Chapter 17:

Purple insanity

Life Stream: Helping a cute girl gain views and followers

The next day, I arrived at Leona’s place.

“This ought to be good,” I thought as Leona opened the door.

She was dressed in her normal attire; however, her skin and hair were purple. She had also spiked her hair to resemble the purple pilemen’s horns.

“PILUP PILUP!” she stated.

“Well hello Regis, I see your vengeful spirit has possessed Leona.


It was really cute how she got in character. Funnily enough, I had brought a horror game with me.

“I assume you’re going to finish up Pilemen today. Well, if you have time, you should try streaming this.”

I handed her a game known as Nonexistent light: Insanity’s ballad. It was a cult classic game sphere game that was infamous for trolling the player with various things. Sometimes the character’s head would disappear, while other times the volume would mute. It was by no means a popular game, but it was a unique experience. Leona broke character to ask me about the game.

“So, what’s it about?”

“It’s a surprise, but I guess I can tell you the basic plot. You play as various people to fight against an evil skeleton Viking.”

“Sounds good. I’ll speedrun Pilemen to get to this."


“PILUP PILUP… YO! It’s your girl Leona! Yes, I’m purple, just like a purple pilemen. Fitting considering we’re beating the game tonight. I’ve also got a classic horror game lined up for tonight. Since the experience is better the darker it gets outside, this one might go late. Anyway, let’s resurrect Regis and kill the ************* final boss!”

Her views on Wich now averaged around 3,500, and she was mere followers away from surpassing 100,000 followers on Wich. The best part was that if she reached that milestone, a new option would be available to her.


“Die! Die! **** You Squidy! You’ve been a bitch this whole post-game!”

Leona beat the game in 30 minutes tops.

“REGIS AVENGED! Did not expect him to die at the same time I beat the boss, but his sacrifice will be remembered. That really was a fun game though. I’ll have to check out the other 3 games in the series. Now then BRB then its spooky time!”


Once Leona came back, she hit 100,000 followers.

“Whoa! Thank you everyone for your tremendous support! Just to clarify, the bet I made with Astrid is regarding our Mewtube channels. I think we're over 89,000 subscribers there. Now then on to the next game! It’s called Nonexistent light: Insanity’s ballad. All I know is that you fight an evil skeleton Viking.”

Leona booted up the game and quickly got into it.

“Wait, what’s with the three artifacts here? Purple, yellow, orange. Well, I’m purple so purple... WAIT WHAT! NO WAY! We were playing as the villain the whole time?”

“You just chose Hard difficulty,” I typed.

“Wait what!? Chat explain!”

“Each color represents a different villain. Orange=crazier enemies, yellow= more durable, while purple=more powerful,” I typed.

“Great, I’m gonna get one-shot,” Leona groaned.

That would be the least of her worries.

“KYAAH! WHERE’D MY HEAD GO!? Wait, the hell do you mean I can’t read the book without my head!? Dumbass glitchy-Huh? Wait wait, what just happened?”

Leona’s confusion slowly turned into laughter when she found out.

“Oh, I see. So, the game trolls you. And here I was freaking out that my game was broken. All right game! Time to feel the wrath of Purple pilemen-chan!”

It was a long stream, but Leona beat the game, or so she thought.

“YES! **** YOU Julius! Wait, what’s with the narrator saying it’s not over?”

“Gotta beat the other routes for the true ending,” a chat member typed.

“Wait really? Maybe I should do co-op for the next two routes. Now let’s raid Astrid and see if she knows about this game.”

Astrid was playing Gumshoe Guild: The Guy Chilling in Front when Leona raided. Leona and her raiders typed “PILUP PILUP” and posted Regis emotes.

“Looks like some purple pilemen invaded us. Though I’m not sure if they can help with this. I’m stuck and don’t know what to click on, and I’ve been going back and forth between the town and the cliff for minutes now," Astrid stated.

Leona stared at the screen for a bit before typing.

“Maybe it’s Julius’ insanity trolling you.”

“Wait Julius? What are you talking about? Is this from something you just played?”

After chat explained the reference, Astrid laughed.

“Now that’s something I’ve heard of but never played. I say we swap games and see who does better. I can easily finish the game faster than you did if it’s on a lower difficulty.”

“If I beat Gumshoe Guild faster than you, you paint your head like a skeleton,” Leona declared.

“Likewise, for you. Ugh, I better try and figure this out fast.”


The next day, the two swapped games as promised. They had turned the whole thing into a speed run with some exceptions. Skipping dialogue was not allowed unless it was repeated dialogue, and sequence breaking was forbidden. Since the two had never played their respective games before, it would be a completely blind experience for both of them.


“Ugh! I thought this was supposed to be the easy mode! These ******* just won’t die!” Astrid groaned.

“Chat? How did Astrid beat this part again? I have to ask about the ice block, right?” Leona asked as she reached the same point Astrid got stuck at.


“YES! Though on a serious note, this game’s writing really impressed me. I did not expect that twist involving Akari, nor the maze in the castle. As for you Astrid…” Leona gloated.

“Ugh, she beat me. Well, I’m still gonna finish this damn route in one go though. But first, Sven! Makeup!”

Sven then painted Astrid’s head and face to look like a Mexican sugar skull.

“Joined the insanity I have. Heh, new on-the-fly-challenge. I get more crazy looking the more insane my character gets,” Astrid chuckled.

By the end of the stream, Astrid had become a human candle covered in wasabi.

“MMPH, mmph mmph mmph.”

We assumed Astrid was attempting to do her outro. Once she finished, she texted Leona to request they stream the last route together.

“Sure, I’ll even turn my head into a candle like you did if the stream gets insane again,” Leona replied.

“Perhaps Sven could teach me how to make salmiak while the girls streamed the game,” I thought as I sent him a message.


Astrid glanced at Leona's reply after cleaning up her head.

"If it gets insane again huh? I'm glad the crazy route is the final one. I just got a grand idea for a stream."

Sven sighed as he heard the news.

"Sorry Mukuro, looks like our salmiak collab's gonna be on hold for a while."

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