that moment, she jumped back.

The goddess landed on the ground with elegance, bending one of her knees and stretching her other leg. The goddess gripped her gigantic weapon with all her strength.

—I admire your confidence, warrior from other lands, but you can't defeat me with just that sword— added the Toltec god, while he spun his blade-shaped sword and placed it in his hand; in attack position.

—You won't know that until we cross our weapons!— Ana shouted, at the same time launching a cutting attack at the Toltec god.

Beanna pollta— Ana shouted, but even though she expected a crow illusion to appear behind her, nothing happened. In the end, she ended up giving a thrust attack with her sword at the body of the Toltec god, who did nothing to defend himself. As expected, the sword simply couldn't pierce him.

—Damn it, my technique didn't work— Ana said completely frustrated as her hands trembled with terror.

—As I told you, you can't defeat me with just that sword— Tezcatlipoca continued explaining calmly.

—The gods of this continent train under this barrier every day, and thus we become stronger. You are just experiencing this, you are no match for us in these lands— he added.

Ana withdrew her Gram sword from the chest of the king god of Tula and tried to cut his head off. Tezcatlipoca, again, did not even try to stop the attack.

The sword, upon hitting the god's neck, vibrated so much that it made Ana lose her balance and fall backwards onto the ground.

The Toltec king quickly stabbed his scythe-shaped sword into the ground, next to the goddess's face.

—If I wanted you dead, you would be by now— said Tezcatlipoca in a rough, harsh voice. He quickly lifted his sword again.

—I won't let you kill Rui— said Ana, almost crying, full of rage and frustration.

—Then stop me— the Toltec king sarcastically replied, turning his back on the Irish goddess.

—Damn it, it's not just the barrier of this world, this damn feeling of weakness I've felt since I've been in Pallas. It's like everything is coming together to make me lose here— said Ana, almost crying and full of regret, biting her lips.

The Irish goddess of war closed her eyes, and tried to remember her training with Myrddin in those last days in Pallas. The goddess remembered telling him how she felt numb and a bit weaker when she fought on Mars, to which the old wizard just started to laugh.

—It's my secret training for you to overcome your weakness to the sacred element, Ana— replied the wizard.

—But, like a flower, it must first break its seed, grow and bloom; and until it blooms, you won't know the reason for your weakness— Myrddin continued explaining.

The old master didn't want to explain more, but Ana knew something, that her power had to bloom. Bloom something inside her, she wondered.

—Is there something inside me causing these symptoms that Myrddin introduced into my body?— she kept wondering, while she got up again and threatened Tezcatlipoca with her Gram sword again.

—I'm not beaten yet!— said Ana with a determined look.

—If you attack me again, this time I won't hold back; and you'll know why I'm the most terrible god in Tula— Tezcatlipoca calmly said, to which Ana only smiled with a mocking grin.

—Sure, because you must scare everyone with those clown paints you put on your face— Ana replied to the challenge, mockingly.

—Alright, girl, you asked for it— the Toltec king replied, and he lifted his mirror covering his chest and showed it to Ana. The goddess clearly saw her beautiful face reflected in that gadget.

—The mirrors in my land— the Toltec god continued, —are used to read minds and predict the future. From the mirrors, a smoke emanates that can make you see the future or die suffocated. What effect will it have on you?— he asked.

Ana then charged her sword to try to cut the Toltec god, but he shouted: —Teskatlpokatl

As if a geyser of steam emanated from the mirror, this phenomenon hit the Irish goddess squarely, making her fall backwards, not before throwing her several meters back with the impact of her attack. Her skin had burns caused by the concentration of the steam.

Ana screamed in pain from the burns, while writhing on the ground, biting her lips to try to calm the enormous burning sensation in her body. The pain didn't lessen, and the goddess groaned and screamed in agony.

—Remember, I gave you the opportunity to escape, if you handed over your friend. Now you will die in great pain for your foolishness— the Toltec deity said, and turned his back on Ana again, while he continued to search for Rodrigo in the darkness.

—Useless, useless... you're going to die here... you're useless— Ana told herself, crying with pain and frustration.

—That's why Dagda raped you, because you're a disgusting useless trash— the goddess continued to tell herself, not realizing that her mouth was already full of blood from countless bites she had given to her lip and tongue.

But like a flower, it must first break its seed, grow and bloom, and until it blooms, you won't know the reason for your weakness— Ana remembered the old master's words.

—What weakness? My insecurity?— she asked herself.

The goddess tried, again, to stand up, despite the huge sores that appeared all over her body.
Ana tried to invoke ambrosia, but she couldn't. The darkness prevented her from communicating with her pocket dimensions.

Full of immense pains and blood, with tears on her face; the goddess, staggering, got up again.
—Death... hates me.... And always... kicks me out of Tech Duinn— Ana gasped, her legs trembling with pain.

Tezcatlipoca turned to look at the dying goddess again, and as if there was no one there, he turned his back on her again and continued his search in the darkness.

—I have no interest in mischievous spirits who flee from Mictlan out of their own cowardice— he said.

