Chapter 2:

Two – The Incident

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My eyes went on a state where it can’t seem to blink because of what it is seeing right now.Bookmark here

In the duration of four months, I can’t believe the school has gone through a lot of upgrades. It’s basically like a newly built school. Well, there definitely are remnants of the old look of the facilities that I can remember since the last time I’ve been here.Bookmark here

“I better get going now. The other students are already staring at me.”Bookmark here

With a weak voice I released those words after a sigh. I continue walking until I got passed the school gate and I saw students looking at the bulletin board that made me rather surprised.Bookmark here

“The bulletin board is being used? That’s new.”Bookmark here

I went to the bulletin board after the students dispersed and what I can see are lists of students. Perhaps it was organized by year and class assigned to the students, including me. I pointed at my name and looked which class I am.Bookmark here

“Class-“Bookmark here

“As usual, we’re both at the same class again!”Bookmark here

A voice perhaps tired and breathing heavily spoke behind me. Setting aside being surprised, I turned around and saw another student with a medium build, hair that I can’t distinguish if it is messy or not, and an exhausted smiling face. His sweat is pouring down to his chin as he placed his right hand onto my left shoulder. Considering that he’s out of breath, he probably ran to school. Bookmark here

At first glance, I already know who he is—Nagi Kajima, we’re on the same year and section and he is one of my friends in this school.Bookmark here

“Nagi.Bookmark here

Why are you running in a very sunny weather in the start of our school year? Do you really want to kill yourself?”Bookmark here

“Well… I woke up at 9 and sprinted from our house to here. I thought I was going to be late you know. Besides, I can be rest assured since it's not summer anymore.”Bookmark here

“I don’t want to talk about to the topic of waking up. Anyways, we are in Class 4A. There’s nothing new about that, yes?”Bookmark here

I tightened the strap of my bag and started walking, but it seems that Nagi is not walking behind me.Bookmark here

“Uhh… Gin? Where are you going?”Bookmark here

I turned around and saw that our distance is approximately 11 meters. His face looks confused though I don’t know what the reason is to that puzzled face.Bookmark here

“Huh? What do you mean? Of course, to our classroom at the fourth.”Bookmark here

“…Bookmark here

Our classroom is at the other side, right? It has been announced a week ago. Ah, I get it. You’re still not used to going there huh?Bookmark here

Come on, let’s go.”Bookmark here

“Huh…?Bookmark here

HUUUUUUUUUH?!Bookmark here

I totally didn’t know anything about that! Wait a second, was there even a building there now?”Bookmark here

“Haha… You’re right. Let’s go.”Bookmark here

I just told a blatant lie to him. My sweat is pouring down like a waterfall. I almost embarrassed myself because of being ignorant to what is happening in the world.Bookmark here

The two of us walked to the left pathway of the courtyard and stumbled upon students passing by. They are walking opposite our way and by the looks of it, they’re probably juniors.Bookmark here

We reached the school library but we’re not yet stopping. What showed up after the library is a building with two floors consisting of four rooms per floor that summed up to eight classrooms. For the second time in this day, I felt defeated once again.Bookmark here

The stairs are wider than the old building and the security camera on the top corner of the wall is the newest model of the cameras used in our school.Bookmark here

“Motion tracking, huh?”Bookmark here

“4 – A”, is what is written on a small slab of a sturdy wood attached to the wall.Bookmark here

“A sliding door? That’s also new.”Bookmark here

I opened the door of our new room and what I saw inside were six columns of chairs, and five rows in equivalent. It has the same wooden platforms that has the same material of the class signage but thicker.Bookmark here

How resourceful. There are drawers underneath.Bookmark here

“Yo! You two are late!”Bookmark here

The one who shouted was Akira Bentley. He’s currently seated on the very corner seat at the back nearest to the window and beside him is Jean Ando. Those two are also my friends in this school, and if I include Nagi, I only have three friends here and the same goes for them.Bookmark here

“Am I seeing things? You’re earlier than me for once.”Bookmark here

I am talking to Akira, who was always late almost every single day. If my memory serves me right, he already had 254 school days of being late for three years. If not late, he’s just barely on time. We always tally how many times he’s been late since the four of us became friends.Bookmark here

“Ha. Don’t underestimate me. I woke up at seven in the morning today and I am the first one to enter the classroom. Isn’t that greeeat?”Bookmark here

“Oh, please. Not with the topic of waking up again. And you stole my usual place!Bookmark here

Are those seats free beside you two?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, go on.”Bookmark here

I sat beside Jean and on my right is where Nagi sat. It’s always like this every first day of school because it won’t last long. Tomorrow, the seating plan which was made by our class adviser will be functional.Bookmark here

There are twenty-three students already in the classroom including us. It’s pretty much the same seeing that some of my classmates this year were also my classmates for three years. There are probably seven more coming sooner or later. And because of that, something caught my attention. Bookmark here

“We’re only thirty this year? That’s surprising. Last year we’re 42 but it depleted like a quarter now. I wonder what happened to them.”Bookmark here

