Chapter 3:

The Forgotten Nameless One Who’s Endlessly Blooming ~ Nowhere but Everywhere

Sahaja—At 【The End】of Rebirth.

She was holding the scissors with both hands, slowly snipping through the darkened veil. Through the crowd, the dull blades were clacking, probably rusted from existing for such a long period. I could hear the pain of a cut on her finger, but that didn’t stop her. Little by little, the cloth started falling apart. Before I knew it, I had realised how much I had missed the sunlight after staring astonished at her beaming face. Sewing the shears closed, I remember the sound of her voice sobbing when she saw the bottom of the pit where I laid.

Yes, I still vividly remember her sobbing voice. Crystal clear. How come the moon can shine so brightly? Even if I, acting as the sun, cannot find an answer to her dazzling light… That’s why, I swore I’d become her sun, so that way, I can make her radiance reach greater heights.

“How come someone that brings happiness to all of us is so sad and lonely?” the girl asked, reaching out her hand. “Why are you faking it, enduring it all?”

Even if the pain was overpowering over her own sickeningly honey-coloured voice, the girl kept on reaching out.

That was the moment I knew I had endlessly, hopelessly, despairingly, fallen in love at first sight.

«Please, may God have mercy on me! Please, go to Hell by all means!»

“Again, Terukawa?”

“I’m really sorry!” I clasped both of my hands, profusely apologising. “My part-time job has been hectic as of late and they need all the help possible!”

“Y’know, we do miss you at our karaoke sessions. After all, you do yell all the lyrics while singing, it’s a fun and unique experience!”

“I’ll make it up to you and everyone else, I promise! I’ll make sure to get the best tickets for our next performance at the amusement park!” My storm of words stopped once I heard what one of my friends had just said and started pointing fingers. “Wait, what do you mean I yell? I sing with passion! Something every single one of you lacks!”

“Sure, sure. Right now you’re raising your voice to decibels I never thought possible.” The boy that was right in front of me replied jokingly.

I just stared at him, slightly annoyed not knowing what he meant with that statement.

Kouichi Haneishi sheepishly looked at me, his fair features and silky-smooth Tartarian aster-coloured hair swaying in the sudden breeze that made its way through the almost empty classroom. His golden eyes twinkled, knowing he had enraptured me with his suave words.

“Oh no, you just did not.” My voice cracked.

“I wonder, what you might be referring to, Haruyasu.” Annoyingly, he winked and turned his back to me. “My dear, dear Haruyasu.”

“Stop with that condescending tone you… you… you snake!”

“I’m sure Nene will love this.” Even if wasn’t looking at him anymore, I clearly knew he was enjoying this.

“Stop sending audios of my voice to Kirisame!”

“Why not? It’s fun!”

“It’s weird enough you send my voice to your girlfriend for your own amusement, just for her to start texting me on how much she despises it and ask for mental compensation later!”

“Well, you promised those tickets after all, just make sure to have an extra one. Toodles!” With a Cheshire cat smile, he exited the now-empty classroom.

The sunset was coming to a close with the crows that were bidding farewell with their cries. Such a monochrome day was coming to an end, dying just over the hill behind the classroom windows. The crimson painting in the sky sank into the heavy mist, melting to create a majestic orange. I was still sitting on the worn wooden desk as I ordered carefully all my notes and books.

Even if I stayed a few minutes here just staring at the void, I’d still make it in time for the rehearsals. The play the troupe I was in was currently working on was almost complete, and all that was left to do were the final arrangements of the scenario. The role I was given, according to all, fitted me perfectly, given I am everyone’s sun. I don’t quite get it, but apparently, I’m just cosy and warm to be around, as well as radiant.

Wish I know what they mean with that last part.

“No use in overthinking things. Just bear with it, suck it up, and smile!” I said to myself, perking up.

Before I could even stand up, the doors to the classroom opened with a loud thud. I flinched in recoil, just noticing that no student had stayed to do their cleaning duties. Perhaps one of the two suddenly had remorse and decided to show up. I’d volunteer to help them out, but if I stayed that would make me arrive late to work.

