Chapter 9:

Nine – Real

Normal in Parenthesis—The Old Will and the Dawn to All | Our World

0215, Day 173, Month 5.Bookmark here

“I’ve been here for more than five months, so does that mean a day already passed outside?Bookmark here

No, wait. One day should have passed last month. The equivalent of two years here is five days outside. That means it takes 4.8 months here to complete one cycle of the sun and moon in the outside world.Bookmark here

That should make some sense.”Bookmark here

As usual, I am lying down again in a white floor with my shadow as my only companion. It has been more than five months since all of the weird events in my life happened all at once. Well, I am still alive so that’s not something I should be depressed about.Bookmark here

The gravity is still increasing. And it is increasing geometrically. Meaning that when it was 0927, the gravity doubles, which I called it 2x. But every month passes, the number multiplies by two. When it was 1027: it went 4x, 1127, it went 8x, 1227: it grew to 16x, and in 0127, it went up to 32x.Bookmark here

That is the current gravitational force I am experiencing right now. Who would have thought that my bones can hold it in. But the main problem is if it continues to grow more. There are nineteen more months remaining until I come back outside. If that happens, this room will definitely kill me without leaving any trace of my existence. This is a very dangerous and lethal room if I think rationally.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

8:26pm.Bookmark here

“Good grief, I haven’t written anything on the journal. Why of all days!Bookmark here

Let’s see… Where is my pen…”Bookmark here

Even though this room is so bare, I still can’t find a mere pen. It’s not like I’m finding a needle in a haystack, but the complete opposite of it. If you’re in this room, it’s like everything is floating on mid-air and you can easily see the things you need.Bookmark here

“Now, this is great. I lost a pen in a place where there is almost a hundred percent chance that you will never lose anything here.”Bookmark here

To avoid too much disappointment, I grabbed all of the notebooks where all my daily journals are written starting from 0827. I have already filled three of the amount that the base sent me. I opened the very first one where it tells what happened in the first two months of my stay here. I can hardly even recall what I wrote at those times.Bookmark here

0829, Day 3.Bookmark here

I discovered that any unpleasant things in this room disappear after 24 hours. You wouldn’t want to know the kind of observations I did yesterday and today.Bookmark here

0916, Day 21.Bookmark here

I can move better now, but the pain has not lessened. I really need to patiently wait for one year and six months.Bookmark here

1003, Day 38.Bookmark here

I can stand with more ease after the gravity changed six days ago. I should expect it to increase more in the next months.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

I moved on to the next notebook where it covered the time when it was 1027 up to 1226.Bookmark here

1031, Day 66.Bookmark here

I’m writing this because I still can’t easily move. It is very difficult to adapt to the changes. Just like how it is outside. But the world is the one who is adapting to the men’s desires and it is slowly killing the whole world.Bookmark here

1117, Day 83.Bookmark here

If only there is at least just one chance, I want to see the people I left behind a few months ago. My family, my friends and people I know in general. I want to see them all even if it is just for once in the duration of my stay here.Bookmark here

1129, Day 95.Bookmark here

I did say to Hiro and Sean that I want this experience to bear a fruit and at least give me a change. But I haven’t seen any changes in me. Maybe I’m being a bit too eager to see changes, but I need to remember that it will happen in the right time. I just don’t know when will the right time be. I should avoid losing my patience.Bookmark here

1208, Day 104.Bookmark here

I think it’s still Monday outside. I wonder if the two already told my family about what happened to me. I also wonder what my friends are doing right now. Maybe they are already eating lunch right now without me. I hope they won’t get lonely without me when they are eating on that table because there is one vacant seat. Actually, will they ever get lonely when I'm not there?Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

0124, Day 151.Bookmark here

I still think I’m doing something wrong. There is probably something that I’m not doing to achieve what I wanted. I once said that I’m in a journey where I don’t know my destination will be. That journey has already started but after it began. I suddenly can’t move. I can’t walk nor run. I’m just stagnant in one place. I never once took a step forward, because I think I can’t see the real purpose of this.Bookmark here

0214, Day 172.Bookmark here

Still nothing. I can’t find any piece of the puzzle. Not even one. How am I supposed to find them? I think I’m losing the purpose of my life now. I can’t say the word “normal” anymore. I think I’m not stagnant. I think I’m falling in a chasm. My progress may as well be declining.Bookmark here

