Chapter 18:

Fantastic Flight

Gettin' Crafty With Robot Knights!

The service ended; everyone’s morale was down. I feel bad that I’m going to this kingdom’s capital just for shopping and sightseeing. Though it was for resources for the village and information for me. It’s probably the first time Carine’s going too.

Turning some of the bunny pelts into leather allowed me to make a leather bodysuit that would be a good enough substitute for a pilot suit. Dyeing it red and black with some non-edible berries made it look decent enough for a day’s outing. Another one was made for Carine. Helmets were crafted too.

I quickly hid into an outhouse to change, there was no way I could physically see myself wearing it since there was no mirror. Though it looked good holding it in my hands.

I ran over to where Carine was to give her the suit, “I made a protective suit to wear while piloting the Graneagle.” She took it and the helmet from my hands and spread it out before her, “I like these colors, they feel close to me somehow… I’ll go to Platina’s to change really quick!”

She ran off. There isn’t much else to do but I could craft some things in the meantime. The first idea that came to me was a runway for the jet. A smooth stone path might be a good enough replacement for asphalt, right? I checked my crafting recipes to create a bunch of flat stone platforms.

Getting in my Craft-Knight, I carefully placed each piece one after another in a straight line. Then the Graneagle was moved onto one of the ends. It looked very crudely made (and it kind of was in a way).

Carine came over where I was working, I was in the middle of crafting a compass. She was (of course) now wearing the pilot suit and helmet. There was definitely a “pumped up” energy emitting from her.

I helped her up onto the Graneagle, “You look good in that suit Carine!” “Thanks, you too” She looked to be in a slightly better mood now. It wouldn't do to be going around town shopping looking all depressed, would it?

Carine was in control again. It might actually be a good decision to have her be the main pilot for the Graneagle. She is the most experienced with it other than me. I can really see some natural talent.

There wasn’t any way to tell how fast we were going so it’s just sitting in a cramped cockpit for who knows how long until we see a castle. Though I did get directions which, along with my compass, gave me a little bit of an idea on where to go.

Many sights were seen along the way. Smaller towns, grazing beasts, adventurers fighting monsters, and beautiful highlands. It was pretty relaxing, well it would if it wasn’t so stuffy in here. I should try to craft an AC.

There was no way to keep track of the time, but it wasn’t too long of a wait to arrive. We were greeted with a walled city with an opening for the shore of a beach. Many houses, stores, ponds, and a giant castle. Carine turned the jet around to land on a flat stretch of land. She seems to have gotten used to flying quite well.

The gate at the city’s entrance was well guarded. Unfortunately, they seemed suspicious of our landing. I guess it is fair since this is probably the first time they’ve ever seen a fighter jet.

“Step away from the… thing! With your hands up, now!” A group of guards saw us land. We just need to stay calm and explain what it is and why we’re here.

I could feel sweat crawling down my face, “Hold on! Hold on! This here is just an advanced Stahl-Soldat made just for flying.” I was bending the truth a little bit, there were several weapons and gems that amplified magic spells. “I’ll leave it right here or I can take it elsewhere out of the way.” I jumped back into the jet to take it somewhere else that’s more hidden.

I quickly turn my head towards Carine and… She was bursting with tears! I haven’t seen anything like this from her. “I’m just… I haven’t been outside the village before, especially not alone. There might have been something I’ve done before I lost my memory.”

That is a decent point, “I’ll just be about five minutes. Going back inside Graneagle, I turned it on. Hovering in place, it turned around and took off. I found a good patch of land that could barely fit the fighter jet. Some trees were hit during the process. Having become a bit of a kleptomaniac since getting here, I could no longer resist leaving the fallen branches behind. So I put them in my inventory.

The landing was further than I thought. But using the Quicken spell let me get back to the city gates in just three minutes. Carine looked relieved when I got back. “So, guards… Can we go in now?”

With a bored look the two signaled the guards inside to open up.

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