Chapter 24:


Writing a Guidebook with You

Now, it makes sense.

Kousuke saw Maxentius turn around and face Adelina.

Why was she about to cry when we asked her to go to this floating island? Probably because she finally found a way to reconcile with her husband. Why did she join us easily? Probably because she just wanted to come here.

Why did Saint Antony say, “Welcome back,” to her? Why was she so daring and leading our way flawlessly when she entered this tower? Because this was her place. That crimson-haired woman in those paintings was probably her before she removed her freckles with a beauty product or something.

Maxentius always jolted and never attacked her too.

And it also makes sense that she has many items and can live well although almost nobody buys her items. Because she was a duchess. She likely has some overpowered weapons or amulets too, so she can survive anywhere.

This is your hidden lore, huh, peddler?

“Maxentius... I don’t need to be happy forever if you can’t feel the same,” Adelina said as she still embraced Maxentius.

Maxentius didn’t say anything. But his tensed face became warm. It looked like he regained his sanity, but his legs started to shine and dissipate. He was supposed to die a long time ago. Antony’s miracle, or curse, started to break.

Maxentius took off his helmet and threw it away. He closed his eyes, nodded, and smiled as if he tried to tell Adelina that she was doing something right. Which was why he loved her aside from many other reasons.

At least, for the last time, Maxentius got to see her again, before he was gone forever. He pulled her soaked cheeks and felt her warmth through her lips. Maxentius’s body was cold, but it seemed that he could feel warmth again.

As his body almost dissipated, Adelina kneeled down and looked upward at her husband. She gave him that gleaming expression of hers, revealing her teeth and closing her eyes, although she looked ugly due to her tears flowing everywhere. She cried, and laughed, at the same time, while she trembled.

Kousuke had one thought, jokingly as usual. Epic.

Maxentius’ body was gone, joining with the sunlight. Adelina started to make noises and cried loudly like a baby.

Arabella smiled, while Hal just closed his eyes which indicated that he was giving Maxentius respect.

I sound like a bastard at this moment. But hey, now we have claimed this land!

And I have saved you, my fiancee.


The night had come.

Everyone was feasting on the ground in front of the tower entrance, except Kousuke and Arabella. Mochita was encircling Scolastica who danced with one foot and her guitar in her arms beside the burned firewood. Adelina cheered them, clapping her hands.

Zaracas shared some beers with Antony and laughed with him, listening to each other’s stories.

Hal, standing near the edge of the floating island, didn’t seem to want to mingle with others, the peasants. Instead, he seemed to long for Flavia, expecting her to be there at that moment. But Flavia was likely sleeping around that time after reading. Her books c*cked him. But that was her private time, so Hal didn’t mind it.

“Would you roll your eyes if I say, the Moon shines brightly tonight like you, my lady?” Kousuke asked, standing a bit far from Arabella’s table. They were on the flat top of the castle’s tower. There was one empty chair in front of Arabella. She was gazing at the Moon and holding her cheek with her hand before Kousuke arrived.

Arabella chuckled, “My fiance. Strangely, I’m in a good mood tonight. Do you want to embrace me?” Arabella extended her arms toward Kousuke and smiled at him.


When Kousuke was about to approach and hug her, she retracted her arms and said, “Just kidding.”

I fucking knew it!

“But,” Arabella stood up, “come here for a second, my fiance.” She walked toward the rooftop edge, but there were some stones acting as fences, so she would be safe. Kousuke followed her but he still stood behind her, and she was facing the Moon.

“So. We have arrived here. And even claimed this island, or to be exact, Lady Adelina let us use this as our base,” Arabella said. She turned her head toward Kousuke and resumed, “Where are you going to take me now, my fiance?”

Kousuke replied, “I actually wish that our journey is like our honeymoon, instead of dating without a promise to be together for the rest of our lives. But it seems you are still not satisfied with me because I only gave you grass.”

“A, hahaha!” for the first time, Arabella laughed out loud. She tried to cover her mouth with her hand and turned around. “You see,” Arabella threw away her gaze from Kousuke. She then loosened down her blazer. She grabbed her blazer with her right hand and extended her right arm, while she looked at it.

She gazed at Kousuke again and curled up her lips. “As I said before, I’m in a good mood. Do you want a kiss?”

Something is rising, but it’s not the spear hero!

Kousuke halted his step. Wait a minute. This wench loves to tease others. Or me. Maybe just me. So I shouldn’t expect anything. I don’t want to get emotional damage!

“Why so sudden, my lady?” Kousuke raised his hands and shook his head, “You can’t fool me for the second time. For real, for real.”

Arabella spread her fingers and let her blazer drop. “Hmm, I forget that you are skeptical and a dumbass.”

What did you say??

“Let’s see,” Arabella put her index finger on her cheek. “Ah...” she came to a realization, “I think I know a way to make you dumber. And thus, aggressive.”

Excuse me??

Arabella faced the Moon again, but this time, she put her hands on her back. “You see, my fiance,” she started to set the mood.

“When I met you for the first time... I thought I found a new toy,” she said. “I wasn’t serious about you. I lured you, as I knew you were a dumbass and fell for me at first sight. I was only thinking about my dream.

But then... you became dumber!

Trying to hold my hand with that dirty clothing? Were you going to embarrass our duchy? That was so dumb. And awkward. But okay, I didn’t want to make you go away, so I played along.

But then, you devised a scheme to woo me under the moonlight through a nice dinner. However, you couldn’t hold your expression. You looked disgusting, hah.

And then, you acted like you were harmed by that fishman. But you forgot to make yourself believable. How foolish. And then, and then, you tried to be cool by making that explosion and chasing away that huge half-octopus with a single shot. But you fainted afterward like a weakling, missing a good chance.”

Is she confessing or humiliating me right now, hm??

“But...” she glanced and smiled at Kousuke. She had not turned around. “Surprisingly, you listened to me. You thought hard about what I said about how to make me happy. And you were also such a good listener that I didn’t mind rubbing my cheek on your rough cheek. And you became dumber because, why did you dance like an idiot that time, singing was enough to use [Diva Aggro].”

“Yeah...” she raised her chin and looked at the sky, “you are cute, my fiance.”


This wench! What do you mean?? I’m cool and chad as FUCK!

“And that sacrifice of yours... I don’t think you would stab yourself like that, to protect me, if you didn’t love me that much. So I realize...” Arabella swirled and turned around. She bent her body forward, smiled, and said, “I like you although you are dumb, my fiance.”

Ignoring the “dumb” part, Kousuke rushed to her. He held her waist, pushing her body backward. He tried to reach her lips and closed his eyes. It was warm. And wet. His lips had touched her lips, sending warmth all over their bodies. He pressed her body and lifted her thigh.

Arabella stood with one leg, which was covered with her sexy stocking, and closed her eyes. She held Kousuke’s back---so she wouldn’t fall---and danced her lips around his lips. Under the moonlight. And all of a sudden, a noise of a firework marked their moment---Adelina made it and everyone saw their kiss---making the warmth become cold but it was still satisfying.

For the first time, Kousuke saw her face, and her lips, at a very close distance. He said, “I’m glad I have brushed my teeth, my lady, so my breath didn’t smell.”

Arabella chuckled. Then she held Kousuke’s head and gave him her lips again.

[End of “I See You Again” Arc]