Will there be a time where the closest people to me will forget me, or will there be a time where I will suddenly forget about the time I treasured the most?Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

My tears slowly fell down on their own. I can’t stop it.Bookmark here

“I… I want to curse myself…Bookmark here

What… W-What did I do wrong…?Bookmark here

Why can’t I find the goal I wanted to achieve? Where can I find the way that will make me move? Where…?Bookmark here

WHERE?!?! Whatever it is, bring it to me right now, you cruel world!Bookmark here

Hurt me…Bookmark here

Torture me…Bookmark here

Make me bleed…Bookmark here

Kill… Kill me, you piece of a rotten world!Bookmark here

Kill me every single second… every time you want until you’re satisfied!Bookmark here

You wouldn’t want me to live right? Then do it right now!Bookmark here

Just do it!!!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

You stained world…Bookmark here

All I just want is to see them… See the ones I love the most…Bookmark here

But now I am imprisoned in this room where no can see me nor can I see them…”Bookmark here

(!)Bookmark here

“Wait…Bookmark here

W-Who…?Bookmark here

Who are they…Bookmark here

Who are those people who I want to see…?Bookmark here

WHO?!?!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

See…?Bookmark here

Why am I not yet dead…Bookmark here

I have forgotten their names and faces…Bookmark here

Why…Bookmark here

Why am I still not dead?!Bookmark here

I don’t even know who I am anymore…Bookmark here

Hahaha…Bookmark here

I guess…Bookmark here

There is just one thing that I can do.”Bookmark here

No… Don’t.Bookmark here

“Who… Who are you?!Bookmark here

Don’t interrupt! I-I’m giving myself the reward I deserve!”Bookmark here

Stop. If you let me take over you, just for once… You can go back to normal.Bookmark here

“Whoever you are, you shut up! Do you even know me?! Do you even know my pain?!”Bookmark here

Yes I do, of course. Because you—you are me and I am you. Drop the knife now, we don’t want to have regrets. Please.Bookmark here

“Regrets? What do you mean…? Regret is the reason why my life is like this! It’s all because of the pain and suffering that the cruel humans gave me. They are heartless. Why didn’t they even kill me that time? What is even the reason?!Bookmark here

Do you know how it feels to regret living?! Do you know how much I regret growing up like this disgusting human?!”Bookmark here

Just forget about it. It’s all in the past. What is more important is that you are living right now. So don’t waste it. I will disappear if you do.Bookmark here

“Then so be it…! Disappear with me!”Bookmark here

You’re right. If you disappear, I will disappear too. If you want to be dyed in black, so be it. I won’t stop you anymore.Bookmark here

Don’t regret this act of despair once everything is done…Bookmark here

Just remember that people are waiting for you to come home.Bookmark here

“RAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”Bookmark here

*Thud*Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

After that shout came a burst of blood to the white flooring of the room. Gin slashed himself from his right shoulder down to his lower left side that made him fall to the floor that has already stained by the blood from his chest. But before he lost his consciousness, with his bloodstained finger on his right hand, he wrote on the open notebook the word “void”.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

Hello again. Awake now?Bookmark here

It’s too late for you. You’re already planted to the floor when you came back to your senses.Bookmark here

If you still can’t understand what I am saying, then stop.Bookmark here

If you do… then open your eyes.Bookmark here

Now enjoy what you’re about to see.Bookmark here

Gin finally woke up and opened up his eyes. But he is still lying with his body lying prone on the floor.Bookmark here

“Huh?Bookmark here

Did I fall asleep in a very random time-Bookmark here

Urk…Bookmark here

What was that nasty smell?”Bookmark here

As he was trying to stand up, he felt a strong pain in his chest as if it was being stabbed continuously by a sharp object.Bookmark here

After he finally took balance in his body, not thinking of the pain, he immediately saw the room changed.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

What in the world? What is happening here…Bookmark here

“W-why is the room… black…?”Bookmark here

It looks just as what I have said. The room is complete pitch black. Except that this is not something you could call darkness. I can still see myself but I don’t have any shadow. I guess this is what you can really call…Bookmark here

“Void.” I gazed upon the notebook on the black floor.Bookmark here

The four walls, the ceiling, and the floor are all black. But everything I had, for example my bag, I can still see it clearly.Bookmark here

