Chapter 39:

Volume 2: Chapter 3: Discovery - Part 2


Matilda saw Alicia and Jacob out. She wished them a good day and watched them leave. Standing beside her, a sullen Yūgure stared at the two with a pout reminiscent of a child who’d been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.Bookmark here

“Now that they have left, I suppose it is time for me to leave as well.” When Yūgure’s head turned to look at her, Matilda extrapolated by saying, “I have something that I need to do over at Lady Alicia and Lord Jacob’s school. Would you like to come with me?” she added at the end after noticing the face the nekomata was making.Bookmark here

Yūgure nodded.Bookmark here

“Very well, then. Please get changed into something more presentable and put on the shoes I bought for you.”Bookmark here

Yūgure looked down at her outfit, a large T-shirt and nothing else. She wasn’t even wearing panties, which was partially because Matilda hadn’t had enough time to buy the girl undergarments yet. She made a mental note to visit a store that specialized in selling lingerie.Bookmark here

Giving another nod, Yūgure hurried down the hall, her thumping feet gradually growing softer. Matilda used that time to slip on her own shoes. About a minute later, Yūgure came back down dressed in a pair of jean shorts and a white T-shirt that contrasted with her dusk colored skin.Bookmark here

Matilda frowned. “You also need to hide your tail and ears.”Bookmark here

The words made Yūgure blink. She looked down and behind her, at the split tail that lazily waved back and forth with a mind of its own. Another second passed before Yūgure looked back at her.Bookmark here

“Can you not hide them?” asked Matilda.Bookmark here

A nod was her answer.Bookmark here

Matilda sighed. “Very well. I shall do something about this, but I won’t do this every time. If you wish to go out in public, then I’ll expect you to master hiding your yōkai features yourself from now on. Understood?”Bookmark here

Yūgure nodded.Bookmark here

As a succubus, Matilda had two specialties outside of her ability to control locust, which she had gained only after becoming a member of King Bael’s peerage. Physical strength and illusions. Her physical prowess was such that she could probably destroy this entire house with a single punch. Likewise, she was able to cast both simple and complex illusions.Bookmark here

Most of her illusions dealt with sex and violence. As a member of a race hailed for its sexual prowess and a devil, she had a natural aptitude for sex-based illusions or ones that involved gruesome murders. That said, she could cast other illusions as well. They just took more concentration.Bookmark here

It was the illusions she needed right now.Bookmark here

Creating a red magic circle bearing the symbol of lust, she waved a hand over Yūgure’s tail and ears. The extra appendages vanished. Yūgure looked behind her again, her brow furrowing at the now missing tail, and then she looked back at Matilda with inquiring eyes.Bookmark here

“Your tail is still there,” Matilda said. “I’m sure you can feel it still attached to your tailbone. It’s just hidden so no one can see it.”Bookmark here

Yūgure accepted this with a nod.Bookmark here

Leaving the house, Matilda traveled with Yūgure to Saitama Private Academy, holding the nekomata’s hand so as to keep the yōkai girl from wandering off. There weren’t many people around at this time of day. Most people were at work or school. The only people she saw were the few housewives who liked taking walks around the parks.Bookmark here

It was a fifteen minute walk to reach Saitama Private Academy. Everyone was attending class at the moment, so the entrance was empty as Matilda walked in with Yūgure.Bookmark here

She had to frown at the complete lack of security, which, outside of her having to sign herself and Yūgure in, was appalling. Of course, she understood that this wasn’t the Underworld. Japan had some very strict laws about carrying weapons and firearms, so there wasn’t much danger in a psychopath barging in and shooting people. She also understood that human security wouldn’t stop a Devil. Even so, there were other dangers to be had that could prove detrimental to students.Bookmark here

Such as bullies.Bookmark here

Because she didn’t want to waste time wandering around, Matilda directed her attention to the guard. “Excuse me, but could you show me where the principal’s office is?”Bookmark here

The guard, who’d been staring at her as he sat behind his desk, stood up and nodded. “Of course. Just follow me, please.”Bookmark here

Saitama Private Academy consisted of a single large building. It was shaped like a massive rectangle, was five stories tall, and had several access points to the roof, which students were allowed to visit during breaks and lunch. As far as human buildings went, it was pretty plain, but Matilda supposed it didn’t need to be extravagant since it was only a learning institute.Bookmark here

The security guard led Matilda and Yūgure to the fifth floor, down a hall, and stopped in front of a door with a plaque on it that said Principal Maizaki. He opened the door, beckoned to her, and Matilda stepped in with Yūgure at her side.Bookmark here

Small. It was the first word Matilda felt described the principal’s office, though she understood that her perspective was skewed. When compared to the majestic size of King Bael’s office, this was indeed miniscule.Bookmark here

Decorating the walls were several pictures of people, faculty, she assumed from the business suits they wore. There was also a glass display case situated against the wall. Several trophies sat inside. In the very back sat a desk made of oakwood, and behind the desk was a plain-looking Japanese man of indeterminate age. The man looked up as she and Yūgure entered.Bookmark here

He blinked.Bookmark here

He must have never seen a real maid before.Bookmark here

“Can I help you, young miss?” asked the principal.Bookmark here

There was no need to introduce herself since no one knew who she was in the human world, unlike the Underworld where her name was infamous in certain circles. She also didn’t feel like being polite. The house she and Lady Alicia lived in might not have been large, but she was the only maid in the house. It would take several hours to clean, and she wanted to be done by noon, which was when Samurai Shogun came on.Bookmark here

“Yes.” Matilda walked further in, Yūgure trailing behind her, and stopped in front of the desk. “Yes, you can, Principal Maizaki.”Bookmark here

Succubus had three basic illusory abilities. They could deceive people’s sight, control their minds, and give people erotic dreams.Bookmark here

Matilda used the second ability.Bookmark here

“It has come to my attention that one of the people in my household is being bullied, and I would like to give you some advice on how best to stop it.”Bookmark here

As she spoke, Matilda wove her spell. The principal never noticed the magic circle that appeared underneath his feet, though it wouldn’t have mattered even if it did. Once she finished implanting the suggestion, she would make sure he forgot all about her and this conversation ever taking place.Bookmark here

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