Chapter 95:

Odin vs Anath

Elyon - Gods among us

The scene was devastating. What was once a beautiful city filled with white houses tinged with red and black, and huge totems everywhere, were now only ruins on an infertile ground full of remnants of still flaming fire. Ash floated in the air, while smoke, caused by the explosions from both Freyr and the combined attacks of Thor and Menrva, completely covered the sky.
The waves around the island were agitated, and all the fish and birds had fled from the disaster area. The animals in the forest, off the island, had moved elsewhere, fearing the impending cataclysm.

The people Loki and Y'aahl had teleported were in the forest, far from Haida Gwaii Island; but they could see the destruction that had occurred from there and were witnesses to the devastating explosions that had hit their city. The people, including prisoners and slaves, watched with great terror, while their leader tried to encourage them. For many, in the end, these foreigners who came were real demons bringing the destruction of their world.

Ana had stopped sobbing, increasingly accepting her friend's death. The goddess had closed her eyes and joined her hands, looking at her with great melancholy.

Freyja approached the goddess and patted her on the shoulder.

—Did purr loved her?— she asked Ana.

—She was my first friend— Ana replied with tearful red eyes and a haggard face.

—Listen, girl, meow don't want to give purr hope, but... our Father can purrbring life from Hel if they haven't been dead for long— Freyja said. —He's here, but he's fighting that abomination—

—Can he really bring her back to life?— Ana asked, her eyes wide open and mouth agape in surprise.

—Yes... that's why we're going to help him, even with pourr broken totemas, we'll try something— said the beautiful Nordic goddess.

Ana then rose vigorously.

—I want to fight too!— said the Irish goddess with a determined look.

—Of course, purr're meowlcome— Freyja said.

—But— interrupted the Nordic goddess, —meow don't want to give purr false hopes. Meow don't know how Father does it or under what conditions it might happen. Also, if he dies, there will be no meowracle, purrkay?—

The Irish goddess wiped away her tears and said: —For a slim chance, I'll risk my life—

Ana looked at the goddess Freyja and saw that next to her were Tyr and Freyr, both with their totemss destroyed. Then she turned to look at Epona with her eyes closed.

—Ep, please, hang on a bit longer— she said, and immediately joined the Nordic gods.

—Loki, we're ready. Teleport us— Tyr demanded.

Loki approached, levitating the last jars of mead he took from Ana's dimension.

—Remember that you could end up like that Celtic goddess; an attack that abruptly exceeds your ichor will kill you immediately— said the dark god.

—It's a risk we're willing to take, for Father's sake— said the Nordic god of war.

—Loki— said Freyr, —I couldn't thank you for helping Father... in your own way, but thank you ♬—

—If we survive, meow think Father will be very grateful to purr— said Freyja.

The dark god then approached to teleport them. In that moment, Ana took his hand and looked deeply into his eyes: —Loki, take care of Epona for me— said the goddess.

The Nordic god nodded.

Loki teleported everyone to the battlefield, and then sat down next to Epona's lifeless body.

—You were lucky to have people who loved you so much— said the Nordic god.

Meanwhile, Odin and Anath looked intently into each other's eyes. The Phoenician goddess looked at the spear Gungnir and smiled.

—I must confess something, northern god— Anath said with a smile. —When I learned that you were alive, I made this whole trip just to take your spear—

Odin lowered his spear and said nothing, but continued to give the goddess a challenging look.

—I must admit that I didn't believe you were still alive, as my sister Baalat should have finished you off— Anath continued provocatively.

Odin then began to scratch his great beard and laughed.

—A long time ago, I drank from Mimir's well, which gave me the ability to see a little into the future— the god said. —That's why I knew when you would attack, and I prepared for that day—

—If you weren't able to defeat my sister, you'll be even less able to defeat me— Anath proudly confessed. —I am the most powerful daughter of my father—

—Battles are not won with brute force alone, daughter of Elyon— said the Nordic god.

Then, Odin looked at Thor.

—My son, I'd like you to thank Loki for helping me recover, and I apologize for coming so late— said the father of the Nordic gods.