“Wait, why is my notebook open… And has blood?Bookmark here

Just what happened?Bookmark here

Rather, how long was I asleep?”Bookmark here

Gin grabbed his clock that was lying on the floor but as soon as he crouched he felt the strong pain lingering again in his torso.Bookmark here

0218, Day 176.Bookmark here

“I… I was asleep for three days?Bookmark here

But why…?”Bookmark here

(!)Bookmark here

I started to feel more pain in my torso and it has gotten harder to breathe for me. I reached out to my chest just to feel more pain as I was touching it.Bookmark here

It was a wound. A very big wound.Bookmark here

“Seeing that my right hand has blood, and the knife is lying on the floor stained with blood…”Bookmark here

There is only one conclusion I can think of. And it was the worst.Bookmark here

“I probably wounded myself badly, as if I was…Bookmark here

Trying to commit suicide…”Bookmark here

Gin fell to his knees as he was thinking that he did something he never thought he would do. As he was kneeling, everything that happened three days ago finally came back to his mind.Bookmark here

“I… I remembered looking through my logs and started crying… but that’s it. The only thing I can remember after that is writing the word ‘void’ with my blood.Bookmark here

How come that’s the only thing I can remember. It’s certain that I really wounded myself, but why did I do that?”Bookmark here

Thinking through all of the traces of his memory, he can’t seem to find an answer as to why he did that. He has no memory of him slashing his torso but he figured it out because of the things around him.Bookmark here

“I don’t want to think this really did happen that time.Bookmark here

But I think I lost my sanity and had gone insane for a short time.”Bookmark here

What terrified me is that my head seemed to have already sunk in the answer where I got my screw loosen. I am so terrifyingly calm right now. I thought I would be freaking out, but no.Bookmark here

I am just kneeling here, and I can’t feel anything anymore…Bookmark here

Except that my wound is still excruciating.Bookmark here

“I need to treat these quickly. First aid is too late for this…”Bookmark here

He stood up and reached to his bag to get bandages and medicines for healing wounds. After he treated his wounds, he fell asleep again and woke up the next day.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

0219, Day 177, Month 5.Bookmark here

“Ah. Good grief. I fell asleep again.”Bookmark here

My wound at least doesn’t sting that much anymore, and it is easier for me to move around.Bookmark here

The blood is already gone, as I would expect to happen. I thought this wound is deep as a whole, I feel that the knife penetrated deeply on my shoulder part.Bookmark here

But the room is still the same. It is still covered with an ominous color of black. The blackness of it is as if every color you pair with it won’t have a good contrast to it. It’s like the black is rejecting any color it came in contact.Bookmark here

I felt that the room got hotter but that’s not the case. It’s just that I’m having an extremely bad fever.Bookmark here

“I need to quickly prepare breakfast, it’s a miracle I’m still alive even after suffering from a wound without eating or drinking for four-Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Regrets…”Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

0331, Day 217, Month 7.Bookmark here

The room is still black for unknown reasons.Bookmark here

To summarize, what really happened, at 0215, I seemed to have almost killed myself and after three days, I woke up with the room all black.Bookmark here

It’s been more than a month after that. The wound in my torso already healed, but I think the scar will last for a very long time. That time, I lost a precious belonging of mine: A shirt. It’s still intact, but a large gaping hole was made because the knife pierced through the cloth.Bookmark here

I will properly wash this once I come back outside.Bookmark here

But, it’s very unbelievable that I lost myself and did something out of my will without my consciousness being present.Bookmark here

Setting that aside, my condition is still getting better. But I still think that there are still lots of cracks in my bones. As what I would expect, it still hurts even with this given time. I guess I can’t escape one and a half years of natural healing process. I will be more patient, Hiro, Sean.Bookmark here

Oh and also, I think there are changes in the gravity. As what I had written in 0227, the gravity went up to 64x and it is really difficult. But I forgot to write that when it hit 0327 a few days ago, it feels like it’s not that heavy now but there is still a weight to it.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

0827, Day 366, Year 2, Month 13.Bookmark here

Today marks that I have already stayed here for a year.Bookmark here

12 months? Who would have thought I will survive this long in this room? Though, the past three months is really rough. In that duration, I lost my sanity again for two more times. Fortunately nothing happened out of the ordinary. No blood, no knife, and no corpse.Bookmark here

I just need to wait for six months until my body fully heals, or so that’s what I think.Bookmark here

