Chapter 81:

More Than Just Makeup

A Terrible Evil Villain And Their Destiny

As Viola Coldwater sat herself down in the car she couldn’t help but shake the feeling of unease that was plaguing her. Clearly, her mother was up to something. She just didn’t know what. She looked over to Mary who remained stoic. Could really use some more information. Viola thought.

The door to the car opened once more and in came a boy who looked about a year or so younger than Viola. He had messy brown hair and wore rudimentary equipment. In comparison to Mary it looked so plain and simple. On his belt was a sword sheathed in a beaten-down scabbard.

“Sorry for being late ma’am!” He said hurriedly as he struggled to put on his seatbelt.

“Ah, Spencer. I was wondering where you were.” Mary greeted, “This kid is Spencer, new to the whole adventuring gig. But he’s already proven himself.” She explained to Viola.

Mary waited for Spencer to introduce himself to Viola only to hear silence. Glancing over she saw that Spencer was wide-eyed and slack-jawed staring at Viola.

“Spencer.” She called out.

Spencer snapped out of his stupor and introduced himself, “O-oh, uh. Hello! My name is Spen-sp, ahem, Spencer can, uh, Spencer Khan.” He managed to stammer out looking down at his knees nervously.

Viola looked at Spencer extremely unimpressed. She gave a questioning look over to Mary.

“He’s worthy of completing a task for my mother? The Duchess of Wrabuth?” Viola asked unimpressed.

“This is his first major quest. Don’t worry, he’s good.” Mary assured.

“I promise I won’t disappoint you Miss Viola!” Spencer shouted out.

“It’s Lady Viola.” Viola said with a grimace, ears aching from the excessive shouting.

“My apologies!” He shouted once more.

Viola glanced over to Mary who only gave her a helpless smile. Feels like Bryson should be dealing with this idiot. She thought as the car began to move.


“So… that’s it?” Bryson asked, eyes narrowed in suspicion at Mary, “We just delivered the makeup stuff and now we leave?”

The entire four-and-a-half-hour drive was completely uneventful, though Bryson was at least able to compartmentalize the methods for the Flash Step spell while in the car. So was the unloading process of the truck. Now the adventurers that were hired just seemed to hang around the place. It seemed that everything was normal.

It was a decently large city, especially considering how far north it was and how near contamination zones it was. It was pretty modernized, though there were plenty of outdated technology and structures around to show that industry here still lacked a bit. Which made sense considering how much more often monster attacks in these areas were.

Perhaps that was why they had so many adventurers hired for this job. Not only to deal with security but also now that they were here they could take further jobs. Still, the number of adventurers hired was abnormal. There had to be more to it.

“No.” Mary said immediately.

With those two letters together, Bryson immediately felt a wave of unease wash over him. He knew that there was going to be something more to this. He didn’t want to hear it, he didn't want to do it. Unfortunately, he doubted that he could stop what was going to happen next.

“I knew it.” Viola whispered under her breath.

“So what’s next?” Sable asked.

“Don’t worry, nothing too extreme just yet, first you three follow me. Your mother has a few more tasks for you.” Mary said beckoning them to follow.

As Sable moved ahead first, Viola whispered to Bryson, “Look at the bright side. At least this time it isn’t some dumb goddess forcing us to do stupid tasks.”

“I think this might be worse.”

“We’ll see.” Viola said as she followed behind Sable.

“Frost come on.” Bryson called out turning to beckon her. Only to find her missing. Oh right. She wasn’t allowed to come. Bryson recalled. Turning his sight on Florence who simply stood by the car and waited he yelled at her, “Marsh! With me! Now!”

With a simple nod from Florence, she quickly moved next to Bryson as they followed Mary. Mary turned around, noticing the non-Coldwater member.

“You’re coming too?”

“Lord Bryson has ordered it.” Florence said as she adjusted the medical bag.

“Well, your mother said you were allowed to accompany him, so it’s fine.” Mary said with a shrug.

“Why would she be allowed to join?” Sable asked.

“Your mother mentioned how close Bryson and her were. According to her the girl practically sticks to him like glue in their free time. Apparently, she likes the look of the pair.” Mary said as she glanced over to Bryson, “So is this some little romance between the two of you?”

Florence didn’t react while Bryson gave a scoff. Viola gave a small mischievous smile, “They do spend a lot of time in the woods and back gardens together.”

“Where are we going?” Bryson snapped.

Mary laughed as she pointed to a small one-story house, “We’re going there. We’re here to meet someone and pick something up.”

“Who lives there?” Sable asked.

“An inventor.” Mary said knocking on the door.

“Come in! It’s open!” A voice could be heard from behind the door.

Entering the house Bryson was immediately unimpressed. The floor was nearly impossible to see through with all the junk that littered atop it. A door to another room opened and a plume of yellow smoke spilled out.

“Hello!” Exclaimed a man emerging from the smoke. He had wild white hair and a frizzled white beard. Adorned on the top of his head was a welding mask that he had pulled up as he greeted them. In tattered overalls and dirty shirt, he did not look very impressive.

“Mary! Oh, it’s great to see you!” He exclaimed gleefully bounding over to clasp her hands, “How have you been?”

