Chapter 0:

Shichi Nichi Ju

Nana no Sekai

Tokyo, 2040.

The most modern city in the world. A certain hero association moved the economy of city at rates never seen before. It takes the name of Shichi Nichi Ju. Founded on July 7, 2034, it sought peace, but in a dubious way. 

The region's crime rate has skyrocketed since it was founded, although it has almost a million professional heroes. Similar to a guild, each member receives rewards by completing rescue missions, aid or give any beneficial service to society. 

In addition, a large number of supernatural powers emerged shortly before of its founding, boosting its influence. Most of them were obtained through the first dream after direct contact with a certain green haired girl. 

The dream was shared between the future hero and the child, being that within him power was revealed and used freely. But whatever happened in it would not affect reality, only foreshadow the power. 

Heroes, power holders or not, are divided into seven levels:

Level 1: Made up of 823,543 members, includes beginner heroes or skilled ones but powerless, or who do not contribute much to society.

Level 2: 117,649 heroes. Most of them have no power but count with above average skills and reputation.

Level 3: 16,807 members. Approximately half of them have at least one power. It is the most required minimum level for missions.

Level 4: 2,401 heroes. About 66% are powerful, and most can destroy entire houses in seconds. Their prestige is high.

Level 5: 343 members. 8 out of 10 are holders of power. Their destruction can vaporize buildings in moments.

Level 6: Only 49 heroes reach this level. They are the best response to national-level threats. Only 1 or 2 don't have any power. It is the highest level to which the powerful non-japanese usually arrive.

Level 7: These are the 7 iconic heroes of the association. They are supposedly the most powerful beings on the planet and can destroy Tokyo in less than 7 seconds. It tends to be the most difficult to deal with or control.

To define the level of a hero, one takes into account their physical and mental abilities; power, if existent; difficulty and number of missions completed; reputation and influence etc. 

In addition to each hero's powers and abilities, each level has a respective potion called 7-Up, which boosts the physical and psychic attributes of anyone who supports its potency.

The rescue and missions system can be accessed on the association's app, where the deadline, urgency and minimum or preferred level for them can be detailed. 

Most of Tokyo's surface is coated with a material that cancels out 77% of powers. Even so, an alarm announcing the level of an imminent threat is necessary for the inhabitants to seek refuge, in case a level 6 or 7 gets out of control.

The leader of the association is called Boss, and no one knows if he has a power or not. But one thing is certain: he is capable of keeping almost all the higher levels under control, either by blackmail, bargaining or even fear.