I just need to wait for another year and I will be out of here. Bookmark here

Though I won’t say I want to “escape” this room. I’ve been through a lot in the past year and the only thing that saw it was this room. If I say it honestly, I’m deeply attached to this room already. Next year, it will probably be painful to leave this room. It’s really ironic how I complained a lot but now here I am, loving this place like this is my home.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

“Hmm…Bookmark here

I’ve been using these headbands for so long that I didn’t even notice how long my hair is.”Bookmark here

I removed the headband that is keeping my hair from falling down and then my hair exploded everywhere. I don’t have a mirror so I can’t see my face. But in estimate, I would say my hair is at the length down to my chest.Bookmark here

“Longer than Rin’s, huh…Bookmark here

Pff… Hahahahaha!”Bookmark here

Gin just fell down as he thought of how long his hair is. He was reminded of his friends who are probably in school that time. He let out a sigh and started muttering again.Bookmark here

“Hahh… I missed those guys.Bookmark here

I miss… her…”Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

1027, Year 2, Month 15.Bookmark here

I have lost count on how many days I’ve been here.Bookmark here

Yes, I have turned seventeen today. I aged two years being in this room with no one but my shadow. Well, I can’t even see my shadow because the room is like a blank canvas painted with ink. It’s still pitch black.Bookmark here

I still haven’t made a concrete answer as to why this once white room became black. My assumptions aren’t that clear yet.Bookmark here

My body is healing slowly but steadily. If not because of the so-called regeneration in my skeletal system, I may not heal naturally and perhaps I may not be able to walk for the rest of my life with only a lone limb functioning.Bookmark here

As usual, the gravity is increasing, but since 0327, the amount of how it increases became constant. I think it is safe to assume that from being geometric, the gravitational increase became arithmetic. I guess this room really has mercy and don’t want to kill.Bookmark here

"Are you serious…" at random, I got to feel my chin that had become surprisingly rough. "Is this facial hair…?"Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

1219, Year 2, Month 16.Bookmark here

I am once again looking on my log notebook, specifically at a very bizarre page—where I wrote only one word on that day with my own blood before passing out.Bookmark here

“Thinking about writing with your own blood is creepy. I should rephrase what I say next time…Bookmark here

Hey…Bookmark here

I’ve lost my mind for three times already.”Bookmark here

As I was leaning on one of the four walls near the door, I recalled the times where I didn’t have any recollections of what happened. Only relying to tangible evidences, I came to the conclusion that I lost my rational mind for three times.Bookmark here

I am once again talking to myself as if the room itself will give an answer.Bookmark here

“What happened to me has a connection to these changes, right…? If so, this is something I should fix soon, but I don’t know how.Bookmark here

For me, black symbolizes a lot of things. Sometimes it’s my self, darkness, sadness, sorrow, lifelessness, and more.Bookmark here

I do play a lot with colors when I was outside you know. I pretty much describe all of the colors and compare it to life. But black…Bookmark here

I would say that that color is special.”Bookmark here

It probably started when I was five. I’ve gone through a lot despite being at a young age at that time. I was just a brat but it’s painful. That’s probably the first time I felt that my life has no purpose anymore. I was genuinely depressed, but I thankfully came back before even completely falling to a chasm…Bookmark here

But I can’t remember more than that.Bookmark here

I let out a sigh as I’m stretching my arms and I started walking around the room.Bookmark here

“Hahh…Bookmark here

I’m just alone in a room where no one is here except me. And here I am talking to nothing about a story of my youth in-“Bookmark here

I suddenly stopped walking with a surprised look on my face as I realized that I’m missing something.Bookmark here

“D-Despair…”Bookmark here

He went back to where his belongings are placed and opened the notebook where he writes his daily entries. He briefly read all of the entries and closed the notebook and sat down.Bookmark here

“Hahaha…Bookmark here

All this time… Since twelve years ago.Bookmark here

I’ve been running away from everything… up until now, I’m just a coward brat who doesn’t want to face the reality.Bookmark here

I always insist that I want to live a normal life, and thought that if I continuously live a life like that, everything will be fine. But that’s wrong. Bookmark here

The pain, sufferings, and sorrow… They are unavoidable to one’s life. Given that my real self was forcefully hidden with a facade, it’s not a reason to run away. I thought everything was fine while I was growing, but deep within, there is a side of me that wants to escape the facade.Bookmark here

