Chapter 2:

Ruby's Loneliness

You can't die if you are already dead... right?

Good good good.

What to say.

Two months have passed since I woke up in this hell cave... Or was it two centuries already? Without sunlight and with the time I spent asleep I just couldn't say for sure

Haven't been many changes though, and honestly, I don't see how there can be changes in a dead person, although I have discovered a couple of things.

To begin with, I can't get too far from the gem that is my physical body, when I do try I feel like my presence weakens, maybe my limit is somewhere in the 300 meter range, it's not much but it's enough to enter a dwarf mine; And it's not that it's a small mine or anything, it's just a mine run by dwarves. You know’em right? Those dwarves, short, chubby and with faces of eating raw eggs for breakfast.

And I will sound a bit criminal when I say this but I have to admit that possessing the poor and defenseless dwarves has its graces, every time I get into their bodies, I feel ticklish, almost as if I were a little fused with the dwarf, for a few moments my mind synchronizes with that of the dwarf and I feel as if I had always been this dwarf, sometimes I see their memories, other times I feel their emotions; undoubfully, an experience that can only be lived while dead.

Despite everything I've told you, would you believe me if I told you that I did a few dance steps with dwarf number 19?

This was a special occasion, it had been almost a week (I think) without seeing any dwarves when some special dwarves appeared!

They are the guards of the underground city that seems to be beyond the mines, they are in charge of leading with the problems that appear in the mine.

It's normal for them to be here, it's even a logical response to my appearance... Although I really wish I could have talk to them without stealing a body, causing the owner of said body pain in the process... However, there is no such alternative.

Once each and every one of them was in my territory, I entered one of them making it fall to the ground wriggling like a worm, I feel a little bad for making him suffer, but is also my pitifully and only pleasure in this hell of an after life.

"He was attacked by the ruby demon !" exclaimed one of them as he prepared himself for what was coming. "Everyone ! Get in position!"

Within seconds the armored dwarves formed a semicircle around me. The Ruby demon, apparently that is the name they have given me based in what I have shown to them... I'm a bit curious, so please, Mr. Dwarf, stop resisting and let me enter your body, accept your soul with mine and become one part of me... Actually please do not do it, if you become a part of me I don't know what would happen to your body..." How tenacious ! How crazy! He'll get tired of it " What a naive thought of mine! This was without a doubt the one that was resisting me the most.

The dwarf managed to get enough strength to get to his knees and press his head to the ground. At that moment I had no idea what he was about to do, because he preferred to hit his head against the ground before giving up control of his body to me .

"GET OUT OF MY DAMN HEAD! GET OUT OF MY DAMN HEAD! GET OUT OF MY DAMN HEAD! GET OUT OF MY DAMN HEAD!" His determination was incredible I admit, but he was doing nothing but harming himself .

In those moments I was really scared, I was paralyzed, I wanted him to stop hitting his head. Well, although what I did caused them a lot of pain, I didn't cause them any physical harm... at least not one like this, what's more, I've never stayed in a dwarf's body for too long, somehow, I feel that I know what will happen if I stay for a long time inside a body with an owner...

A corruption, or a body theft, even a fusion of souls...

Luckily for me or the dwarf, what he did backfired. In the end he ended up passing out and I was able to take complete control of his body while he lost consciousness.

With control of the body, I slowly got up and checked the wound on his forehead, it didn't seem too serious but it was necessary to give him better medical attention if he didn't want things to get... ugly...

You will wonder and recriminate me in a pitifully voice obviously, “Ruby, why did you start dancing when you took control of an injured dwarf?” Well, before the pro-dwarves burn me in the imaginary bonfires, let me explain, because the question is not, why did I do it?, but rather, how did we get to the situation in which I had to do it? And the truth is, you don't even need to ask yourself anything.

It was the most natural thing to do.

It was what I wanted to do the most at that moment.

It is not true, they lie, and that could be solved in another way.

Hurting was fun.

The wound on my forehead wasn't too serious, but it needed medical attention, which would be impossible, seeing how all the dwarven soldiers were so on guard against someone suffering from the effects of possession; So cautious, overly cautious.

