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Heya! My name is Brandon. I'm a professional author who writes stories inspired by anime, manga, and Japanese light novels. I'm also a big fan of fantasy, sci-fi, romance, and ecchi. Yes, I like fan service. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. I hope you all will like the stories I put on here.

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    Updated: Oct 02, 2019
    Chapters: 95

    Unwanted by Heaven, despised by Hell, and feared by humans. Jacob Ravenscroft has never known peace. His life, if one could call such a wretched existence a life, has been nothing more than a colorless blur, a monochrome existence filled with hatred, bullying, and self-deprecation. All of that...



    The Legend of the Pervy Archangel

    Updated: Dec 17, 2016
    Chapters: 24

    Warning: This novel is crass, disrespectful, perverted, and vulgar. Everyone knows about the Archangel Michael. He's God's right-hand man, the leader of Heaven's Armies, and the best swordsman in Earth, Heaven and Hell. He's also a pervert, a panty thief, and a peeping Tom, but most people don...