Chapter 43:

Black sail of the labyrinth Part 4: All according to plan

Escape Witch

Going back in time 12 hours…

Eika glared as she lay bound and gagged overlooking the Aegean Sea. After being caught by M.M., she had been restrained and injected with an immobilization serum. She could only look as she waited for someone to return.

“Damn it! I can’t move an inch. Worst of all, I don’t know what happened to Kouki and Eriza. Emeri and her friends are also in danger, though I guess Rumi-nee mentioned they were being pursued by Illumous back in Japan, so hopefully they’re more prepared,” she thought.

Born as Akina Ginkawa, the 3rd daughter and 4th overall child of Gozaemon Ginkawa, Eika initially grew up in the Ginkawa mansion. This meant she was aware of the Ginkawa family’s status and affairs. However, she loathed that her family history with Illumous would prevent her from enjoying her life to the fullest. She was very close with her two older sisters, Harumi and Yuki. However, after Yuki was murdered by Illumous in an attempt to persuade the family to join Illumous, Eika ran away from home at age 7. She dyed her hair and changed her name in order to start a new life free from Ginkawa affairs. Harumi was devastated, but ultimately respected her wishes. Eika then gained renown for her athletic talent. When she entered high school, she met Kouki. They quickly bonded with each other and became Olympic athletes. They went on to win multiple gold medals and break various world records. They naturally ended up marrying and having children. Eika was able to reunite with Harumi after the two of them achieved their fame. Since Harumi was a popular Ewetuber as well as the CEO and founder of Ewetube, she could conduct a collab with a world-renowned athlete without endangering Eika’s identity.

Then, Emeri was born. Unlike Kouki and Eika, she possessed little to none of their athletic genes. Despite that, they insisted on pushing her down the athletic path. While still in her infancy, Emeri was given swimming lessons and fed foods that would help her muscles grow. Then a few years later, Eriza was born. Unlike Emeri, Eriza inherited all the best genes from her parents and then some. She quickly became a young sports prodigy, while Emeri took an interest in computers.

Despite being a Ginkawa, Eika never told her family about the Ginkawa family or its affairs. However, Eika had no issue with her father and sister, as well as her nieces, Madoka and Tetsuya, coming to watch her children’s athletic events so long as they didn’t reveal who they were.

Once Emeri graduated high school, she opted to move out of the house in order to be away from her jock parents. It was then that Eika revealed that “Auntie Harumi” was actually her biological sister. She allowed Emeri to move in with her sister but warned her not to drag the Kuramori family into Ginkawa affairs. Respecting her mother’s one demand, Emeri began living at the Ginkawa mansion, where she learned of Illumous and quickly became a key fighter against them due to her hacking abilities and computer know-how.

Eika kept in touch with Harumi under the pretext of being business partners, though Harumi would only inform her of Ginkawa affairs if they had the potential to affect her and her family.

When Harumi informed Eika that Illumous had declared war against her, and that Emeri and her friends was en route to Athens, Eika sensed that her past might be catching up, and decided to take steps to prevent herself and Eriza from being identified as Ginkawas. However, her lack of intelligence got the better of her.


“Hey! Anyone here wanna be my girlfriend!?” Eika shouted.

Many people just gave her weird looks and continued about their business. Then M.M. approached her.

M.M. had no idea who Eika truly was, but since she too was looking for a girlfriend, she decided to go along with Eika.

She was naturally upset to learn Eika was married, however, it was Madoka’s presence that ultimately made her look into everyone present and discover their identities. Then she simply decided to act according to the will of the M. family.


M.M. returned and began setting up a pair of wax wings.

“I apologize that this will be a one-way conversation, but I can’t risk your screams alerting someone. Your life depends on how logically your daughter can think. I have no knowledge of her actions; thus, she could defeat me if she makes the right moves. However, after researching her and witnessing her mental state as she arrived at Crete, I’m confident that she will act according to my prediction. She will gain a flash drive containing information on the M. family and its misdeeds; however, they will be unable to make use of it, due to Emeri Ginkawa’s mind being broken as a result of her eventual failure. Since she’ll be unable to bypass the security protocols on the flash drive, the girls will be forced to hold onto it, giving me plenty of time to recover it. It’s possible Emeri Ginkawa may never be a threat again after this. Of course, that is assuming, my prediction is correct,” M.M. declared.

Eika responded with a series of muffled insults.


As M.M. finished getting set up, the ferry containing Emeri and co.  sailed into view. After checking the sail, M.M. proceeded to the next phase of her plan. She dragged Eika towards the ledge and threw her off.

“Farewell Akina Ginkawa. I’ll be sure the press reports that Olympic athlete, Eika Kuramori met an untimely demise after foolishly attempting to high dive into the Aegean Sea while bound and gagged,” M.M. sneered as she dialed her associates on Crete.

After hearing the results, she chuckled and made her way to her yacht.

“Now, let’s give her an act of mercy, though sadly I won't be able to see if she makes use of it live. No matter, I will find out the results sooner than later. Though I do predict she'll make use of these or at the very least remain mentally broken,” M.M. sneered as she placed two sharp sewing needles into a small case.

All was going according to plan.