Chapter 80:

Supply Guards

A Terrible Evil Villain And Their Destiny

Bryson walked his way over to Viola who was looking at over thirty adventurers all milling about in one of the Coldwater gardens. Bryson blinked his eyes in surprise as he hadn’t realized that the adventuring team seemed to have already made their way over.

“So, why is this happening exactly?” Bryson asked.

“Huh? Oh, there you are Bryson.” Viola said, seemingly preoccupied with something else, “This guard duty chore? Not sure why mother asked adventurers to do this, but mother knows best.”

“What are we even suppose to be guarding that would need so many people anyways?”

“Mother hasn’t told you? It’s Alluring Stardust products.”

“What are those?”

“Beauty products from mother’s company.”

“… Come again?”

“Mother has a beauty product company.”

“Yeah I know that. She has like a million different businesses; I mean why are we shipping beauty products?” Bryson said irritated. Was he seriously going to lose his entire day over something like this?

“Well this is the first time Alrak is going to receive the product. So it’s a bit special.”

“Where’s Alrak?”

“It’s a city a bit out of the way. More of a town really.” Mary said approaching the two of them, “Lady Sable is already waiting for you two to join her at the transport.”

“Ah right. Thank you, actually I don’t believe I’ve been introduced to you yet.” Viola said.

“Mary, I run this group of misfits.” She said giving a polite bow, “The others are waiting on us, shall we join them?”

Viola simply nodded and let the adventurer lead the way to the group of adventurers. Mary led them to the large group of adventurers and together they moved towards one of the warehouses where the transports were stored.

Bryson saw as he approached the warehouse Sable standing around, sword by her waist and kicking the sand a bit. Noticing the large group arriving Sable looked up and walked her way over.

“Mother said the transport is in there. Be careful with it.” Sable said pointing towards the building.

Sable then looked at Bryson and gave him an awkward greeting, “Bryson.”

“Sable.” Bryson replied just as awkwardly. After Sable woke up from her coma the relationship between the two was, hard to explain.

She was no longer standoffish as she once was. She no longer ignored Bryson outright and has even talked to him on occasion. But the conversations have only lasted seconds and have been awkward at best. Not to mention it was still rare for them to talk. Bryson swears that Sable purposefully tries to avoid being alone with Bryson at all costs these days.

“So… has your swordsmanship training been going well?” Bryson said as he waited for Mary to return.




“Good to hear.” Bryson said as he shared a look with Viola completely confused about what to do in this conversation.

Fortunately for them, they didn’t need to wait in this aura of awkwardness for so long as the transport pulled out of the warehouse. Bryson looked over and saw a large truck pulling up to them. Out of the vehicle emerged Mary.

“Alright here it is.” She said.

Bryson stared at the truck in disbelief, “That’s it? One truck? All of this for one truck?” He asked in disbelief.

“It’s a very sought-after brand.” Viola said.


“Seriously. The prices for these things are huge. Now come on, the cars are waiting for us to leave.” Mary said.


As Bryson and the others made their way over to the awaiting cars Bryson noticed standing next to one of the cars arguing with the driver was Nico Reese. As they approached Bryson overheard the conversation.

“This is ridiculous! The entire mission is being run by mercenaries?” Nico argued.

“They aren’t mercenaries, they’re adventurers. Don’t worry, each one is vetted and approved by the Duchess herself.” The driver assured.

“That doesn’t make me feel any better.”

“What’s happening?” Bryson asked as he approached them.

“Lord Bryson, sorry to bother you. But apparently, no official guard is allowed to join you.” Nico said.

“What?” Bryson said brows furrowed.

“Orders from Duchess Coldwater yourself. You can go ask her yourself if you want.” Mary said.

Huh. Bryson thought, he didn’t doubt Mary’s claim, but he still found it strange that his mother was doing this. She’s up to something. What’s her motive?

“No, I’m fine. You don’t need to concern yourself Reese.” Bryson ordered.

“Yes Lord Bryson.” Nico said, still hesitant to leave, but complied, nevertheless.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” Mary assured Bryson, having seemingly noticed Bryson’s suspicions.

“Fine.” Bryson said. Viola gave an unimpressed grunt in reply to Mary’s statement.

“Good, now Lady Viola please follow me. Lord Bryson, Lady Sable the two of you are to go in that car.” Mary said pointing at a large car with a small marking on it.

“Okay.” Bryson said only finding the whole situation more suspicious. But complying nevertheless, he and his sister made their way over to the car and climbed in.

Entering the vehicle, Bryson blinked in surprise seeing waiting for them was Florence Marsh. In her full navy-blue uniform and white gloves and Brenton hat. A large bag with a red cross stickered on it.


“Hello Lord Bryson.” She said politely.

“What are you doing here?” Bryson asked as Sable got herself a seat.

“Duchess Coldwater requested me to join you.”

“Why?” Bryson asked, there was no reason for Florence to be here unless there was something planned for this trip.

“I want to tell you.” Florence said before going silent.



The two of them stared at each other. Bryson gave small sigh.

“Let me guess. Mother told you not to tell me.” Bryson said irritated.


“This is going to be miserable, isn’t it?”

“Don’t worry, Duchess Coldwater assured me that everything will be safe.” Florence paused for a moment, “As long as it all works.”

“You’re here in case it doesn’t?”

“Yes.” She admitted.

“Great.” Bryson said with a groan as he sat next to Sable and buckled his seatbelt. I hate this. He thought.