“Doing well, Tufnut meet the Coldwaters.” Mary introduced the group to apparently Tufnut. Then noticing Florence there, “Ah, and also her. Sorry, what’s your name again?”

“It’s Florence.”

“Huh, I thought Lord Bryson called you something else.”

“Marsh is my last name.”

“Why does he call you by your last name.”

“He does that to everyone other than his siblings.”

“Yeah, it’s a weird thing he does.” Viola said glancing over to Bryson.

“Don’t you start.” He said.

“Anyways, how’s the project coming along?” Mary said moving the conversation along.

“Ah yes, of course. The prototype is ready to be tested. Come, come!” Tufnut beckoned them to another room.

Entering this room, the décor was a slight improvement from the living room and the one filled with smoke. The floor could at least be seen. Various scraps littered around the walls, all broken and useless. Except for a suit of armour on a stand with wires attached to the ceiling in the middle of the room.

It was large and bulky, but one look at it was enough to tell Bryson just how special it was. Especially inside a room of junk, this magical suit of armour stood out in front of everything.

“What is that?” Sable asked, immediately noticing the armour.

“It’s the experimental armour I have been working on. Come, take a look.” Tufnut said showing them the armour.

Upon taking a closer look Bryson noticed the Coldwater emblem etched into the design of the armour. Clearly made for the family then. Bryson thought.

“What does it do?”

“The armour is made from a mithril-based alloy and heavily enchanted with the greatest protection spells I could muster.” Tufnut explained proudly.

“It’s pretty big. Who is it made for?” Viola asked seeing that the top of her head only reached the chest plate of the suit.

“Ah, it can be resized a bit, but this is just the prototype. I have a better one in the workshop. According to Duchess Coldwater this armor is meant for whoever meets the requirements.”

“What does that mean?” Sable asked.

“Don’t know. I never asked.” Tufnut said absentmindedly, “Ah but there is more to the armour! Observe!” Tufnut said excitedly as he flicked a switch on the wall.

A surge of power shot from the top of the ceiling and into the suit of armour. The armour shook for a moment as its magic circuits glowed to life. Then its head moved and stared at them as it detached itself from the stand and walked over.

Alarmed Florence instinctively moved in front of Bryson as Mary gestured for them to settle down. While they were still unsure of this now-moving suit of armour, the group stood less at edge.

“This armour I dub The Omen.” Tufnut said circling the suit, “It not only can be worn but remotely piloted!”

“That is pretty cool.” Bryson accidentally said aloud.

“I know right!” Tufnut agreed wholeheartedly.

“Just like your comics right BryBry?” Viola teased.

“Shut up. How do we even control this thing?” Bryson grumbled.

“It only follows the order of those of Coldwater descent. Specifically from the Duchesses side as she donated a sample of her blood for the prototype. Go on, you just need to give it a command.” Tufnut said to Bryson.

“That’s not happening.” Bryson rejected immediately.

“What? Why not?” Tufnut asked crestfallen.

“Because I’m adopted.”

“Ah.” Tufnut said nodding in understanding before turning to Viola, “Then would Lady Viola take the honors?”

“Forgotten again.” Sable muttered to herself dejectedly.

“Ah…” Viola said in realization, “You said it was based of mother’s blood?”


“I… may not be able to do so.”

This statement drew the surprise of everyone in the room. Viola shifted uncomfortably in the spot as all eyes were on her.

“You’re adopted?” Bryson asked in disbelief.

“No, father is my father… it’s just… mother isn’t. By blood at least.”

“Why didn’t you say anything before?”

“Never had to and I wouldn’t have talked about this at all in the past. So just be thankful I did.” Viola said crossing her arms.

“What made you decide that this secret wasn’t so important anymore?” Florence asked.

“Last couple of years made it feel a bit silly.” Viola said.

“So Viola isn’t related to mother.” Sable mumbled to herself.

“Still, I would prefer that no one gossips about it. Seeing that mother trusts you two, I hope that you’ll keep your mouths shut?” Viola asked looking at Mary and Tufnut expectantly.

“Of course! The Coldwaters have helped me greatly with my research, it is the least I can do!” Tufnut agreed readily.

“I wouldn’t be very good at my job if I blabbed everything.” Mary said.

“Wait… so could you tell the story of what happened with you?” Bryson asked curiously.

“Hah. No.” Viola said before exiting the house.

Bryson quickly chased after her, with Florence chasing after him.

“Come on! Won’t you talk to your precious little brother? We have something we can both relate to!” He shouted out.

“In your dreams brat!”

As two out of three of the Coldwaters left. The last one still stood there seemingly lost in her thoughts.

“Um, Lady Sable.” Tufnut said to her gently.

“Hmm? Oh, yes?” Sable said snapping back to reality.

“The Omen awaits your orders.”

“Oh, right. What do I say?” Sable said as she stared at the massive hunk of metal in front of her.

“You just need to give it orders and it will follow them to the best of its abilities. Though there are limits to it.”

“What limits?”

“No too complicated commands, simple attack and protect commands are the most it can do.”

“I see.” Sable said, “So this is it? Just pick this up and return home?”

“Not quite.” Mary told her.

“What’s next then?”

“Your mother hired adventurers for a reason. We are taking that suit of armour and going adventuring.” Mary said with a wicked grin on her face.