And it came out, losing control, and wanting to disappear because he can’t stop me anymore. I didn’t even think that despair is slowly swallowing me down to the deep dark until I can never move, paralyzed.Bookmark here

If… If not for my mutterings I may just be one step away from completely falling to the abyss and never go back. If I fell to that, I will never see what’s up above anymore. I will be there until I rot and turn back to dust.Bookmark here

But to think that something similar to it saved me…”Bookmark here

I guess these void is not meant to kill people who entered here, but to make them discover the darkness from their roots. This room connects to people whoever they are, and it adapts as to whether a person does change.Bookmark here

“How come have I not realized something like this? I am here for more than a year already, but I just became an ignorant fool who doesn’t even know his own self. Trapped in a useless cycle that will never go to anywhere, I kept walking and walking but I can only see the traces that I left over and over again.”Bookmark here

I finally discovered that my journey wasn’t going anywhere. I’ve lost track even before I started moving.Bookmark here

“Was it because I’m just a ‘failure’ who survived for no reason?Bookmark here

Well, probably not anymore… I’m not different from the Exiles then.”Bookmark here

Once again, I opened a random page of my journal and read the contents of it. I then looked at the ceiling of the black room and thought of the things pertaining to the problem.Bookmark here

“Now, how should I defeat despair…? No. Is that something you could even make vanish? I think it’s a part of a human to live in this twisted world.”Bookmark here

“…Bookmark here

Then, how should I let him be free?”Bookmark here

Without Gin even noticing the time, it was already night and he suddenly dozed off to where he was sitting down.Bookmark here

Thank you for finally accepting the real you.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

The next day.Bookmark here

1220, Year 2, Month 16.Bookmark here

My auto-programmed alarm clock that was set to wake me up every 6 in the morning finally rang to start another morning in the once pure white room.Bookmark here

“Yawn~Bookmark here

I guess I nodded off last nig-“Bookmark here

As I wiped my eyes to fix my blurry vision, I saw something I haven’t seen for a very long time. The room is once again in its old glory, returning anew to pure white.Bookmark here

“H-hey… Am I seeing things…?Bookmark here

How long was it since I last saw this?”Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

There are only eight months before the door opens for good. But before that happens, a lot of things had happened in the duration of a year and four months that I can’t enumerate all of them even though I mostly do something light here.Bookmark here

I have just proven that the color black can always be altered. But it can’t disappear once it left its trace.Bookmark here

I finally regained the purpose of my life. There are a lot of people caring for me, and I know that I am worrying them for days now. I can’t always have a normal life. But not being normal doesn’t mean that you can’t exist with those who care for you.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

“I guess I will be leaving a note on the next opening of the door.”Bookmark here

Tearing a page on his journal, he wrote a note to be received by the underground base once the door closes in 1227.Bookmark here

“Could you send art materials that can supply me until I leave?Bookmark here

P.s. No papers, please.”Bookmark here

“If not for writing entries everyday, I may practice handwritings again after eight months. Wait, I need to study again after I leave. I forgot that I am still a fourth year in junior high school even though I’m already 17.Bookmark here

That means that I’m still a student once I go back. What a pain…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I guess I should draw again, firstly.”Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

0227, Year 2, Month 19.Bookmark here

It was said that my body will fully heal because it is already one and a half year since I had gone through rehabilitation. I would say, the pain is really going away quicker a few weeks ago. Bookmark here

But my right arm still hurts the most since that was the most damaged part of my limbs. One and a half year is only an approximate count of time. I should expect my right arm in bandages after the remaining months here.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

0401, Year 2, Month 20.Bookmark here

It’s really a bummer that my sketches and paintings last only between three to seven days. But I guess using the room as a giant sketchpad wasn’t a bad idea after all.Bookmark here

I lost my touch because of not drawing for more than a year. And to retain it for four months is very difficult.Bookmark here

I guess I will be drawing until 0827.Bookmark here

Also, it’s bad to do a prank if I’m alone here acting crazy. Or should I say I’m already crazy?Bookmark here

Anyways, I think my body is 95% healed... except for my right arm, of course. It’s still the only one covered with bandages.Bookmark here

I exercise everyday and does jogging and sometimes sprinting. Jumping exercises is also necessary for vertical leaping.Bookmark here

As I am writing, I realized something. If I finally go outside, how will my body react? I’m so used to a very heavy gravity and it’s currently 90x. Since I move a bit slower here because of my slow adaptation, does that mean I will also slowly adapt to how light it will be outside? Am I going to become a speedster?Bookmark here

