Chapter 41:

Black sail of the labyrinth Part 2: The labyrinth

Escape Witch

M.M. placed a gag on Serika as they marched toward a cave.

“I do apologize for sealing your mouth, however, I refuse to allow your shouting to be my downfall,” M.M. stated.

“Hmmph ommph mmph mmh?” (How much time has passed) Serika grumbled.

“I apologize, but I am unable to understand you completely. Though to answer your question, it is now 11:35 P.M. on March 22nd, 2023.”

M.M. then plucked out a strand of Serika’s hair, much to Serika’s anger as she watched the animatronics escort Serika into the labyrinth. She then made her way to the shore as Emeri and co arrived by boat.

“Ugh! That took almost 10 hours!” Madoka moaned.

“Hey, look over there! That’s her,” Yuni shouted.

The three disembarked and charged toward M.M.

“Very good. You’ve arrived. Now then heed my words carefully. If you wish to save your family and lover, you must traverse the labyrinth and slay the Minotaur with your bare hands. As previously mentioned, the animatronics will be patrolling the labyrinth. There is also a Minotaur standing guard in the labyrinth’s center. The statues of your family are set up in different parts of the labyrinth. Every 25 minutes you fail to save someone, the statues will be crushed to bits. You must find the labyrinth on your own, however, I will give you a gift from your lover.”

M.M. then handed Emeri a large ball of green thread with a strand of Serika’s hair sticking out of it.

“You didn’t- “

“Rest assured, this is ordinary thread. Minus this strand of hair, Mao Ookuma’s hair is fully intact.”

“Her name is Serika Midoriya!” Emeri growled.

“Nay. She bears Ookuma blood, just as you bear Ginkawa blood. At best she is Serika Ookuma.”

“Why do you give such a damn about bloodlines?” Yuni asked.

“Ah, you. To answer your question, bloodlines determine our fate. They dictate how we live our lives and how our futures play out. I was born to the M. family, therefore I follow its will. Since we are with Illumous, I am with Illumous. If the family head commands me to do something, I do it.”

“Even if they tell you to do something you don’t like?”

“Yes. I am low on the M. family hierarchy; therefore, I am more expendable. I do currently have the freedom to choose my lover, however, should the head choose a fiancé for me, I will marry them to continue the M. family’s will. “

“Hey guys, can we get moving? All this talking is making me tired,” Madoka groaned.

“Shit, she’s right. Come on Yuni. We need to find the labyrinth instead of conversing with that harpy,” Emeri said as she began racing away.

“A shame. I had wished to converse more. Very well. I shall await your return in Athens,” M.M. sighed as she walked towards her boat.


“How the hell do we find it?” asked Yuni.

“Clues. She couldn’t have gotten here long before us. Therefore, it has to be nearby. Though I don’t know exactly how we’ll find- “

“Hey, look at this giant footprint,” Madoka yelled.

Yuni and Emeri ran over and examined Madoka’s find.

There’s a bunch of footprints, but the large ones definitely belong to that large android. I think Serika’s sneakers also have a design that matches one of the footprint sets with it, so it’s likely these lead to the labyrinth,” Emeri deduced.

The three followed the footprints until they reached a large cave. Emeri tied the thread to the entrance as they entered.

“Be careful. We have to watch out for those androids as well.”

The three cautiously walked through the dark halls, using their phones to light the way. As they rounded a bend, the came face to face with Android Eika.

“Madoka kick!”

Madoka kicked the android smashing it to pieces. However, she winced in pain.

“Dammit! She’s not fully healed, nor has she drank any milk since we left,” Emeri lamented.

“I’m fine. I can still kick and punch,” Madoka grimaced.

Yuni ended up supporting Madoka as she limped through the labyrinth. The girls then saw three pillars of light illuminating statues.

“Is that your family?” Yuni asked.

“Most likely, though it’s hard to tell who’s who.”

Suddenly, Kouki’s android appeared and charged at them. Madoka kicked and destroyed it with her other leg. However, she screamed in pain and was unable to walk. Yuni did her best to carry her, but struggled to move.

“I’m sorry Yuni, I know my tits weigh a ton,” Madoka said as her breasts pressed into Yuni's head.

“Want to crawl?” Yuni growled.

Just then, a loud crunching sound was heard as one of the pillars of light went out.

Tears began to pour out of Emeri’s eyes as she realized someone just died.


Yuni did her best to comfort her.

“We have to keep moving. We can’t let the others die.”

Emeri tearfully agreed and pressed onward.

The girls then encountered the final android. As it charged at the girls, Madoka toughed out the pain to stand.

“Madoka Punch!”

Madoka punched the android, damaging it significantly, however, it was still functioning. Madoka then punched it with her other fist, taking it out for good.

“At least now we don’t need to worry about getting caught,” Madoka grimaced as she collapsed in pain.


As the girls neared the center, another loud crunch was heard as a second pillar of light went out.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” Emeri sobbed.

As they rounded a corner, they saw a large muscular beast with the head of a bull. It wore a pelt skin tunic with a giant red button in its center.

The Minotaur then charged at the girls. It rammed into Yuni and Madoka, knocking the two to the ground. Emeri attempted to smack the button, only for it to have no effect.

“Dammit! It won’t budge. If only Mado-chan could throw one more punch,” Emeri lamented.

The Minotaur then picked up Yuni and Madoka before running away.

“Oh no. Don’t tell me that thing can catch us too,” Emeri groaned.