For some, the pure tone of undyed plaster would send shivers down their spines. After all, those irises always set a barrier between the world and her. However, her natural friendly aura and innate kindness always managed to break that preset everyone had on their mind, and approached whenever they had any issues with homework or even student council work. She was always a source of confidence, inspiration and even an aspiration for many.

Himena Shikimi made her way towards her desk in the front row in a hurry, her hair that reminded me of coarse wool, without any signs of rebellious locks, drove me mad, madly in love. I wanted to call out to her, but she seemed to be in an actual pickle. Disturbing her would leave a bad taste in my mouth. Regardless, I wanted to help her.

“Miss Shikimi, did you forget something?”

Instead of being taken aback by my presence, she turned around slowly, her smile lining up perfectly as if it was rehearsed every single morning.

My heart stopped, along with the sounds that composed the soundtrack of this autumn afternoon. A warm, tender sensation gripped my chest by having this person near me, drowning me with various emotions that were enough to make me shiver.

“Oh, Terukawa.” Her soft-spoken voice made my heart flutter yet at the same time, ache in unbearable pain. “Yes, seems I forgot my notes for cram school. I was sure I had them inside my bag all day but it seems I took them out during the day. I’m glad I noticed on time, if not I don’t even want to think about it…”

I approached her, slowly. I’d say I was being methodical with each step I took.

“Never thought I’d see our most reliable classmate be a scatterbrain.”

“Oh, stop it. I’m not reliable at all.” Carefully, she placed the aforementioned sheets on her bag, making sure they stayed safe.

Beside her, the silence between us could be broken with a butter knife. The tension rose in the air, our gazes intertwining and showing nothing more than one thing.

In that split second before her touch, every nerve in my body and brain is electrified. It's the anticipation of being together in a way that's more than words, in a way that's so completely tangible.

I closed my eyes as I felt Himena’s hand stroke my hair. Without hesitation, my own fingers went straight to her porcelain neck, slowly making my way through it until my fingertips reached her lips, caressing them with utmost care


The voice that came from her sounded foreign to me. An expression no one would expect from miss goody-two-shoes.

I think I'm losing my mind.

For such a nobody, my desires are anything but restrained. There is the upper brain need for a sense of what is decorous, and the primitive need for what is exhibitionist. We didn't evolve in polite spaces where the peak of explosive passion was kept in a box, yet there is something ultimately very bonding about secrecy and privacy. Perhaps it is the tethering between the two needs that keeps tantric emotions alive and gives lovers the ability to last a lifetime.

Inside the room that would soon be twilight and shadow, we both are close enough for me to breathe in her scent. Himena’s arms wrap around my back and in one gentle pull our skin touches. I feel once again her hand in my hair, how she loves the softness, watching it tumble as she releases it. Then she proceeds down my cheekbones to my lips, just like I did a moment ago. That's when the kissing starts and we start to move like partners in a dance.

We lock eyes for just a moment, just enough for us to feel safe with one another.

Kissing her felt nice, it felt good. I was at ease with the world.


Our heavy breaths collided.


When I heard my name under her breath, I lost all ability to think, wanting to immerse myself in the world we were creating with our actions, a scene that went against the universe. I wanted to kiss her forevermore, to feel her lips against mine. To ignore my problems. This whole world. Let it disappear. Once I felt how my own body was making its way through her thighs, Himena did not seem to waver.

She, who had seen me for who I was. That underneath all of this sunshine everyone said felt around me, was just a nobody.

A nameless nobody who felt trapped in an eternal darkness.

A home I felt sick going back to.

Playing the role of a clown to escape my pain.

She had cut through that facade.

The moon had saved the sun, and the sun was now the moon’s slave, shackled to her for eternity.

I’d do anything for her. I love her. I love her so much.

We’ll engrave each other into our bodies.

Let’s fuse our bodies and souls together. Let’s fuse them together more, more and even more.

Our fingers caressed each other's skin as if afraid a heavier touch would break the magic, becoming one, one mind with one goal and purpose, each utterly drunk with love for the other.

«I hope we both find happiness so that we'll never cross paths again.»

“Stop the pleasantries.” A half-moon stare pierced my core. “Now, let’s get it on with, shall we?”