—I would have preferred that the blonde girl didn't die, but I needed to see her fighting power before acting— he confessed.

—Can you heal that girl? Thanks to her, we were able to break Anath's barrier— Thor commented.

—I don't know— confessed Odin. —Perhaps in Valhalla, but with divine suppressors, it will be complicated— said Odin.

At that moment, the god saw that Anath was going to attack his neck, so Odin put his spear in a defensive position to prevent the attack. But in reality, this was a vision of the immediate future, and Anath was just preparing to attack. Odin anticipated her move and prevented it with his mighty spear.

The goddess's force was tremendous and she struggled with Odin, as lightning emanated from the clash of powers.

—Tell me, geezer, how long have you been pretending to be one of my malak?— asked Anath, while continuing to struggle against Odin's spear.

—What's wrong, Anath? The great daughter of Elyon couldn't detect my disguise?— Odin sarcastically replied, increasing his strength and pushing Anath away.

—I've been in these lands for over a year, and you just a month; it's clear to see how you're getting tired quickly wearing your totema— the Nordic god taunted. Anath then aimed her katana at the god.

Odin quickly moved his spear, targeting the goddess's ankle. The wicked goddess's ankle was immediately torn, despite being protected by greaves. The goddess fell face down.

—I told you, Anath, my spear never misses— said Odin, and then he thrust the spear with such force that it lifted the dust. But the spear didn't touch the goddess. Anath was lifted by an invisible attack and spat blood.

Odin then began making several thrusts and slashes in the air with his mighty spear, hitting Anath with each one, although none made contact with her. Blood spurted from her wounds and mouth.
When Odin finally ended his attacks, Anath stood covered in blood. She then lowered her gaze to meet Odin's eyes and smiled maliciously.

—Is that all you can do, you old shit?— the goddess laughed.

Anath's wounds healed instantly. She then retrieved her katana with telekinesis, as it had fallen during her first clash with Odin.

—He couldn't damage her ichor— Menrva observed in surprise.

—It seems she has plenty of ichor, but if she can't withstand my father's attacks, she will eventually fall— Thor shouted excitedly.

Odin, again, had a vision of the future, seeing Anath cutting off the hand holding Gungnir. He quickly moved to evade the goddess's strike.

When Anath missed, her back was exposed. Odin, charging energy in his free hand, struck the goddess, pushing her away from him. Anath's cloak was torn by the attack, and she once again fell face down.

The elderly god then lifted his spear with its tip pointing down and drove Gungnir into the ground. That move replicated on Anath, impaling her with an invisible strike.

—A spear that never misses and foresight... it's like fighting with cheats— Anath mumbled from the ground, although her wounds were quickly healing.

Anath rose again and held back her katana, laughing.

—I assume you killed my malak in Tula and have been following me since then, right?— the goddess said with a maniacal look, staring at the ground.

Odin remained silent.

—So you saw whom I met before coming here, didn't you?— Anath continued, once again brandishing her katana.

—Anath, I don't know why the hell you're using a katana, but I must say, your movements are terrible— the Nordic god commented.

—You use the sword as if it were a knife. You don't have the grace or elegance of the warriors from Yamato— he added.

Anath laughed.

—I got this katana by killing one of those warriors; I'm a weapons collector. That's why your spear will be mine— she stated.

—It's impossible for you to take it— Odin retorted as he again skewered the goddess with a horizontal attack. Even though Anath bled, her wounds healed instantly.

—You're right, I'm terrible with this sword— Anath admitted, making her katana vanish before everyone's eyes.

Then, hundreds of weapons appeared behind her, like in a weapons room. An ability Ana shared. Anath chose a knife, wielding it in her right hand. The room then disappeared.

—This weapon, this simple knife, suits my fighting style better— she mentioned.

In that moment, Odin's foresight showed Anath cutting his throat. However, the time between his vision and her actual move was so brief that he couldn't fully dodge, and she slashed half of his neck as he tried to counter with his spear.

