Chapter 23:


Life Stream: Helping a cute girl gain views and followers

“And done!” Leona declared proudly.

She had successfully changed her name to Leona Wasabi Wasabi.

“Thanks for telling me about Middle names,” she giggled.

“No problem. Now you can keep the Wasabi Wasabi and make Leona your first name,” I replied.

After exiting city hall, we made our way to Kagemart. Apparently, Kageyama requested our presence for something big.


I could not believe the spectacle before me. An entire booth filled with prickly pear products was front and center in the store. Many people were gathered around as Kageyama gave a speech.

“Thank you all for coming so early. I have called you all here because of these new products. They are all made with a fruit that grows on Opuntia. The taste is extremely sweet, but don’t take my word for it, try some yourself.”

The crowd then began moving as associates handed out samples of the products. After enough people had tried the samples, Kageyama spoke again.

“It’s really good, isn’t it? Since most of you here are chefs, I think you understand that this has the potential to sweep the nation. Imagine all the dishes you could make with this stuff. As for why I invited so many content creators, the answer is simple. I wish for you to promote our prickly pear products on stream. Naturally, this means you will receive a sponsorship from Kagemart. All interested parties, please speak with me.”

A line quickly began to form as Kageyama sat down at his table. When Leona and I reached the table, Kageyama smiled.

“You really hit the goldmine. This stuff can easily sweep the nation with the right push. And since Kagemart is the largest provider of these products, we profit like crazy. Normally, someone like you, Crowboy would need to have either 100,000 subscribers/followers or be a culinary centric content creator to qualify for this sponsorship. However, since you’re the reason this got on the map, I believe it’s fair to offer you the chance. HOWEVER, there is a specific condition for you.”

Kageyama then whipped out a sandwich and sprinkled some ghost pepper spice on it.

“I’m still salty about you burning the spice, but it has become a trend. Though I still think you at least need to try it before you burn it again.”

“Is that all? I just have to eat a ghost pepper sandwich?”

“Yep, I’ve got prickly pear juice at the ready, and I’ll even burn the remaining spice if you eat the whole thing.”

I smiled and handed my phone to Leona before I gobbled down the sandwich. My throat burned like hell, but I endured it. I then chugged down the juice and did a victory pose.

“Not bad, still can’t believe you did it all with that beak mask on. Anyway, you’re good now,” Kageyama stated.

“Where’s my ghost pepper sandwich?” Leona asked.

Kageyama froze for a bit before asking his associates to fetch some sandwiches.

“Alright everyone! We’ve also got ghost pepper sandwiches for you to try. But it’s only free if you finish the whole thing," he announced.


As Leona and I were leaving, I spotted my grandfather.

“Hello grandfather. Is that a new toy?”

“Yep, it’s based on those new fruits ya just tried. If you push down in the center, it turns into a flower.”

“The intricacy is amazing, I bet people will love it.”

“Yep, my student’s also progressing well. I think he’ll be able to at least make the blue bear relatively soon. As for you, since you’re now in on the sponsorship, this little one’s free. Just make sure to give it love and care and show it off on the stream,” my grandfather laughed as he handed the toy to Leona.

“OO pretty. Thanks for the toy!”

“Ga ha, have fun playing kids.”

Shortly afterwards, Astrid and Sven showed up.

“I see you become fond of Robertson,” Sven laughed.

“Yeah, that bastard’s been giving me hell whenever I need to do a quest in that area. I assume you’re both here for the sponsorship?”

“Naturally. I’ve even got some dishes lined up. It’s going to be fun to experiment with it.

“Best part is that Kageyama told me the big Insanity’s ballad stream will be sponsored if I sign up. All I gotta do is stream tonight and promote the merch,” Astrid stated.

“I bet he’ll be over the moon for that,” I said.

"Still funny that a cactus can produce something that good. Way back when I was in high school, I ate a house cactus and got nothing but pain," Astrid laughed.

"You ate a cactus?" Leona asked.

"Would NOT recommend you do it. That experience was hell. Though it was one of my earliest videos, and it did help put me on the map. Still would never eat one ever again."


Since it was still early, Leona and I elected to go back to our places and sleep for a bit until our start time. As I got home, I noticed my father sitting on the couch, smiling as he looked at his phone.

“What’s got you smiling?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing. Just a little investment paying off. Oh yeah, make sure your friend plays Maria raceway online tonight. I hear a big streamer is hosting a tournament.”

“Is it Jaime385?”

“Yep, that’s the one.”

“Alright I’ll let Leona know.”


Since the tournament didn’t start until later, I decided to stream first.

“YO! Welcome to crow’s nest. Hey chat, remember that prickly pear candy I won two days ago? Well, turns out Kagemart’s got a bunch of prickly pear products in stock. They even agreed to sponsor this stream. Though I had to eat a ghost pepper sandwich to get the sponsorship. As such I’ll be frying more ghost pepper spice as vengeance throughout the stream as I snack on sweet prickly pear products. If you want to see the video of me eating the sandwich, it’s on my channel. Though as a treat, I’ll show it to you before we play.”

I then played the video of me eating the ghost pepper sandwich. Chat seemed to enjoy it. Once the video finished. I pulled out the frying pan and burned some ghost pepper spice as I drank prickly pear juice.

“Ah, it’s refreshing to burn ghost peppers. Remember, this stuff is available to order on Kagemart’s website and mobile app. Now then, first up is a little tower defense game called Doyle’s rocking range. Since it takes place in a western setting, it’s fitting that I advertise prickly pears while I play it. Alright let’s go.”

Throughout the game, I’d frequently snack on prickly pear sweets and burn ghost pepper spice. My view numbers were also higher than normal at 2,000. I guess the sponsorship really helped.

“Alright we’ve cleared the first city, we can either do one more or play Pinosword. Vote in the poll while I take a BRB.”

I then prepared a prickly pear jam sandwich as I talked with Leona.

“Are you excited for the tournament?”

“You bet! I’m gonna whoop Jaime’s ass again.”

“Since this is a tournament, there probably will be tougher foes though.”

“Relax. Besides all I have to do is tell people to buy purple pears at Kagemart and I get the sponsorship bonus. I’ll be setting records with that.”

“You realize sponsorships are IRL monetary support, not in game cheat codes, right?”

“Yeah, I’m not that dumb. Ahahaha.”

Her avoiding eye contact with me and bright red face, told me she had no idea what it meant to have a sponsorship. Seems like I’d need to end the stream a little early to explain it in full before she went live. Luckily, chat voted for Pinosword, meaning I could just do side quests this time.


“Sorry to end a little early, but I need to help Leona get ready for the Maria raceway tournament that Jaime’s hosting. Thanks for watching.”

Once I ended the stream, I turned to Leona.

“Now let’s go over what it means to have a sponsorship VERY carefully.”

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