“As disappointing as it might sound, I will not amuse you.” Holding the needles, I brought them down disregarding my bleeding hand. “What you’re doing can be considered a crime of usurpation, even a declaration of war. Are you really an angel?”

It never crossed my thoughts that her reaction would be so abrupt after my words.

“Yes, yes I am.”

Opening her eyes as wide as humanly possible, she proceeded.

The greediest and most voracious angel.”

The notion of sin has never sat too well with me. I can't see the world in those terms. What I see are behaviours that are either healthful or non-healthful, albeit on an individual, personal relationship or societal level. For such reason, I felt no remorse whatsoever of seeing Himena reflected in this self-absorbed angel’s eyes.

I promised myself I would never open my heart again in this second chance at life. Regardless of all the atrocities I’ve committed in my new life during the war, the thought of falling in love again was out of the question. There was something about her that reminded me of Himena, even if their attitudes were opposites.

“Very well then, let’s abandon our inflated egos and cheap boots,” I replied, ready to satisfy her violent needs. “If you’re looking for a fight, I’ll give you one.”

“Aw, that’s the sweetest thing I’ve been told all day! What made you change your mind, twink?” Once again, her devious smile was plastered on her face.

“Let’s leave it as boredom as well.” I lied, moving my left hand and summoning a weapon I had not felt in my palms for centuries.

“Such an innocent creature, you think this will be a square and fair fight? How wrong you are!” A burst of laughter that could be classified as maniacal by any other being made echoes inside the guest room. Nonetheless, for me, it was charming. “This land’s rulership was mine from the moment you stepped inside this room.”

An endless void.

At least, that’s how I could classify what was underneath me. If space was something we all yearned for, I’d say I had successfully managed to lay on top of it without notice. The rouge angel tiptoed with a childish grace towards me, her happiness oozing out from every fibre of her being due to her plan working.

“Aren’t you impressed?” Closing her eyes, the blonde maiden began explaining her trap. “This is my special ability. Something not everyone is born with. Manipulating boundaries is child’s play for me. I never had any intentions of going all out to beat you, hell even assassinate you. All I have to do now is kick this flat royal ass and you’re out.”

I’ve always believed that there is a connection between beauty and love, but not in the way the mortal world would have us believe. They tout a form of beauty that is merely aesthetic, something that could inspirea thin replica of love based more on desire and conquest.

The way she looked at me before committing to her whole coup d’etat was exactly that.

Winking a sassy goodbye while I fell through the boundary, I knew I had to do everything in my power to see her again.

Even if I had no idea where the heck I had landed, just being surrounded by endless trees and greenery, the urge that was eating me inside out to be by her side one more time was stronger than any other emotion I had felt ever since I was reborn into this world.

“I do need to clear my mind though, this was a hectic morning.”

And before I could give my first step into this unknown forest, a high-pitched scream took me aback. A boundary had opened right in front of me, a girl being thrown right into my face.

“I’ll never forgive that stupid angel! Now I’m in the middle of nowhere and I have to find his Majesty! I swear if I see her again I’ll pluck all of her wings and make the most comfortable pillow and sell it for millions of gold coins. Then, once I’m a millionaire perhaps I’d be able to pay back my debt to his majesty for taking me in and… and… and maybe… Aw, Marone what are you thinking you silly girl! Of course, your Majesty would never look at a lowly faerie such as you! But… ah, my imagination is running wild right now!”

What is Marone doing here and why is she on her regular size? She’s way heavier than I remembered!

“Ma…ro…ne…” I mutter under my breath.

“I can even hear his princely voice right now… yes, your Majesty, I’d do anything… Here? Right now? Oh… but what if the other faeries see us…? Please, not so rough, I’m as delicate as a sunflower…”

Her glow was absorbing the whole area, an explosion that could probably be as impactful as a nuclear bomb was about to take place. The aftermath wouldn’t harm nature, since it’s nature itself that would detonate, but I would take a heavy hit.

She’s deep inside her own delusions, I have no other choice.

With all my might, I managed to toss her aside and give her the best hug I could given the current situation. Her beating heart rate slowed down, her glow decreasing slowly. It felt incredibly nostalgic, and I was sure it was for her as well. After all, the last time she had gone overboard like this was around 500 years ago. Almost half a millennia since I had seen her in the size of an average human.