With swift, gymnastic movements, Anath severed Odin's wrist, making him drop Gungnir, then she drove her knife into his abdomen, cutting him in two.

Both halves of the god fell by Anath's side, bathing her in a rain of his blood. Furious at the sight, Thor tried to strike Anath with his hammer, but she sliced off his arm and head instantly.

The bodies of the two Nordic gods lay at Anath's feet. As she reached down to take Gungnir, Menrva, wielding a massive golden triangle, leaped at her from above. Before Anath could react, Menrva's abdomen was slashed open, her intestines showering the Phoenician goddess, who only licked her face in response.

—This reminds me of the delicious human sacrifices made in my honor— she chuckled amidst the gore.

Anath then picked up Gungnir, laughing.

—I can feel the immense power of this weapon, and it's all mine!— she exclaimed while licking the blood from her knife.

The Nordic gods arrived, horrified at the sight of Odin, Thor, and Menrva dismembered. Words failed them.

—Test subjects for my new toy— Anath said with a sadistic grin.

Before Freyr, Freyja, Tyr, and Ana could even prepare, Anath made four moves with Gungnir, impaling them all. They lost consciousness instantly, holes gaping in their chests.

—No! Bitchanat killed Epona, and now Odin is dead— Ana thought furiously. —I must avenge my friend!— she screamed, recalling not just her past times with Epona but also the moments with her and Rodrigo.

—Damn Bitchanat, I'm going to kill you, you whore!— Ana shouted, her totem now restored in white with black and gold, similar to when she had awakened Excalibur, which was again in her right hand. A pair of wings, one white and one dark, sprouted from her back, her eyes shining intensely aquamarine.

Ana then cried out: —Caoin cath!—

Her power surged due to the lost manná. Not as brutish as on Mars, but enough for her to rush at Anath and cut off the arm holding Gungnir before Anath could react. However, Anath quickly plunged her knife into Ana's chest. The Irish goddess fell, unconscious, her golden totema shattered. Excalibur vanished.

As Anath's hand instantly reformed, she noticed Gungnir was missing. Menrva, crawling on the ground, clutched the spear with her dwindling strength.

—Damn vermin, they never stop appearing!— Anath yelled, yanking the knife from Ana's stomach to stab Menrva. Just then, Thor, with his head reformed but not his hand, grabbed Anath from behind.

—Heimdal gave me a Bifrost teleporter to use in Vinland for emergencies... I never thought I'd use it against you— he grunted, struggling with the goddess, who kept stabbing him.

—Heimdal! Direct Bifrost to Loki's prison! To Jotunheumr!— Thor shouted. A rainbow light enveloped them, and they disappeared from Vinland.

The multicolored beam transported them to Loki's former prison. As they landed, Thor released the goddess and lay back with a triumphant smile.

—You think this stupid dimensional prison will hold me?— Anath shouted.

—We reinforced the dimensional shields after Loki escaped. Not just a few now, but thousands, layered one over the other— Thor laughed.

Furious, Anath tried slicing through the barriers. She managed to cut through five or six in a single strike, but they reformed immediately. The goddess frantically kept cutting, but the outcome remained unchanged.

—Damn it, I'll have to contact Baalat to get me out— Anath spat, but when she tried telepathic communication, it failed.

—Your telepathy won't work here. Until your friends from Lel realize you're trapped here, you'll be imprisoned forever. But since you were overconfident and traveled to Vinland alone, you'll rot in this prison long enough to prepare those who will defeat them in the future— Thor laughed.

—Then you'll die right here— Anath replied with a smile.

—If my life served to help those who will defeat them, I'll gladly give it up, you damn filthy bitch!— Thor yelled.

Thor then closed his eyes, accepting his fate.

—Athena, I couldn't keep my promise to not die until Lel fell. But I'm confident your disciples will achieve it. I saw them today, and I'm sure they will be the ones to end those bastards— the god thought with a big smile.

At that moment, using her knife, Anath once again beheaded the thunder god, and he stopped breathing.

All that remained was Thor's head with a big smile on it, lying in a pool of blood. The Nordic god of thunder had died.