Chapter 12:

Unveiling The 'Truth'


“C’mon Asami, Hikari, we must hurry!” 

Makoto and I have mechanical body parts, so we are able to detect each other's location. I opened the GPS on my phone and plugged my mechanical finger into the port. The GPS then shows Makoto's signal and I can see that someone is with him and it must be the boy. He must be carrying Makoto.

We then rushed away to chase Makoto. While we chase them, there are some hunter droids chasing us. They must've seen us on the way. So we have to deal with them. I saw them on my phone GPS and they had already gone far enough from us, and the signal was not clear. However, after we shoot them down for a while, these hunter droids keep coming for us and we can hold them for too long or we will lose Makoto.

"Vice-kun, Hikari, you go after Makoto! I'll hold'em"

"No, you can't! There's too many of them." Hikari worried about her. However, she insisted.

"She'll be okay, just I trust her." I tried to convince Hikari, after all, this is not the first time Asami has dealt with that many hunter droids.

"Well alright then, if you say so." Hikari then give Asami a tracking device and cast a protection spell to her, INTEGUMENTUM - SCŪTUM- DEFENDO - CHIRYOSURU!

"Make sure you come back!" After I said that, Hikari then flew away and we rushed out.

Meanwhile on the other side…

Makoto finally awakes.

"Huh… huh… huh… ugh… my head… where… Where am I?" Makoto is tied to a chair.

"Hey, professor Makoto? Makoto-san? You're awake?" Akari tries to wake him but he faints again.

"Don't worry Akari, he's alive. We have to tell everybody that we got him. Now that we have Professor Makoto with us, we can do it."

"Hey brother, Should we wake him now?"

"No, let's just wait for them. After all, I want to show them what we have made so far. By the way, I see that they have done a great job while we're away huh…,"

"Well thanks to your idea and my motivation we can keep it up."

"Yeah, to be honest it took me a long time planning all of this. It is also hard to convince all of them but, after they hear the reason and who is behind all of this they're in."

"Well I also help you too you know!"

"Yes I know Akari, You keep supporting me even when I almost gave up so, I couldn't do all of this without you. After all, we will finish this together, all of us…"


I looked at the GPS and tried to get Makoto's signal. It is hard to get the signal but after some time we finally got it. But the signal is a bit odd because it beeps.

"No…! We must hurry and find him!"

If the signal beeps it means that his life is in danger.

Me and Hikari ran all the way through on the top of every building to find Makoto. Hikari helps me to detect Makoto's signal on every building but we can't find him.

"Or maybe he's in the underground Hirata-san?" When Hikari said that, I just realized that when the boy got me, he was wearing some kind of symbol on his shoulder, I had never seen that symbol before. "Hurry, let's go then!"

We then go into the sewer. The sewer has so many pipes and smoke instead of sewage waste because in the sewer, all of that flows to a machine that will turn it into energy that can power up this city.

Hikari and I scanned every side in the sewer to find where the signal came from and it took us a while until we finally found it.

"There it is, I found it!" Hikari then pointed to a big door. I also detect Makoto's signal from there. However, I feel that the door is strange and unusual. We then slowly approach that door and suddenly it opens. We were surprised. We slowly walked through it. When we got in, surprisingly no one came after us. It's just an empty room then thought, is it a trap? To make sure, I scanned the whole room with my mechanical eye and it was true that there was nobody in the room.

Did we make a mistake? Is there a problem with my GPS or my mechanical eye? But we clearly detected the signal. Or are there some hidden rooms behind these walls? I then turn on the room scan and with my mechanical eye, I can detect the hidden mechanism in the room. Turns out it needs a special fingerprint. I then tried to hack it with my mechanical hand but it didn't work, and it beeps. Hikari then uses magic with his staff to hack the system.


Then all of the room transforms and unveils an entrance. It opens by itself. When we entered, we saw Makoto tied on a chair.

"Makoto Sensei!" Hikari shouted, he wanted to run to that chair but I stopped her.

"Be careful Hikari, I know you want to save him but we must be aware of our surroundings, there might be a trap!" I turn on the room scan, but there's no trap.

Then, suddenly a person comes out behind us and said,

"Finally, you found us! It took you long enough, we were tired waiting for both of you." Turns out it was the girl. Meanwhile the boy appears from behind Makoto's chair.

"Hello and welcome to our base, Hirata and Hikari, my name is Yoko Kazuma." We're both surprised that he knows our name but how?

"Release Makoto at once!" I shouted,

"Wait a minute, don't be mad. haven't hurt him. I just made him sleep and tied him to this chair, because I want to show our creation to all of you." Their creation? What does it mean? Are they planning something?

"By the way, the reason my sister kidnapped Makoto is because we want him to help us. At first, we wanted a bargain but, after we considered it, we had to show our creation to all of you so all of you will know the truth."

The truth? What is the truth? I've seen it all and there is only one truth and that is to stop Izumi and get out of this world.

"When Izumi makes us a player in this game, we know that this is not the real world and he gives us the opportunity to win this game. There's only one winner and the winner will have all of his questions or wishes answered and get out of this world."

Then the girl said, "Both of us were shocked when we knew about that. But when we then thought about the winner of this game we realized that Izumi saya that there's only one winner so, there can't be 2 winners. We are siblings and we are always together. We can't and must not be separated. But we finally know the real truth and because of that, my brother and I made a plan."

"A plan? What plan?" I was confused.

The boy replied, "We realize that if we can't win this game together, then we must break the rules and confront Izumi himself so we made a plan to stop him and this game. And there's only one way to do that. And that is by saving this world!"

“Saving this world? Are you out of your mind? It can't be done!” I was shocked and mad. Did they really know that the SPHERE can't be saved? It can…not l…ast Wait, how did I know that?





“Ugh… My head… I feel dizzy”

"Who says that it can't be done? Well, you must see what we have built to make it work, to save this world. Also we're not alone. We tell them all about it, the game, the winner, players and this fake world. So, let me show you what we have done so far."

Then the floor transformed into a transparent glass floor. We can see the thing beneath us and when I saw it, I was terrified by it and it's not what I expected….

This is just the beginning