“H-Huh…?” Marone opened her eyelids, her twinkle almost gone. “Who is…?”

“Are you alright now?” I asked, still mid-hug.

“Yes, your Majesty” Her voice was a potpourri of sweetness and citrus. Until it suddenly became a piercing screech. “Your Majesty!?”

With incredible speed, she stood up and cleared her throat, putting up her chief maid attitude first above all.

“My sincerest apologies, your Majesty. I do not know what overcame me.”

“Marone, please, it’s fine,” I reassured her. A slight blush of embarrassment highlighted her peachy skin. “How did you end up here?”

The answer is obvious, but I truly want to know what transpired between her and the usurper angel.

“W-Well,” she tripped with her words a little bit. “It had been a while ever since you and the esteemed guestrather, esteemed assassin, had been alone inside the guest room. I became worried and noticed I had broken the window so I went to take a peek. There, I saw her all alone pulling out some very strange, unusual things from these portals. The other faeries hadn’t regained consciousness, and not seeing your majesty in there made me even more anxious. I decided to confront her and, as you can see, transformed to my average size to go one on one… however, she did this weird spell to transport me here…”

Strange, unusual things? That angel mentioned that her special ability is to manipulate boundaries… at first, I thought it was an over-the-top way of naming her transportation magic but hearing Marone mention that she was ‘pulling out strange, unusual things’, she actually does have that type of power. I do wonder what items they were for my chief maid to not recognize them.

“I-I promise I’ll fix the window!” The green-haired faerie lowers her head in a hurry.

“There is no need, I’ve been overthrown so now it depends on that angel to fix it, I daresay.” I shrugged it off with a small laugh.

“Unacceptable!” In a matter of seconds, Marone’s nose was touching mine, using her wings to raise her up enough to be face-to-face with me. “Completely unacceptable! If the people learn about this, the whole concept of democracy would fall! And by a Celestial nonetheless! What will the populace say if they find out?! We need to act quick, your Majesty before it’s too late!”

“F-Fair enough, just calm down.” Holding her shoulders, she finally touches the ground, her small boots leaving markings on the grass. “It would be lovely to do so, but do you know where are we?”

“Of course, just leave it to me! Being an embodiment of nature has its perks!” She proudly puffed her chest. “After that, all that’s left is a plan.”

“Going straight to the castle would be futile. Even if the faeries let us in, I am sure she already has a plan in case someone tries to go and attack. Especially if it’s me.”

“Then, how about we use that rumour to our favour?”

That smirk of hers brought out a sense of mischief, of innocent fun, and at that moment it released me. The funny thing is though, I had no idea that I was ever caged within my own mind. After all, faeries are known for their pranks, and even if Marone had an impressive sense of duty, her true nature would never leave her.

“Hold on, what rumour?” I was genuinely confused. “Has something transpired behind my back that I have not been notified about?”

Marone flinched.

“W-Well, not exactly,” nervously, she fiddled with her fingers and her eyes were unable to set their sight straight into me unlike a few minutes ago. “Y-You see, your Majesty, you know that some faeries go to the city to buy supplies once in a while, r-right?”

More than errands, I order them to go outside and fool around. After all, given their small capacity for attention span, they tend to overload if they work too much and sending them out helps them relieve stress.

“Go on…”

“A couple of weeks ago, it was Izozta’s turn and, she tends to be overly dramatic which is why I did not pay it much heed at the time.”

“Marone, just say it.”

“The Legendary Mage of Tonelico is here! People have been saying they have seen them in town for a few months now!”

When anxiety and fear grab me by the tongue and dry my mouth, I don't panic anymore. I've been there before, I know the feeling, and knowing it makes it less scaryI am all the stronger for my battle scars. So instead of letting it take me down, I tell myself everything will be alright.

Still, whenever I hear this title, something inside of me breaks.

I can feel the fear in my chest waiting to take over. Perhaps it only wants to protect me but there really isn't any danger. It sits there like an angry ball propelling me towards anxiety I just don't need. All of my feelings t were simply birds flying around my own head. At first, in knowing this, I felt alone and isolated in my mind. But, after a time, I knew it meant I was in control. The sad memories only existed in my head, they were like movies I could refuse to play. I understand that it was my choice to let them in, and I can easily tell them to leave. Knowing that my emotions are my own is a power, blaming others injures the self. I tried to command a hurricane to become still, and it did not.

