Chapter 22:

Wasabi merch

Life Stream: Helping a cute girl gain views and followers

“It came! It really came within a day like you said!” Leona giggled.

Just as Kageyama promised, Leona’s merch was in stock. A sample set had also been sent to her, meaning she could show off the new merch on stream. That wasn’t the only big news though. Apparently, Kageyama had been so blown away by the prickly pear candy that he personally flew out to the states to secure a trade deal.

Grandfather was also starting to go viral due to his reemergence. He had called me to complain about all the interviews he had been giving to various antique and news programs. He was also tutoring some of Kageyama’s apprentices until Kageyama returned.

“Gaha! He better get that deal quickly, otherwise his proteges will have a leg up on him,” is what my grandfather told me.

“So, what should I stream today? Now that Pileman’s complete, I really want to try something new,”

Leona stated.

“I’ve got a game in mind, but it will take a while to beat.”


“YO! It’s your girl Leona! First off, BIG NEWS! I now have an official merch store. Best of all, they sent a box full of some of the merch you can get. You know what that means, it’s unboxing time!”

Leona opened the box and began showing off its contents.

“First, we’ve got a Wasabimoment jacket. It looks just like my jacket, but it’s got a sick Wasabimoment logo on the back and front. There are also hoodies and T-shirts with the same design as well. Next up, plushies! We’ve got a wasabi glob and a Wasabimoment plush. AND… REGIS! He lives! But he’s now a green wasabimen instead of a purple pilemen. Blame copyright, I guess. Next up, keychains! Now you can get keychains of all your favorite emotes. We even have one with me and Crowboy’s chibified faces. Finally, a Wasabimoment figurine. This one’s the most expensive item in the shop, but it looks really cool and lights up. If you wanna see everything, just check out my merch store. You can find the link on both my Wich and Mewtube channels. Now with that out of the way, let’s play some games! First up is Ice Seal three guilds.”

Leona began the game as I monitored chat. She was currently at 4,750 viewers. She was also now only 7,000 subscribers away from 100,000. However, Astrid was now only 35,000 subscribers away from a million. Apparently, she had been uploading a lot of pre-recorded videos due to being unable to stream while she prepared for the Insanity’s Ballad stream. Leona still looked like she would win the bet, but Astrid definitely had a chance now.

“Hey chat, what’s with the insanity difficulty? Should I do it?” Leona asked.

“If you want hell, do it,” I typed.

“Alright, I’ve never played this, but I’m gonna do the hardest difficulty. Get ready for rage chat.”

As Leona played the game, she received a raid.

“A raid! It’s from… Valentino! Thanks for the raid, man. I’m trying to decide which guild to join. Should it be the red falcons, yellow tigers, or the turquoise turtles?”

“I chose red falcons,” Valentino typed.

“Red falcons huh, though I kind of like the designs of the turtles more. But I also have an affinity for lions and lions can breed with tigers to make ligers. Ahh! We’ll do a poll.”

Chat ended up voting overwhelmingly for turquoise turtles.

“Alright, turtles it is.”

Leona played the game for a bit before taking a BRB.

Once she returned, she decided to finish up Last Isekai. She ended up beating the game, but still had a little time left.

“Hmm, I don’t wanna end early, but I don’t want to start something long. Oh! Let’s play Oily’s Real Steal Cricket.”

Leona quickly set up the game and began playing.


“Now how did Crowboy do this? WAIT NO! Ugh, I’ve only got one cupcake left.”

“Ask Astrid for more,” a chat member typed.

“She’s permanently sold out, sadly,” Leona jibbed.

“We’ll just use your hair as a substitute,” Astrid typed.

“Oh, hey girl! How you doing?”

“My face is covered in FX makeup. I look hideous and it’s hard to see and talk, but its fine.”

“FX makeup? That stream’s gonna be legendary. Can’t wait to be a part of it.”


Once Leona finished, she raided me as I played Pinosword saga.

“Now this game comes courtesy of Svenfjordsalt. After yesterday’s intense stream, I felt I needed to check out Tatsumaki and Raika’s game. So that’s what we’re doing. I’ve never played this before so let’s see how this goes.”

As I played the game, Leona watched the video of me and Sven vs my father. I quickly became engaged with the game, even though it was cutscene heavy. Then when I reached an area known as Garp plains, chat went crazy.

“Chat, what do you mean “he’s coming”? Is there a- WHAT THE ****!?”

A giant purple monkey named Claim Jumping Robertson suddenly appeared and wiped out my party. Chat then explained why an overpowered enemy like Robertson was in the starting area.

“I see, so it’s a tradition for the devs to put an overpowered giant purple monkey in the starting area. Thanks for not telling me, SVEN!”

“Whoops I forgot (smirking face),” Sven typed.

Well, no matter, I knew how to get my revenge for this.


Once I finished the stream, I began working on the thumbnail for the video.

“That’s what you get for “forgetting” about the monkey,” I smirked.

I had photoshoped Sven’s face on Robertson the monkey.

“That looks hilarious,” Leona giggled.

“Yep, I think it’ll give him a good laugh. The poor guy must be swamped preparing for the stream.”

“When Astrid sees it, she’ll probably have him cosplay as Robertson for the stream.”

“Oh yeah, did you enjoy the video you were watching?”

“Who was that masked guy? He was whooping your asses. Though I think I might be able to beat him in Maria raceway.”

“That was actually my father. He returned home from abroad and brought that prickly pear candy with him. When I asked him for some, he challenged me and Sven for them.”

“Wow, your dad sounds cool. I wish mine was like that.”

I had never bothered asking Leona about her family, nor did she ever bring it up. Though if I was eventually going to be in a romantic relationship with her, I probably should know more about her family. If she doesn’t want to talk about it though, that’s fine.

“What’s he like?” I asked.

“Lousy! Though he used to be so much nicer. Ever since he was elected to the Diet, he started complaining about how every dumb thing I did made him look bad. “You’re acting degenerate and making ME look bad” is what he’d always say. Worst of all, my mother started acting like him too, and complained about how I wasn’t acting appropriately for the daughter of a politician. When I used my life savings to start my streaming career, they disowned me. Though, they haven't blocked my number."

“Have you spoken with them recently?”

“No. Though, my father sent me a text this morning telling me to delete my channel because it apparently "hurts his reelection chances". What an asshole! My channel and content aren’t going to do shit to him. Heck, he should take pride in the fact that I’ve come so far.”

“Sadly, not everyone can be understanding. Perhaps it’s best to just wait until after his election is over before contacting him. There’s a chance he’ll calm down and act nicer once it’s over. Besides, we wouldn’t want to start something with him before the big Insanity’s ballad stream.”

“But what if he starts publicly calling me out and tries to use his power to punish me?”

“If he did something THAT dumb, the public would roast him worse than the ghost peppers and his political career would be finished.”

Leona laughed before pecking a kiss on my cheek.

“You always make me feel at ease, I’m glad you’re around, Mukuro,” she smiled.

“Same for you, Leona Wasabi Wasabi,” I smiled back.

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