Chapter 28:

Election Day

Pandora's Box

The day everyone had been preparing for this past month had finally arrived. It was election day and all the students of Shikaku High School would be casting their votes. As a candidate that probably should have been my main concern today, but it wasn't...

"You sure we're good to go with this plan?" I said.

"Yep, leave everything to me. You just need to act casual and try to interact with as many people as you can. We have to make sure your alibi is airtight." Red responded.

The two of us were currently conversing behind a set of bleachers in the school gymnasium. This was where in just a little bit the votes were going to be cast. We were discussing the plan we've been hatching for the last few days to hopefully stop me from exploding later today.

The gist of our plan was simple... Right when all the votes were done being cast Red was going to steal the ballot box and hide it, causing a delay of the results. The school would have to spend a few days trying to track down the votes until they have everyone recast them. When that happens, Red will simply just steal the box again. Since Red can't be seen by other people, we should be able to keep delaying the election results for at least a few more weeks.

Of course as a candidate, I'm going to be a prime suspect. I just have to make sure I'm visible in front of the student body the whole time, so there would be no doubts about me.

An announcement suddenly came on over the school's intercom system informing students that voting would start in about fifteen minutes.

"I guess I should get out there." I said.

"Yep, and I'll be waiting around here until my opportunity comes."

Both of us parted ways to fulfill our roles in the plan.


Just outside the Gym, students were beginning to line up. Ryo and Akari were also waiting nearby.

"How are you feeling about today? You look a little nervous." Akari said, once again disguised in a black wig and glasses.

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't... I really hope everything works out."

It wasn't the election I was actually nervous about though, it was more so the fact that in just a few hours I may cease to exist.

"Don't sweat it bro. No way you can lose. That psycho chick, Sato is going to have to have to steal the ballot box to stop you." Ryo joked, while he patted me on the back.

"Ha ha... maybe you're right, Ryo."

I laughed nervously, feeling a bit guilty knowing that's the very thing I was about to do.

"If you're feeling a bit uneasy, we still have some time to make one final push to encourage a few last minute undecided voters." Akari suggested.

"I was actually thinking the same thing. If we split up, we can cover more ground." I said.

Once again, I felt bad that I was partially lying to my friends. I didn't want to let all their hard work go to waste, but right now my priority was surviving over winning.

"You can count on me, dude. I'll rizz the heck out of those undecided voters!" Ryo exclaimed.

"You can count on me too, Kuro. Who could say no to a hotty like me."

Akari laughed.

The three of us high fived it out, as we split up to make our final runs.


First thing I decided to do was inspect the line that had formed. Students were being let into the gym a handful at a time to cast their votes. Near the middle of the line, I noticed Kanna talking to a group of girls...

"...those are some beautiful kneecaps you have there. It would be a shame if something were to happen to them if Hako-senpai lost thi-."

I stopped her from going any further. The girls she was conversing with looked terrified.

"Kanna-chan, can I have a word with you over there in private." I sighed.

"Of course my love. I'd do anything for you!"

I brought her off to the side.

"What are you doing?" I asked sternly.

"I'm just giving some helpful 'suggestions' to the voters is all."

I slapped my forehead.

"You can't intimidate voters, Kanna. You're going to end up getting in trouble. I wouldn't want you to get expelled."

She shook her head as her eyes got a crazy look in them.

"I'd do anything for you, senpai...and I mean ANYTHING! Consequences mean nothing to me. I was literally the first in line to cast my vote for you."

I knew the only way I'd get her to stop was to throw her a bone. I might regret this later, but...

"Listen... If you just sit back quietly and wait for the results... I'll appoint you as the student council's new secretary."

She looked intrigued by the offer.

"You're saying that I get to have your old position and I get to spend everyday with you on the student council!"

"Well ye-."

She wouldn't even let me finish.

"Deal!... But maybe I could still offer some 'encouragement' to some of the voters."

"No, I think it's best you just leave the other students be."

She reluctantly nodded in agreement.

"Fine, guess I can wait around in the art room, but I'll be waiting eagerly for the announcement that my sweet prince has been crowned the king of this school."

With that, she departed. Hopefully I managed to prevent her from doing anything too crazy. I was a bit concerned she was going to take things too far and end up getting me disqualified. The only downside now was that she was going to be a part of the student council, meaning she was going to be around me... everyday... After school.


For the next hour or so, I spent my time talking to as many students as possible, ensuring I was seen at all times. It seemed like the line was dying down now, since the polls were nearing close. I was anticipating Red to make his move soon.

"Psst. Hako-san, can I talk to you in private for a minute?... But don't get the wrong idea or anything." Someone said from behind, tapping my shoulder.

I turned around, already knowing who it was. I simply nodded and followed her to a secluded corner nearby, trying not to draw too much attention.

"What do you need, Sakai-san?" I whispered.

If I wasn't careful people might get suspicious as to why I'm talking to a member of my opponent's team.

"I think I managed to convince a majority of the tennis, basketball, and soccer teams to vote for you. The only issue is I think Sato is planning something." She said.

"Do you have any idea what it might be?"

"No I don't. She's been acting unusually distant and secretive towards Mei and me these last few days. It seems like she has some sort of trick she's going to pull from her sleeve at the last second."

Sato might be planning to do something, but the joke's on her. As we spoke, my little devil was in the process of stealing the ballot box. Sato might be conniving something, but it would be useless. I couldn't help but laugh to myself a little.

"What the heck are you laughing at? It's kind of creepy." Sakai said.

"Oh... sorry....that sort of just slipped out, but I'm not particularly concerned abou-."

Suddenly the intercom flipped on and interrupted me.

"Sato Shiina and Hako Kuro, please report to the gymnasium in thirty minutes. The votes have been counted and we have the results."

My stomach suddenly sank…

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