I had never met the hero of the land personally, but their name always was mentioned on the battlefield.

A simple human who saved the world from the brink of destruction.

Yet, whenever they were mentioned, I couldn’t help but cry.

To this day, I still do.

And I don’t know if it has to do with my reincarnation perk. That’s what breaks me the most.

“Let’s look for them.” Doing my best to keep my authoritarian presence, I issued a command for just the two of us. “Hopefully, since they are a kind soul at heart, they’ll help us.”

“Of course, your Majesty!” Marone looked ready as well. “But, how do you plan to convince them? Or even find them? No one knows what they look like and the rumours barely help. It’s almost impossible to have a mental image of how they look like.”

“Marone, do you trust me?”

Her eyes glimmered.

“With my life, your Majesty.”

“Good answer, now go ahead and do what you know best. Tell me where we are, and we’ll exit this forest.”

“Yes, your Majesty!”

“Start looking!” I yelled, with a voice I had avoided using with the hero in order to avoid exposing myself. I had lost all hints of regular common folk. “Start looking!”

The mere sight of that angel flaunting all my wealth in the main hall left a sickening taste in my mouth.

“But… where? The objective is to defeat the Demon Lord, right? You said to know this place, and that infiltrating at dawn was the best time to catch him unaware.”

I could feel the displeasure and hatred spewing from my body.

“Oh my, how uncouthly of me. Of course, this is not the right place. How dimwitted on my part.” Gesturing towards the mage, I signalized with my index finger towards a hidden backdoor behind the throne. “If anything goes wrong, I am counting on your abilities, saviour of the land.”

I’m impressed that she found that secret room in just a few days. A place where I used to go clean my mind when unpleasant thoughts drowned me in misery.

Opening the door disregarding the whole secret operation, I quickened my pace leaving the child behind. To my surprise, I could hear a peculiar noise. Something I hadn’t heard in a very, very long time.

Pew! Pew! Pew! Bonk! Bonk! Pew! Pew! Game over!

“For the love of” a clear, high-pitched voice was about to scream their lungs out. “I went to sleep early to beat this fucking level and that’s how you reward me, you piece of shitty garbage!? Huh!?”


Something broke.


A blunt object destroyed something else.

There was a steadiness to her as if all the storms in the world were a whispering breeze if she was there. It was as if she knew she was born to be a queen. There was nothing ‘princess’ about her though, just a fierce independence and a foul mouth to boot. Her hair was as waves of pure yellow, softly reflecting the light of the sun; each strand moving freely in a secluded breeze, a compliment to her wilderness. With eyes of river waters, in glossy serenity, her aura seeped into the air between us. And at that moment, in that fraction of time, her smile was captivating as that fateful day.

“My, my. Not ashamed of such brutish behaviour?” I asked, my voice spewing venom. “It is quite amusing to hear you say such vulgar words. Who would have thought an angel would have such a charming vocabulary.”

I used the opportunity to distract her with my words, knowing they would irk her. The object she had just broken was a Super Noentiendo Family System or SNFS for short. Seeing the small pieces of grey and purple with smoke on the ground destroyed me since in my previous life, I had fond memories of spending a lot of time playing on it.

It seems this was one of the objects Marone saw her with. So her ability lets her defy the laws of physics and break the boundaries between worlds? That’s terrifying. If she can bring stuff from my world, this angel could suddenly one day decide to grab a missile and just shoot it, out of pure boredom.

“Why the fuck are you here?” She was legitimately angry.

Of course, she just lost a game, rage-quitted and broke the console. Plus, to top it off, I’m here ruining her day even more.

“To claim back what is legitimately mine.” I lied, my eyes getting distracted by all the junk food around her.

So not only objects but edible goods as well, my, my.

My cloak flew through the air, revealing my identity even if she knew who I was already, However, I am sure the poor mage will be having quite a surprise.

“Now, let’s set this fair and square, shall we?” I shoved the child who was still processing the sudden turn of events, eyes closed. “Go, and finish the job!”

