Chapter 12:


Vampire Lanterns

Demyan's gaze darted up towards the woman, who dared to touch Petrona. Quite tall, maybe 5'9 without her heels. She was a pretty woman, with curly blond hair and blue eyes like the sea. But her attitude could compete with any demon.
Demyan acted on impulse and grabbed her arm by her wrist, as she was going for another hit. The hood from his coat slid down in all the ruckus. His earring dangling, threw a light reflection into the woman's eyes.
She stopped with her mouth gaping in amazement. She never ever saw such a handsome man, who would be towering over her, even in her heels. That long obsidian earring in a gold frame disclosed his very high status.
She collected her thoughts, bowed down holding her dress and introducing herself. "I am pleased to meet you, my Lord! I am Angelika." Demyan didn't care, he turned towards Petrona, he was going to help her, but Mirko stepped in between them. He tried to defuse the situation and manipulate it a little in their favor.
"Nice to meet you, lady Angelika! Please, let me apologize for our guide, who accidentally crashed into you. She didn't mean to, she was just going to show Prince Yan the town."  You could see the anger in Demyan's eyes growing towards Mirko, who revealed the secret in front of Petrona.
Petrona was in utter shock. Not only did she get into another encounter with Angelika, the one and only woman, who destroyed everything for her five years ago. But also only now, she found out Yan's real status.
She moved on her knees and bowed to apologize to Angelika. Demyan didn't like this one bit. Angelika escalated it with her personality. She came closer to Petrona, who was still in the bowing position on the ground and kicked her out of nowhere.
Mirko stood in front of Demyan to stop him from any possible violent involvement, he could do, to that woman. He slightly turned his head towards Yan and shook it.
Demyan was disgusted. Angelika turned on her heel with a big smile: "I am forgiving you!" She ran up to Demyan and wrapped her arms around his elbow. "If you would like Prince Yan, I would like to become your guide instead. I am sure I would be the better choice."
Mirko pleaded with his eyes to not do anything rash. Demyan's vampire side was ready to break loose on that nasty woman, but he had to keep a low profile, even when he wished to tear her head off, right then and there. He brushed Angelika off.
He turned towards Petrona and planned to help her up. Mirko beat him to that game, rushed past him and picked her up. Petrona dusted off her clothes and acted like nothing. She turned towards the street and politely asked Prince Yan to follow her. Everything changed once more. He missed the initial Petrona, who talked to him so familiar and friendly; this overly polite talk... he disliked it.
They made themselves on the way and Demyan immediately frowned. Mirko asked him, what was that about. Demyan slightly turned his head. "That woman... she is following us." Mirko carefully peeked behind. Prince Yan was right, she indeed was, but they couldn't do anything about it.
Petrona was aware of that as well. She knew, Angelika, to be into super handsome and rich men, but had a huge problem finding someone, who would be taller, than her. It seems she set herself on Prince Yan this time.
After a few meters, Angelika ran out of patience and approached Prince Yan again. "Please, your Highness, can I join your shopping?" He looked at Mirko, he nodded and for the first time, Demyan spoke to that woman. "I guess, you may..." She shrieked out of excitement. She never heard such a wonderful manly voice. Demyan already regreted it.
They all were walking around with Angelika clinging on annoyed Demyan and Petrona walking way ahead in the distance. He was mostly ignoring Angelika's words and worrying about Petrona.
At the end of the day, Angelika offered Demyan to stay at her place, but he immediately declined it. She was sad and vowed to join them tomorrow, but Mirko told her, they would continue to the Fairy part of the country. Angelika huffed and puffed like a little child, who got denied her toy. Soon after she parted her ways with them.
Mirko made a sigh out of relief and turned towards Demyan. "I am glad you saw reason, your Highness." Petrona went inside the Inn to get two bedrooms for them. As soon, as she closed the door Demyan grabbed Mirko by the collar. "I ordered you, not to reveal my true rank in front of Petrona!"
Mirko tried to calm him down. "I know, but I had no other choice. Lady Angelika, is known for her high status and influence in society. She can smell out high-ranking royals. I REALLY had no other choice... I must apologize to you."
Demyan released Mirko out of his grip. "Nevermind... You are right and already can't do anything about it. It was just a matter of time, before it came out, but I hoped it would be later..."

Petrona came out to fetch Prince Yan. "Your Highness, the rooms are booked. We can go inside." They parted their ways also with Mirko, who headed home for the night. He had duty the next day.
In Yan's room, she was doing all the maid's work and running around Demyan. He was upset about it. He would preffer, if she would just sit down and hang out with him like before. Instead, she was cleaning after him, moving stuff around, preparing his bed...
Demyan grabbed her by the arm to stop her for a moment. She was looking at him and waiting for orders. He didn't know what to say, because it was on an impulse. "Please, can I ask you to brush my hair?"
She bowed and obliged. She was carefully combing with a brush through his thick long, at the moment brown hair. The silence was killing him. "Does it hurt? Should I help you change your bandages?" That surprised Petrona. "No need! It's not good for you to do such a lowly job for a servant, your Highness. I will do it later... it's okay, I am okay..."
"Your Highness" Those words from her lips made him nauseous. He hated it! He missed the smiling Petrona, who spoke to him warmly. This cold and polite version of her was appalling. But what could he do?
He was really enjoying her touch and starting to doze off. Petrona noticed it, leaned forward and asked him to go to sleep. He smiled and Petrona said her goodbyes and wanted to leave to her room.
Demyan rushed past her towards the door and ran out. Strange men, which waited for her scattered away. Demyan entered her room, which was across his. They rummaged through it and destroyed Petrona's belongings. Luckily the lanterns were with Mirko.

Demyan didn't like this situation and he picked out a familiar smell. He knew, who ordered them... Angelika!

Petrona baffled, was still ready to sleep at that room, but Demyan pushed her into his and locked the door. "But Your Highness! This is very inappropriate for an unwed maid staying at the same room as a prince!"
Demyan with red cheeks: "We stayed at one place together before and also slept in the same bed, so it doesn't matter anymore..." Petrona also with a flushed face: "B-but... t-that was an accident..."