More importantly, can humans really take this much gravity?Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

0611, Year 2, Month 22.Bookmark here

I finally made my drawing senses return to me.Bookmark here

But something has happened to me at the middle of the day. My right eye started to hurt and it still hurts as I’m writing right now. My vision also became blurry sometimes, but only in my right eye. My left eye is fine though.Bookmark here

I only have more than two months to spend here and I want it to be a time where I will definitely remember this place once the door opens.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

0708, Year 2, Month 23.Bookmark here

“Hmm…Bookmark here

I guess this should do it.”Bookmark here

What is in front of Gin is a painting. A painting that he never once believed that he could ever finish, an artwork made from the top corner to the very bottom corner of one of the four walls of the room. The painting displays a landscape of a scenery where it is something you describe as tragic. It was a barren wasteland filled with nothing but destruction and cruelty.Bookmark here

“A dystopia… no. The world in one big mural, huh."Bookmark here

Soon, I will be back to that world where it will give pain more than I can comprehend. Even though it’s like that, there’s still a place waiting for me. For that, I am very glad. Even if that place is a bloody world, there is still a place I can consider ‘home’—where my family and friends belong there, with me.Bookmark here

I also belong to that home. That home where I can once again feel the real happiness I’m searching for. It’s almost at my reach again. It’s not necessary to live the life to the fullest.Bookmark here

One of my teachers once said, “You can have fun, but keep the moderation in mind.” Too much happiness can only bring sadness.Bookmark here

I took four pails of paint and aligned it in front of the mural. Once again, I looked at the painting.Bookmark here

“Ugh. It’s such a waste. I’ve finally surpassed Piano of Tragedy so this will kind of hurt…”Bookmark here

He grabbed the first bucket to its handle and bombed the whole content of it to the painted wall. He repeated it three more times seeing that there are four pails present.Bookmark here

“White. This is you—‘The Room of Reality’.Bookmark here

Blue. You are the sky—that was once glorious but covered with clouds of rain that led me to here.Bookmark here

Silver. This is me, my only trace here. I don’t care if this trace will ever disappear.Bookmark here

Black. You were once my despair. But now you are free from it. You are me, and I am you. Got that? You are silver again.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I will soon be home.”Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

0727, Year 2, Month 24.Bookmark here

This is finally the last month.Bookmark here

I think I’m still going to wear bandages once I got out.Bookmark here

I’m focused on exercising right now to maintain my shape. I think I got a lot taller in this duration.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

0803, Year 2, Month 24.Bookmark here

I will end my physical activities in 0813 so I will have two weeks of rest and then I will pack up whatever I can pack.Bookmark here

My entries are really full in the past, but I can’t seem to fill it anymore with a lot of words now.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

0810, Year 2, Month 24.Bookmark here

Roses are red, violets are blue. Omae wa mou shindeiru.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

0814, Year 2, Month 24.Bookmark here

I wonder if I can reproduce the three days I hibernated.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

0817, Year 2, Month 24.Bookmark here

words like tomorrow or future or fate no matter how far they extend their hands we breathe we dream we raise our love in a timeless land that is far out of reach even the second hour hands of the clock they look at us sideways as they tick and tock how I hope to have forever to spend this life no all future lives right here in this world with youBookmark here

These are lyrics from a song I really liked. I can’t bother to put punctuations because I can’t think of anything to fill the remaining days.Bookmark here

Actually, it’s really surprising that I still knew the lyrics of one song after two years.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

0824, Year 2, Month 24.Bookmark here

Three days left. I’m all packed up and I literally had nothing to do anymore except for eating three times a day.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

0825, Year 2, Month 24.Bookmark here

Do you know da wae?Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

0826, Year 2, Month 24.Bookmark here

I ate breakfast, then ate lunch and intentionally slept for seven hours. It is now around 10pm.Bookmark here

11pm.Bookmark here

This will be the last 24 hours and 30 minutes in this room. I’m not planning on sleeping anymore because I already hibernated long enough.Bookmark here

I wonder how coffee will react to my constitution again.Bookmark here

Well, see you on the next page.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

0827, The Last.Bookmark here

12:00am.Bookmark here

“Finall-Bookmark here

Eh?”Bookmark here

For the very last time, The air got a bit denser and the gravity went up again.Bookmark here