“Are you serious? Do you call this fair and square? Bringing a random adventurer to fight for you just because I kicked your ass and claimed your place as Lord? This is why I was sent to assassinate you, you cannot even fulfil the role of a demon by being such a coward!”

Oh, the hypocrisy and lies.

“I find it unusual for your kin to send an assassin in this day and age, which is why I had to be prepared. With all of this, I am firmly believing you were exiled and had nowhere else to go and decided to be a bully.”

“Then let’s settle this outside, I don’t wanna ruin the game room.”

Opening up a gap, she pulled out two silver objects I immediately recognized.

Guns. Just what I feared. She can also get weapons that are not from this world.

“Y-Your majesty what are those!?” Marone, who had been hiding under my cloak all this time, emerged from it. During the momentum, I had forgotten she had been there incognito this whole time.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Shut your trap, stupid faerie.” The angel threatened, holding both weapons as if she were a skilled gunswoman. "I said I wanted to settle this outside but fuck it!"

“The weapon? Guns. The things that almost hit you? Bullets?” I replied, Marone finally sitting on my shoulder, hiding between my long strands of hair.

“T-Those aren’t bullets! Those are totally different!”

“They’re not the same as you faeries use to defend yourselves but believe me, they are the same and even more dangerous.”

“Stop murmuring to yourselves and come fight me you twink! I’m in a terrible mood right now and I swear I’m going to fucking murder you.”

Summoning my rapier, I rushed towards her with incredible speed.

However, before we could start murdering each other while I admired her grace and beauty, something fell to the ground, a loud thud reverberating.

We both came to a halt immediately, our eyes going straight to the limp body of the mage who had suddenly fainted.

Dropping our weapons, and rushing to be right next to them, I was unable to explain and put into words this feeling that was welling up inside of me. Seeing them with their eyes closed a body that seemed not to be breathing, was unleashing a wave of feelings I had locked.

The angel was right beside me, her harsh gaze turning softer by the second, just to lose all her lustre before touching the mage’s face as if they were a porcelain doll.

“Let me help!” Marone broke the silence with her cheerful voice, casting a small healing spell. Nonetheless, it seemed that the mage had not fainted due to any sort of ailment that required such a method to wake up. “That’s… strange.”

“If there’s even a single thing that I can do here now… then tell me. I simply want to recover those happy days…”


“So that I won’t repeat my sins from now on, please… even just a little. Show me a sign that you’re alive…”

The angel kneeling right next to me was muttering under her breath a pair of sentences that made no sense. The girl I barely knew from her odd, crazy and voracious acts had suddenly become an empty shell. Her dead gaze pulled my heartstrings, holding my urge to hold her close.

I had promised myself I would never love anyone ever again, but broke my own self-imposed rules.

As time passes, my heart is dyed blacker; I can’t suppress it… it’s painful…

She tasted like rotten fruit, but the insides were surprisingly ripe and had a certain tart.

When I suddenly realized it, it was nighttime. Illuminated by the moonlight, I am pulled back by reality, as if the fog lifted.

What did I just do?

My heart is tightly bound by my reviving memories. Everything was completely a nightmare inside of the deep darkness.

She stayed quiet, still staring at me with her dead, ocean-blue eyes.

“Please, gently open your closed eyes. There’s a warm light only you can find here. Because even if there are only things that you can’t do alone… If everyone is here, then surely you can do it.” I said those words as a prayer, just as I did to someone a long, long time ago.

Their eyelids suddenly move, and we both watch, forgetting to even breathe. Their eyes are slowly opening and they wake up as if nothing had happened.

If it’s a dream, then please don’t let us wake up; my overflowing feelings spilled and fell together with my tears.

The angelic girl, with trembling hands, held the mage’s face properly this time.

“Seems I made you cry, I’m sorry.”

Their voice was as soft as the finest piece of cloth.

Both she and I were with tears running down our faces, with no signs of sobbing. Yet, the recently awakened child apologised for something they had no fault in.

“It seems the issue has been resolved, right?” A beaming smile brought light to our hearts. “Say, if both of you have no objectives since the job is done…”

The mage stood up, stretching their hand to us.

