Chapter 11:



“Are you guys alright?”

“Yeah, we’re fine.” Asami answered.

“Who are you, why did you attack us?” Hikari asked,

“Don’t bother us, But It took you all long enough to get out huh? guess we found a prey this time…”

When the smoke bomb fades away, they finally reveal themselves. They are a twin, a boy and a girl. It seems that they are teenagers and younger than me. The boy wears worn-out jeans and a leather jacket and has vibrant blue hair. He has green eyes and he is a bit shorter than me. Meanwhile the girl has a slim body and she has neon colored long hair and a green eye.

The boy used a katana to attack us and meanwhile the girl held a bow. When I scanned them with my eye, it said that they were players.

"C'mon guys we have to get out of here, they're players."

"What?" Asami seems surprised but not with Hikari. I guess he already knew it before.

“Hurry! we have to go!” Hikari shouted at us.

We then ran and tried to head back to Makoto's house. However, they're still trying to chase us.

"We cannot let them follow us! Hikari use your magic!"

"Understood, 'INITIUM - CHIISAI - FRAGOR!" She shoots her staff towards them and makes a little explosion as a diversion and to hurt them a little. But somehow it didn't, instead they managed to avoid the explosion. Hikari tried to shoot it again a few times but they avoided it all.

"I can't hold them anymore, and how did they do that?" Hikari was confused. Unlike me, Hikari can’t see the enemy range target and she can’t predict the enemy movement even though she is an android. That is because she is an android that is built to protect the key inside her. She has a strong and solid body to withstand any attack. and her brain is a self-conscious system which means that she is not controlled so, she can’t be easily hacked either.

"Let me try to hold them off." Asami then fly and shoot the girl with her laser gun, but the girl shoots back with her arrow and it deflects the laser.

"Urgh… why is it so hard? I can't hold them either!" Asami was pissed off.

"Hmph, That's nothing for us! Akari, take him down!"

"Yes brother", she then shoots an electric arrow towards me.

I then tried to shoot back with my gun and activate my second and third skill. "'True Aim!' 'Bullet Stop!'"

I shoot the bullet right through the arrow and then it slows down.

"Looks like you need to learn more huh," He


" Stay back Akari, I'll use my skill. 'Accelerate'” Suddenly the boy quickly moves towards me, it is so fast like lightning. He then grabbed my head and knocked me down and slammed my head to the ground.

“Finally, I got you!” The boy got me and we stopped running.

"What do you want from us?"

"Not me, but us! We want a bargain!"

"A bargain? For what?"

Asami then take of her backpack and it transforms into a small droid and then it electrocute the boy

"Aaahh it hurts!" He was electrocuted.

"Brother!" When the girl came to his brother, one of Makoto's microbots shot her with a dope and she fainted.

"Hurry, let's go now!" Hikari whispered,

"You, you won't get away with this! I'll… I'll…I'll find you…" he then fainted.

Soon after, we managed to get back to Makoto’s house. We were all still surprised and shocked that we finally met the other players. But the thing is, how could they find us? Is it because the hunter droids we destroyed? But every hunter droids and androids that we destroyed before and all this time never triggered a warning in the police department. I’ve never seen a news update about us and Misaki hasn't contacted us yet. Asami didn’t recognize them either, so how? Maybe I should ask Makoto about this.

Makoto then ran down from the 2nd floor. From the look of his face I can’t tell that he’s worried about us.

:Are you guys alright? Did anyone get hurt? I saw the footage from here and I can’t believe how they found us? I mean…, We are the ones who try to find other players but…, This is so unexpected!” Makoto seemed shocked and surprised too, It seems that he didn't know either about them.

“So, have you searched on the database about Makoto?”

“Yes and I found something interesting about them.”

“The laptop that Makoto brought has backup database files from the database office. Before the Archive database Office exploded and was destroyed by Izumi, the ‘Principal’ copied all of the database to the laptop.

Makoto then showed me the database about those twins. It says that they are siblings. The brother's name is Naoki. He is a tech-savvy and a smart twin, he dropped out from high school and works at a tech company to afford a living because their parents died a year ago. He likes tinkering with gadgets and hacking devices. His serious-smart attitude is balanced by a strong responsibility towards his younger sister, Akari.

Akari is the daring and impulsive counterpart to her brother. She is in her last year of middle school yet, she alway likes to thrive in the adrenaline-charged atmosphere in the city’s nightlife,She often almost got found by the police at illegal street races and underground parties. Despite her wild behavior, she is fiercely empathetic and a curious twin, always trying to understand people. She cares so much about her brother and with her carefree spirit, she makes sure Naoki doesn’t get lost in his own thoughts.

That’s all the information that we got from the database. Based on the database, Makoto assumes that the brother might have hacked into one of the hunter droids that we have shot down before and try to get information about us from there. But, Makoto still hasn't figured out why they found us and why Izumi recruited them as players.

I said to makoto that when he captured me, he said that he wanted a bargain, But I was confused, why did they ever want a bargain? Apparently Makoto also didn’t know too much about the siblings. Makoto said that maybe, we have to approach them slowly and explain to them one by one. However, I’m not on Makoto’s side about this. Besides, he already knocked me down once.

I then suggest that we make them sleep and capture them, and bring them here to explain themselves and consider if we should help them or not. Because not every person is trustworthy. I know that we must find and explain about Izumi’s hidden intention to other players so we can stop him but do we need every player or every person to help us? Since Izumi has messed me up I can’t rely on or ask anyone for help just like that. The only people I trust right now are Makoto, Asami and Hikari. I don’t want to make the same mistake. Because of that we must be very careful.

After hearing my plan, he seems a bit upset. He even convinced me to go by his plan by saying that there will be no problem because his microbots alway with us wherever we go to prevent bad things from occurring. But again, I insisted after a little debate he finally agreed with me. We then tell the plan to Asami and Hikari and prepare for it. However, suddenly the lights on Makoto’s house went out.

“Hey, why are the lights going out?” Asami was confused.

Hikari then turns on a flashlight on his eyes and on her chest.

“How odd, it never happened before. I have to check it out, maybe it’s just a short circuit.” Makoto then went outside to check it. But after a while, we heard a scream from Makoto

“Makoto!” He’s gone…

"I know who did this, come on we have to hurry….!"