Chapter 13:

Kazerou vs Ouga

Wind Sniper 0

I retreated into the alleyway as Ouga pursued me.

“I’ve always wanted to kill you! How dare trash like you shoot better than me!” Ouga enviously growled.

I then ran towards the emergency escapes for one of the buildings and fired some ricochet shots at Ouga. Ouga stopped in order to shoot down the ricocheting bullets, giving me time to climb up the ladder. I took a shot at Ouga from higher ground only for him to block my shot again. He continued to block my shots as he got closer and closer to the ladder.

I had no choice but to keep going up. Unlike Gorobana, Ouga was actively pursuing me from the get-go. As he reached the ladder, he pulled a gun enhancement out of his cardigan, and attached it to his gun.

He then fired a shot that nearly hit me.

“Tch! Guess I didn’t screw it on properly, he grumbled.

However, that lucky break allowed me to see his hand.

“Shit! He can extend his range THAT much!? I’m one floor below the roof of a 5 story building, and he can reach me from the ground. That bullet also soared very quickly as if he had a mini railgun.”

I then desperately ran to the roof and gazed down. Ouga finished adjusting his gun and glared up at me.

“Looks like you’re not so great at hunting. My sister and I have hunted bears with just handguns,” Ouga taunted.

“Well then there’s no need to worry, I only have to deal with a jealous shitbag like you,” I retorted.

Ouga visibly became more upset as he began climbing up the ladder. As I fired at him, he drew his gun and fired back, only this time, the force of his bullet sent mine flying right back at me. As it grazed my cheek, I felt a spark of electricity.

“Dammit! It really is a custom railgun,” I growled.

I now only had one chance of beating him. As I prepared myself, the wind speed picked up as storm clouds gathered. I shuddered as a flash of lightning shot across the sky.

While the wind is my friend, lightning is my worst enemy. It’s always terrified me ever since I was little. To make matters worse, I could hear police sirens in the distance.

As I tried to recompose myself, I heard the sound of creaking metal. At first I thought Ouga had reached the top, but as I cautiously looked down, I saw he was only on the 3rd floor and struggled to climb due to the wind. Then I saw it. A way to make all my problems go away nicely.

I then began firing a mixture of normal and ricochet shots, however, I avoided firing any directly at Ouga. Ouga looked around in confusion as my shots bounced around and seemed to miss their mark.

“Where you shooting Zerou!? Too scared of my custom railgun, or is the wind messing you up?”

Once I hit all my marks, I stood up and pointed my gun at Ouga. Ouga enviously glared at me as he too aimed. I then fired while Ouga clicked his tongue and fired back.

“Sayonara shitbag!” I smiled.

The emergency stairway Ouga was standing on suddenly collapsed. All five floors and Ouga dropped to the ground. Ouga screamed in pain from the impact of the fall but went silent as the two floors above crushed him. I could see blood oozing out from the metal, and assumed he was dead.

After realizing the metal stairwell was not very stable, I aimed my shots at all the support bolts. I figured even that wouldn’t be enough to collapse the stairway, however, that’s where Ouga became the architect of his own doom. All I had to do was get him to fire the railgun, and the recoil plus the high winds would cause the weakened stairs to collapse.

As for Ouga’s last shot, it ended up grazing the end of my barrel. I then stealthily went down to the ground floor through the building and retrieved my case. I then noticed flashing lights and ran towards the opposite end of the alleyway.

As I exited, a pissed off Ramona pulled up and ordered me to hop in. Once I got in, she went off on me.

“The hell did you do!?” She roared as she pointed her gun at me.

“Uh, my job? I killed the-“

“YOU IDIOT!” Did you not see the message!? The zero was drawn on her knee! That meant I wanted you to kneecap her, not kill her!”


“She’s the daughter of a rival Yakuza organization to one of our clients. They asked us to kneecap her so that a star they’re backing can take the spotlight and get famous. What you did will cause a war!”

“No it won’t,” I confidently smirked.

Even Ramona seemed to be taken aback by my confidence and lowered her gun before calmly asking why.

“Simple, I left a scapegoat, Ouga Juukurogi. He’s crushed under some collapsed stairs, but with that custom railgun of his, I’m sure he’ll be deemed the culprit.”

Ramona then smiled and laughed.

“I didn’t know you were so cunning. I bet your girlfriend would ditch you in disgust if she knew what a monster you were.”

That statement stung, however, I decided to take a stand.

“Naname’s an angel. If I explained EVERYTHING to her, she’d undoubtedly take my side.”

“An angel huh? Sakura’s told me a lot about her. How do you know she’s really an angel and not some psychopath?”

“What the hell are you saying!? Naname’s a good person unlike you!”

“Please, everyone has a secret. You, me, everyone. Besides, it’s usually the nicest folks that end up being the most twisted.”

“I’d never hurt Naname, even if you ordered me to.”

“Even if she was a drug dealer and kidnapper like Hyena? Even if she was a bitch like Miss student council president, even if she killed people like the Gorobana bros?”

“Naname is not a monster like you think!”

“If she was a criminal mastermind, would you still love her. Even if she completely betrayed your trust and sold you out, all while laughing arm and arm with her secret boyfriend?”

“Don’t you dare tell me you’re implying- “

“It’s just a warning. Not everyone is who they seem.”


We then arrived at my house..

“If no trouble arises from this, I’ll pay you for the job. Also give Sakura that phone I just gave you," Ramona said as she drove off.

As I went inside, I was greeted by a smiling, but angry Sakura.

“We need to talk,” she cheerfully stated.

This would not end well for me.

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