“Want to go on an adventure with me? Let’s go out there and explore, with no aim in mind. Let’s re-discover this world.”

Without thinking, as if we were synchronised, the angel and I accepted their gesture, standing up as well.

“Before we start, it would be lovely to know your names.”

“Pa… Pa… Para… selene… Paraselene.” Little by little, the angel’s lifeless eyes flickered again.

“Overlord Parhelion at your service.”

“Oh, and I’m Marone!” My companion’s face was the only visible thing since she was still trembling in fear behind my hair.

“I should have seen it coming, given how much you knew about me,” the mage lifted the heavy atmosphere with a carefree laugh. “You two have very similar names, I find that endearing. Nice meeting you, Paraselene, Parhelion and you too, Marone.”

“D-Don’t you dare say I’m similar to this twink!”

Oh, she perked up. Nice going, kid.

“Well, if it bothers you, how about some nicknames?” They suggested. I thought the angel would protest but she stayed quiet. “Selene and Len sound cute. Oh, and for your Majesty, maybe Hel or Lio.”

“Those last two are almost the same as well!” She protested albeit I could see an awkward happy smile on her face.

“It’s your turn now. At least, I do not want to keep on calling you child or kid, as well as using your title or the name Aesc. You seem quite uncomfortable."

How long has it been since someone called you by your true name?

Tonelico… Aesc… Ash tree… I’m sure they have one but hasn’t been said in a long time.

“It’s… Lei.” A soft, peach coloured their cheeks.

“Huh… Lio, Len and Lei! That’s so adorable!” Marone finally came out of her hiding spot. “You three sound like a family who gave their child a similar-sounding name!”

Both me and the angel flinched, stared at each other and yelled.

“I’d never have a child with this twink of a demon!”

“I’d love to have a child with this angel!”

Marone blankly stared, and Lei wished to disappear.

“I’d love to not have a child with this angel!” I corrected myself.

My head is spinning.

Lei fixed their throat. They were about to say something until a wall from the castle collapsed.

I know I’m leaving this place but can I at least leave it in a decent state instead of crumbling to the ground?!

“Leicchi, this is where you’ve been! I’ve been looking for you for at least three months! How dare you not let me know this is where you were! Why are you in this castle anyway? Wasn’t democracy established thanks to you? Did a demon go wild? Do you need my help?”

Underneath the cloud of smoke that the falling rubble had left, a female figure could be made. The mysterious maiden went straight to the mage for a bear hug, not respecting their privacy at all. However, they did not seem to mind and gave the girl a couple of head pats.

“My bad, won’t happen again.”

“I hope so, you cannot leave me all by my lonesome…”

Why is her cutesy voice so overbearing?

“Huh? Wait, Leicchi, who are they?” The intruder who had just attacked my castle pointed at us with no ounce of delicacy.

“Oh, they are our new travel friends. She’s Paraselene, an angel,” Lei made a gesture towards her, and after being caught unaware, the blond-haired beauty replied with a hello I could barely hear, “Then there is the Demon Lord of this castle, Parhelion,” I waved, “And one of his faerie comrades, Marone.”

“I see! Well, hi to y’all! My bad for breaking the wall there Liocchi!” Her carefree laughter showed she had no worries in the world. “Oh my, Lencchi, can I touch your wings? They look super fluffy! Also, I’m sorry if this is kinda rude but Marocchi do you truly explode if you get overly excited?”


"Lencchi..?” Paraselene seemed to be controlling herself from murdering the girl on the spot.

Marone smiled awkwardly.

“Oh wait, I haven’t even introduced myself, I’m Hasiera, Leicchi’s girlfriend!”

The sudden statement hit us all like a ton of bricks.

“There’s no need to tell everyone.” Lei looked clearly ashamed.

“There’s nothing wrong with it! I’m not afraid to tell this world I’m in love with you!”

Disregard everything I said about the hero being absolutely lonely, of their name haven't been said in years, they have a wonderful partner and they rot my teeth with how sweet they look! They're the perfect couple!

Paraselene and I stared at each other, suddenly regretting agreeing to go adventuring with a pair of lovebirds.

«O human with little time left, I shall watch you, so make my day!»
Ana Fowl