Chapter 27:

How I Met My Father Who Ruined My Date

Cursed Lines

Konya and I jumped apart and looked at the people who had interrupted one of the best moments of my life. From Tatsuo's sour expression, it was easy to guess who we were dealing with. Besides, both of them had an extremely strong aura. A beautiful woman, dressed in an elegant women's suit, stared at us from one to the other with fury, and her eyes were full of menace and darkness. Konya never really mentioned what his mother was like Death herself, terrifying and alluring at the same time.

She was impressive, unlike my father who was wearing a dress or whatever it was. I felt ashamed to see him, what else was missing, wings and a mini bow? Couldn't he keep up with the times? There was nothing wrong with him, Eros was damn handsome, and his body was probably perfectly sculpted too. I hoped mom wasn't just caught up in the outer shell, though I doubted what else he could offer. Although he stood with his arms folded and his lips pressed together, the surrounding air seemed a little pink and smelled like candy.

Before me stood two beings, two opposing forces ruling the world in one of its many human forms, Love and Death, my father and Konya's mother. Eternally competing with each other, self-confident egoists, whose children acted as soldiers in their eternal war, gathering adequate resources of strength for them. Slowly, I was overcome with fury at them and at everything that had happened to me over the past few months.

I used to have a simple plan for life, education, then work, complaining about the lack of time for my passion, which was painting, a family that my dream girl Hamada was supposed to be a part of. This one element I had to replace with Konya, but for that reason I was happy. But I didn't like the fact that I'd have to give it all up because the guy in the dress in front of me turned out to be my father, who assumed that I would obediently devote my life to him and perform the duties imposed on me politely. I didn't agree to any of that, and I wasn't going to.

He didn't care about me, seduced my mother and then left her, I didn't want anything to do with him either. I will make my own decisions, and not play a pawn in his game with Death. I won't let Tatsuo and Alice either, I couldn't, since I was the only one of the three of us who had the ability to resist our genes, I had to fight for it. Plus, they ruined our first date, I didn't expect it to end with a kiss, which made my blood pressure even higher.

Death came up to us and grabbed my chin, digging her long nails painfully into my skin. I didn't look away, I was going to snatch some of these two. She turned my head from one side to the other.

"So it's because of you that my son hasn't been up to his responsibilities lately." Her voice was like a hiss. "You could be a little more interesting," she added, pushing me away.

"Watch your mouth," Eros interjected, sounding soft but firm at the same time. "Maybe it was your child who led mine astray, they are experts at that, after all."

"Excellent ones," laughed Death. "The thing is that Tatsuo tried very hard at first, then he only made the bare minimum, but he was conscientious about it. And as far as I know, yours didn't even care about that much."

"My genes in him woke up late," murmured Eros, knowing that this was an argument on Her side.

"So it was little Cupid's idea to spite us. I understand that Tatsuo might have agreed to this, you are rebellious teenagers after all." The woman clucked in displeasure. "You can stop it now. We're furious, but we're not going to waste too much time on this. I'm just curious, how did you manage to do it for so long, spend so much time with the enemy, hold his hand, even kiss him, you wanted to hurt us so much that you decided to make such a sacrifice?" she asked with a sneer, but she was waiting for our answer.

Eros surveyed us from head to toe, and slowly I saw his eyes widen in surprise, his hand wandering under his chin, indicating deep thought. She noticed something was wrong, and now her attention has shifted to my father. I didn't even notice that Konya's hand was clenching my T-shirt the whole time, was I so angry that I was pulling away? His eyes begged me not to do anything stupid, but I made up my mind. I took his hand and squeezed it hard, then stood up abruptly before he could stop me.

"Hey you, I have something to tell you!" I shouted at Eros and Death, they turned around, surprised that I dared to speak to them in such a tone. "I'm not going to be part of your fight, I've never agreed to any extra responsibilities or conditions, and I won't let you control mine," I corrected. "Our lives, just because you are our parents."

"You have an interesting one, Eros," Death sneered.

"You're worth each other," I said, growing more confident with each word. "You're using your own children in your sick war instead of doing it yourself. They sacrifice everything for you, including themselves, do you even consider this sometimes?! Alice's been at it for almost ten years, that's the greater part of her life, making others happy for you, Daddy, while she self-destructs and suffers. I see it every day in her eyes, even though she only smiles for others, she should hate you because you made her do it when she was just a child." I had to get some air. "You gave us no choice!"

"It's getting entertaining," muttered an amused Death, smiling at me. "Go on, little Cupid, I'd love to hear you reproach him."

"You are not any better mother," Konya said coldly, approaching me, I think we were all surprised that he joined the conversation. "I can't speak for anyone else, but I didn't enjoy the duties you imposed. I still hate myself, and it's only because of your genes. You think I wanted everyone to fear me, even my own father, you think I wanted to lose all my friends and acquaintances. Living alone, giving up all dreams."

"Why do you need friends, when you could have power and rule people with fear," the woman bristled.

"I didn't ask for this!" Konya exclaimed and threw his keychain at her feet with the greatest force.

The fall of this little device was like slow motion, hitting the ground once, then a second, and a third time. When it stopped, we saw that the screen was clearly cracked, which seemed impossible to us until now. Even Eros and Death couldn't believe it, and she directed her anger and accusations at me. She grabbed me with dizzying speed and started choking me, Konya tried to pull her away, but he was too weak.

"I don't know how you affected my son, but you have to stop hanging out with him, or I'll kill you," she gritted through her teeth, barely holding back from taking my life now.

"It's impossible," Eros announced and grabbed her hand, pulling her away from me.

"What do you mean?" Death growled, pushing my father away.

I tried to catch my breath as a worried Konya watched. I felt my father's intent gaze on me, Death urged him to answer.

"They are their other halves, you can't do anything about it. They'll always find each other no matter what you do," he replied, watching our shocked reactions.

"It's impossible," whispered Konya's mother. "Impossible."

"However, I am sure."

"What are you going to do with them?" the woman asked her eternal rival.

"Leave them alone, and I may change my attitude in general," my father shrugged. "Let's get out of here, there's nothing for us to do here."

"Wait!" I called out, afraid that he would disappear, and I would have no way to contact him again. "Alice's other half? Who it is, she deserved to know." Eros was silent for a moment. "It's Daisuke, isn't it?"

"Yes, it's your friend," he replied after a while with a sigh. I noticed that Death gave him a meaningful look. "But you can't tell her about it, or you two," he added, and I clenched my mouth and fists in anger. "But you can try to communicate it in some other way, but I'm afraid it won't be an easy task. This girl is very stubborn after her mother. Give my regards to Mizuki." He smiled warmly. "I still have bad memories of how everything hurt me after...

"Hmm, what did you want to say, Eros?" Death asked. "Don't tell me one of your women kicked your ass." She burst into loud laughter. "You are so pathetic."

They disappeared as suddenly as they had appeared. Konya and I looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief at the same time. We couldn't have heard better news, we threw ourselves into each other's arms with happiness. Peace came over me, I didn't have to worry about the curse anymore, I had found the right person and I could help Alice, that's what I needed. I looked in the direction our parents had gone, thinking that maybe my father wasn't so bad after all. And although neither of us expected such an end to the first date, we knew that it was unlikely we would ever forget it.