“It’s probably because of that incident four months ago. Don’t you agree?”Bookmark here

I looked into my left and right to observe the classroom more. It turns out that there are four transfer students this school year. I’m not fussed about it though.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

*Ring*Bookmark here

As the bell rang, the students went back to their makeshift seating arrangements and then our class adviser entered the classroom with a clipboard resting under his left arm. Our adviser this year is Kiiro Kobayakawa from Class 4C last year. He’s a great teacher.Bookmark here

He stood in front of the table if I apply what is on his sight.Bookmark here

“It seems that everyone is here now and all of you have taken their seats. I will introduce myself. Some of you may know me already, but my name is Kiiro Kobayakawa. I am formerly the adviser of Class 4C but I was switched to be your adviser this school year. Bookmark here

Self-introductions will be set aside for later. Let me explain what happened that resulted to you, students to enter the school year this August and your everyday call time to be 10am.”Bookmark here

The school year always starts every June in Orio and classes begin at 7am, but we are an exception because of a certain incident.Bookmark here

“As you may know, the vicinity of the school suffered an excessive amplification of sound waves four months ago. That incident was considered an unprecedented event and is still unknown if it was a natural phenomenon or an intentional interference of someone by using the modernized technology of this generation.Bookmark here

What is unfortunate is that the school lost three of its staff because they died. And based on the autopsy from the police, their eardrums were destroyed and the brain was also attacked.Bookmark here

I am not a physics teacher but I will do my best to simplify it for you.”Bookmark here

His face looks stressed as he was looking at the clipboard he is holding. It is probably because he is a math teacher so he’s just reading what’s written on the paper.Bookmark here

“The soundwaves for the past three months in the school are very abnormal, and they were off the charts. Meaning, the sound traveling in the air somewhat amplified to a high frequency and to a dangerous degree. It means that it was the first time happening in the history. Either way, it is very dangerous even if it was a natural occurrence or an intentional action of a human.Bookmark here

As I have said, it destroys a person’s ears in general and it is within an instant. People can still live without the sense of hearing but this is a new case. The powerful sound enters your brain and it will disrupt all of the functions that the nervous system delivers to the whole body.Bookmark here

But a month ago, the incident was resolved and the amplification is now gone. Experts from other countries traveled to examine the incident and they resolved over 90% of it.Bookmark here

But there are still at least 10% left, so to be safe, world-class engineers developed a counter if ever it occurs again. We will be giving you all an earpiece that should be worn whenever you are around the school premises. Worry not, it won’t interrupt your auditory senses when you wear it. And if the incident happens again, the earpiece will detect it and it will act as an intangible shield to your ears.”Bookmark here

We were immediately given the earpiece and all of us wore it both on left and right ears. It kind of looks weird but it is actually comfortable.Bookmark here

“Sir Kiiro, there’s a chance that the waves can enter our body aside from our ears. How about those possibilities?”Bookmark here

My classmate raised his right hand and asked those out of curiosity. Our adviser looked at the clipboard once again and answered him immediately.Bookmark here

”Oh, sorry. Correction, the earpiece does not only shield your ears but your whole body. The technology was from other countries that Orio has not yet obtained until last month. Expect technological changes in the course of the year and onwards.Bookmark here

With that, I will end my homeroom but I’ll be back later for further reminders. Wait for your next teacher.”Bookmark here

Immediately after our adviser left, constant chattering enveloped the room.Bookmark here

As how my classmate addressed our adviser, that is what they call him indeed.Bookmark here

Regarding the incident, that’s the gist of what happened here, in Blue Ink High that led us here today being the first day of the school year. Bookmark here

Yeah, the earpiece really feels so comfortable and the dark gray color of it does not contrast to how it makes my ears float.Bookmark here

“It’s a great fit, weren’t they?”Bookmark here

Akira definitely felt satisfied after he wore the earpiece just after a few minutes ago.Bookmark here

“…the look on my face is disgusting isn’t it?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, it sure is.”Bookmark here

“Make sure not to melt your face.”Bookmark here

“Urk…”Bookmark here

Even though Akira was just joking around, his satisfied face turned depressed after hearing Nagi’s blunt reply to him. He started pouting while improperly seating on his chair.Bookmark here

“Pfft…”Bookmark here

Jean, who is on the seat beside almost burst out of laughter but he resisted it while I am just looking at the things that struck my curiosity.Bookmark here

“What are you looking at?”Bookmark here

“I really am an old man.”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“I suppose I was living under the rock for four months. I didn’t even know that the technology here in Orio made a huge jump.Bookmark here

I do read the news everyday though. How did I miss those things? Oh, I think it’s because I only focus on watching the news about the incident here.”Bookmark here

“You’re just listless, that’s all.”Bookmark here

“And you watch too much anime.”Bookmark here

“You’re probably both right.”Bookmark here

My conversation with Nagi was interrupted because the sliding door opened.Bookmark here

“Alright, minimize your voices.”Bookmark here

It was the next teacher.Bookmark here

Three steps remaining.

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