I'm pretty sure they wouldn't go near this person for help, not even when this dwarf is slowly dying from the wound on my head.

So I sat up before them and started thinking while playing with my hair. I had three options:

A) Try to act like the dwarf and call for medical assistance while explaining that the ruby demon had fled.

B) Tell the truth and request immediate medical assistance for the dwarf trying to gain the trust of these soldiers in some way.

C) Hurting was fun.

The final answer was obviously C.

I started walking slowly towards them, it was a dangerous move but I still tried it, before the tense dwarves who pointed their spears at me...

I danced, just danced, nothing special, a bit of a clumsy valet that I barely carried my body and could keep up with properly, but something unnatural enough to confuse’em all.

To tell the truth, I'm not sure how good I am at dancing, I trust in my skills yet the public was very hard, but somehow I enjoyed it, enjoyed feeling the blood slowly trickle down my forehead and feeling the strength slowly leaving my body until my legs gave out.

Although I could still force myself to stand up and continue dancing, it seems that this was enough to motivate the dwarves to help their fallen partner, apparently the move worked and as soon as the dwarf collapsed, they thought I was gone.

In the end, I never knew if the dwarf lived or died, but ultimately this is one of my happiest stories in recent years.

Hahaha haha ha ...

Anyway, with the nonsense I have stayed twelve years... or was it 7 months? In this place, this has been a great change in my way of existing.

Lately, I spend most of my time sleeping, burdened, trying to remember when I was alive, when I knew my own name, when my mind didn't turn to chaos as soon as I interacted with dwarven souls, when I wasn't called a demon.

When I was free...

When I was happy...

It's been... A while since I've talked to anyone. Years or centuries since Mor kidnapped me. A time spent alone in the darkness of this cave with no one to talk to but myself and... you... You, my imaginary friend who lives in my head... I’m a bit crazy yeah.

If this goes on surely in another couple of years, I will definitely become something other than me... I'm afraid... I'm afraid of losing my mind... I'm afraid that these thoughts I've been having lately will become more and more real, I...wasn't like that, I'm sure of that, and is so... unpleasant... yet a part of me is not dying but living more alive than ever.

I... the truth I just want to close my eyes and abandon reality.


I think it's already been a year? It's hard to say. To this day I have entered the bodies of about 800 dwarfs and unfortunately I have confirmed the death of 40 of them and, for some reason, I almost never see the ones I have already possessed once again. The good side of this is that I think I understand their language perfectly now...

But they... Even though I don't do anything wrong they have really started to hate me... Damn dwarves, who the hell do they think they're dealing with }?

I can't believe I feel so offended because they start avoiding me, I think they have sealed the entrance to the cave that leads to the pedestal where my gem lies. What the hell? Do you want to leave me alone for all eternity?


You know, lately I've stopped counting time, it seems wasteful to me and I didn’t have a good track record of time to begin with, but hey my mind is a mess lately so it's not like I have the ability to remember every little second that passes either.

Anyway, I think I've been getting really used to being in this spiritual form.

But I feel dissatisfied that I can't leave this cave with the sealed entrance, and tried to remove the rocks but a spiritual body mysteriously lacks great physical strength and I'm not interested in spending all eternity removing rocks... Maybe I'll consider it in another moment but not today, today I have hope, because today someone entered the cave from who knows where, and today the status quo will change.

YES.... it will finally change.... Heh heh heh ....

"Quick, get the gem out." There is a group of people here and they have reached out to me.

"I'm going as fast as I can, remember where we are."

Two women, a girl in a robe and a girl in armor, perhaps 20 years old, both with light gray hair and a somewhat pale skin, they have made it to the altar where my true body lies, and I have let them come without making an appearance, not for the moment I will do nothing because they can easily be my way out of this place.

Right now I'm wandering around it, I'm kind of anxious so it can't be helped, did I mention that it's the first time I've seen humans ? Sure since I'm here, but if only...

If only what? What did I mean? Well it doesn't matter anyway, if they do something I don't like, I will enter their bodies and if necessary I will get rid of them, in the end in any case I will win, because I finally found a female body for myself ... Wait, why did I wanted one to start whit? 

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