—This... mischievous... spirit... is about to... become... a demon— said Ana, still panting and enduring great pain. Then, Ana lifted her sword and pointed at the Toltec god.

Tezcatlipoca ignored her and continued walking.

—My weakness, I always succumb to my weakness because of my self-esteem. I even thought I deserved to be raped!— Ana shouted at the Toltec god, expelling all the energy she had from her lungs.

—But what I am, I am the Queen of Darkness, the Guardian of the Night, the Goddess of War, the woman who will fight for the man who has brought light to her rotten heart. The goddess who will protect the man she loves the most in this world with all her power! I am the heir of Morrigan. The fearsome and powerful Anand!— Ana screamed fiercely.

At that moment, a sphere of light emanated from the goddess's stomach, causing her mouth and eyes to illuminate. Ana screamed, and her body succumbed to the power of light, exploding in a wave of energy like a star; leaving only dark feathers floating in the air.

—What a fool, she self-destructed— Tezcatlipoca said, glancing at Ana, and continued on his way.

But something was not right... there was something where the goddess had stood.

—Was it something luminous?— he wondered.

The Toltec god turned back, and his suspicions were confirmed. Right there, where Ana had been standing, was a huge white sword with golden trims. The sword shone like a sun, illuminating the immense darkness emanating from Tezcatlipoca's dimension. Dark feathers floated harmoniously around the majestic weapon.

—Did she become a Teotonli?— the Toltec god wondered to himself and approached the majestic sword.

The white sword was embedded in the ground. Its hilt was golden with black stripes, and its guard had carvings of islands, trees, and golden apples. The blade shone like a star, and it seemed like small butterflies were flying around it.

Tezcatlipoca approached the majestic sword, whose light even illuminated the dark dimensional world that the deity had created, and looked at it curiously.

—I suppose it will become my prize for killing that girl— he said to himself again.

But when he touched the hilt, he felt as if it burned his hand. The Toltec god immediately let go of it with a gesture of pain.

Tezcatlipoca immediately withdrew his hand while continuing to contemplate the majestic sword. Then, he covered his hand with dark energy and tried to remove it again, but to his surprise, he couldn't move it even a millimeter from the ground.

The blade of the sword was so firmly embedded that it was impossible to move, even for a god. The dark energy protecting the god's hand then began to evaporate, causing Tezcatlipoca to withdraw his hand again.

—Bah, it's not like I need it— he said to himself again. —I'll go look for that boy and fulfill my orders—

The Toltec god turned around, leaving the sword behind him, but then he began to hear a voice coming from the sword.

—Ana, Ana— an old man's voice could be heard. The Toltec god couldn't recognize it, but it was Myrddin's voice.

—Finally, you have awakened the sacred sword within you— he said.

At that moment, the dark feathers flying around the sword began to gather and take the shape of a human being until they created the body of Ana, who stood behind the sword. She had lost her armor and was naked. Her wounds persisted, but she seemed to no longer feel pain. There was a certain ghostly air about her image and her face. Although her eyes were not open, an immense sadness and melancholy could be felt.

—Did I always have this sword inside me?— Ana asked.

—When you trained with me, I knew you were the only one worthy of wielding this sword. So I took advantage of your ability to make your body intangible and placed the sword with an enchantment. That way, the sacred energy emanating from the sword would flow in your veins, making you resistant to the sacred element. However, your body had to adapt, and that's why you felt weaker and slower— Myrddin's voice explained.

—So, you are still alive?— Tezcatlipoca said, as he headed towards Ana again, although she seemed to pay no attention to his presence.

—Am I worthy of wielding this sword? Why do you think so?— Ana asked.

—Just take the hilt of the sword, and it will accept you as its new owner. Go ahead, Ana! Write a new page in the history of the sacred sword of Avalon— Myrddin's voice commanded.

Then, Ana took the hilt of the sword with her left hand and, with a gentle movement, lifted the weapon, creating a gigantic beam of light that forced Tezcatlipoca to cover his eyes.

The goddess raised the sword majestically, and it could be seen that her totema had returned to her body, although it looked a bit different. Her armor, which used to be purple with dark glimmers, now also had golden and bluish glimmers, showing a combination of darkness and light that was present in Ana's essence.

—This sword belonged to the legendary King Arthur, forged in Avalon and blessed with the highest power of sacred energy. Whoever wields it will never again fear the night or darkness. Ana, you have become the owner of the legendary sword Caledfwlch... also known as Excalibur— Myrddin continued explaining, as Ana lowered the sword and observed it closely.

—I can feel it, I feel it talking to me and accepting me. I can feel it mentioning my name— the Irish goddess replied as she continued to explore the sacred weapon. —Besides, I feel lighter—

—You have freed Excalibur from your blood; its sacred energy no longer needs to drain your energy. You have become much stronger, faster, and have finally overcome your weakness to the sacred element. You have been reborn as a new being, my dear disciple— the old man concluded.

Tezcatlipoca, who had already stopped covering his eyes, saw Ana, who was glowing just like her sword, pointing her weapon towards him.