“So this is 100x, huh.”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

2:49am.Bookmark here

Here I am just sitting right in front of the soon to be opening door together with three bags beside me. The first bag contains the clothes I had in my stay. The two bags mainly contained all of my journals.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

7:15am.Bookmark here

“I burnt through all of my stock of food already (in my belly) except for the beef here. I think I should make it as a steak since this is the last day of my rather eventful stay here…Bookmark here

Wait, steak for breakfast, steak for lunch, and steak for dinner…Bookmark here

Screw it. It’s cheat day today.”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

4:23pm.Bookmark here

“I was out for five days outside. What could be the things I missed in those times, I wonder. I have no idea what could have happened in that durationBookmark here

I also missed some episodes and chapters, huh…Bookmark here

I really need to do some catching up.”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

6:55pm.Bookmark here

“I hope my family was really notified about what happened to me since I said I want them to spill everything. The underground base is an unknown location that no one from the outside knows, so I guess they will only tell the principal that I was hit by truck and hospitalized.Bookmark here

I’m kind of worried of what excuse did Hiroomi or Sean told Nagi and the others as to why I’m absent for five days. I guess the only way to find out is to wait for Monday.Bookmark here

Actually, how should I spend the weekend?”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

9:08pm.Bookmark here

“I think I’ll wear the gray sweater they sent to me a few months ago. I haven’t worn it since ages because the temperature here is constant in approximately 20 degrees. Well, I consider it cold already but there is no wind here so it’s not that cold.Bookmark here

My hair is also really long. I should tie it up.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

10:30pm.Bookmark here

“Exactly one hour, huh. I guess this will almost be the conclusion of the two years I spent here.Bookmark here

So the time will almost be in sync later. I wonder if what is the time outside and are they already waiting for me? Man, I’m like a time traveler. The main difference is that I didn’t travel in time though. I just kind of broke the laws of time by disappearing from the outside world and entered this accelerated room.”Bookmark here

I’m actually growing a bit impatient now. Just a few more and the doors will open. I should occupy my head with something to lessen the boredom.Bookmark here

“Hmm… Think… Think… Think… Think… Red… Red… Apples… Apples… Apples… Silver… Silver… Silver Apple… Silver Apple… Silver Apple…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Rin… Rin… Rin… Rin… Rin… Rin… Rin… Rin… Rin… Rin…”Bookmark here

“Uh-oh… Can it please stop?”Bookmark here

It won’t stop cycling in my head. Whatever I do or whatever I think of, it remains and keeps echoing inside my head like a broken tape.Bookmark here

“So it finally came to this point huh…Bookmark here

Rin… I…”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

11:25pm.Bookmark here

”Man, the entry for today is still bare. I wonder what I should write, though there are only five minutes left. I better make this quick.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I really can’t think of anything…Bookmark here

So that’s the only thing I could write, then.”Bookmark here

Instead of using a pen, he took a marker from his bag and started writing on the final page of the final journal.Bookmark here

He closed the journal and placed it inside the bag where all of the notebooks are placed. He grabbed the three bags and stood up, ready for the door to open.Bookmark here

"Yawn~"Bookmark here

Now I’m getting sleepy.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

11:29pm.Bookmark here

“This is it…”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

A sound of beeping came from the watch he had for already two years. It is finally the time and the slow sound of the door creaking is giving Gin a suspense that is making him really nervous to the point that his heart may just escape from his mouth.Bookmark here

“It’s time.”Bookmark here

Once again, the view of the midpoint room is on his sight but the door beyond is still not open but unlocked.Bookmark here

Gin, who had spent two years in an unknown, pure white room, is finally walking and stepping outside it.Bookmark here

Finally at the front of the door of the midpoint room, he twisted the doorknob slowly and silently.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

0827, The Last. September 1, 2017.Bookmark here

VOIDBookmark here

Goodbye to you, Room of Reality.Bookmark here

I will be going home now.”

Chapter Message:Bookmark here

That's the end of the ride for chapter 9!
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I suppose things will gradually calm down on the next few chapters as I feel like I have shown the gist of Gin's character. But one nitpick I have in this story is that I feel like Gin is so much of an MC as he has so much exposure more than the development of my other characters. That is one vague spoiler, but something I had to point out in advance.Bookmark here

Thank you for reading!Bookmark here

Ten: That was two years, and now five days without him. Bookmark here

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