—I don't know how you managed to escape death, but this time I will send you to Mictlan— he said while putting his obsidian mirror in front of Ana again.

But just as the mirror began to gather smoke, Ana, with a completely swift cut, struck her sword Excalibur into Tezcatlipoca's mirror, causing the smoke to disperse. The mirror didn't break, but it presented a deep cut.

—I couldn't see it, how can a simple weapon grant herso much power?— the Toltec god was shocked to see Ana, still standing with Excalibur unsheathed. The Irish goddess raised her gaze to meet Tezcatlipoca's face to face.

The Toltec god took his sword in blade form and tried to stab Ana, but the goddess quickly avoided the attack with a backward leap, and then with a double jump in the air, she returned to Tezcatlipoca and made a deep cut in his chest, pushing him back two steps. The Irish goddess fell to the ground with elegance.

At that moment, Tezcatlipoca began to laugh like a maniac while covering his face with his hands. When he finally stopped, he removed his hands and his face looked different. Although it was the same face, it had a completely different expression, it was filled with madness in his gaze, almost as if he was possessed. His eyes were bloodshot and saliva emanated from his mouth, as if he couldn't control its flow.

—You damn bitch, you made my other face come out!— screamed the Toltec god. —I'm going to kill you and torture your fragile body until I get tired!—

Tezcatlipoca's eyes shone red like blood, his teeth looked like fangs. His posture was hunched and his hands were trembling non-stop. His laughter continued to be heard, although completely muffled.

The Toltec god raised his arms to the sky and screamed: —Necoc Yaotl

Then, a clone of Tezcatlipoca, made entirely of shadows, appeared behind Ana and with his sword managed to cut her cheek before the goddess could avoid it with a leap. The real Tezcatlipoca jumped with his unsheathed sword and tried to cut the goddess in the air, but she pushed him to the ground using Excalibur.

The dark clone of the Toltec god kept attacking Ana as she fell to the ground, defending herself from his attacks with her sword. The Irish goddess put her feet on the head and chest of the creature and propelled herself to jump, making again a double jump in the air and changing her trajectory towards the dark clone, cutting him in half with her huge sword.

However, the fight was far from over. Tezcatlipoca had taken the time to gather smoke in his mirror and point towards an Ana who was plummeting towards the ground.

—Die, bitch, die!— Tezcatlipoca screamed furiously while still laughing like a madman.

The mirror began to create the gigantic geyser that almost killed Ana on the previous occasion. The goddess fell to the ground and emitted several dark feathers, while she propelled herself with her sacred sword towards the evil god.

The mirror fired a column of boiling smoke, but Ana was able to cut it at the same time as she pierced the body of the Toltec god with her sword Excalibur, and left a thick white line made of light that emanated from inside the cut she made, splitting in half the terrible obsidian mirror of the god.

But Tezcatlipoca was still laughing, despite the attack, trying to get up when, unknowingly, another Ana emerged from the dark feathers she had left behind. With the sword Gram in hand, this Ana pierced the same wound that Excalibur had caused, making a cut on the opposite side and creating a dark light slash. The two slashes formed an X, created with light and darkness.

Ana's clone disappeared at the moment Ana muttered: —Sgàile agus solas X-chros

The X that the goddess created with her energies exploded, throwing the Toltec god several meters back with a gigantic wound that was pouring out gushes of blood.

—She attacked me combining sacred power and darkness. I have never seen someone who could control both complex and antagonistic elements at the same time— Tezcatlipoca said to himself, just at the moment he fell to the ground on his back, in front of where the motionless bodies of the Orniskem members were still standing.

Ana then began to walk defiantly towards the Toltec king, with her sword unsheathed and with a still expressionless gaze.

—I should not have underestimated her, but Anath never warned me of something like this. They are not supposed to know what the anti-divine barriers are. It's impossible that she can fight like this using her power— he continued to tell himself.

In that, the god touched his wound and realized that it was not healing, even though he still had plenty of ichor.

—Is this caused by the combination of light and shadow? Is that why my body cannot recover from this wound?— he asked himself.

—This is bad, the wound she made is serious, and without medicine I won't survive. I need to recover and attack them again— he thought.

—How do you know Rodrigo and why do you say that Anath ordered you to kill him?— said Ana who, was now right in front of the king of Tula and with her huge sword Excalibur, placed its edge at the throat of the fallen god.

—I admit my defeat— replied Tezcatlipoca. —But it doesn't mean I'm going to let you take my life. We will leave this encounter for another day—

Then, the god opened one of his hands, and dark smoke quickly came out covering the entire body of the Toltec king, as he recited in a tantric manner: —Yohualli Èhecatl

Ana covered her face to avoid breathing such black smoke, but when it dissipated, the god had already disappeared.

The dark dimension that the god had invoked shattered as if it were a crystal, and at that moment, everyone was free of the spell. Once again, Ana saw the grayish sky of Taltheilei.

Ana collapsed on the ground, without the strength to stand. She exhaled a deep sigh and lost consciousness. Meanwhile, Excalibur, still in her left hand, transformed into a sphere of light and re-entered the body of the Irish goddess.