Chapter 34:

So It Was Time for Fireworks

Cursed Lines

This chapter is from Konya's POV.

A summer festival was organized in our city, and the organizers announced that the fireworks would be exceptionally charming, so I had to invite Kiyoshi to this event. He agreed right away, although he was a bit depressed since his mom met her other half and complained that she stopped acting like an adult. It amused me a bit, of course, he was happy that his mother was happy, he just didn't expect it, much less the change that would take place in this woman.

She even began to treat me very kindly, and the positive emotions of lovers often overwhelmed me, because I was used to invoking and surrounding myself only with the negative ones. Kiyoshi as Cupid also had enough of it at times, so he came to me more often, only that another couple in love was also often here, who invited both of them for dinner that day.

My father's girlfriend was a few years younger than him and had recently worked at a nearby bakery. They didn't meet there, only in the store, but since then my parent has been regular customer of the establishment. I couldn't have anything against Emi, she was such a sweet and lovely woman, but I wanted to be sure she was the right person for my father, even when I saw him staring at her like a picture. Fortunately, I had Cupid on hand, willing to help.

I was setting the table when I heard the doorbell ring. Kiyoshi appeared inside, smartly dressed, and I smiled and raised my eyebrows, surprised at how good he looked. He blushed and handed over the flowers that Emi took with gratitude with a box of cookies.

"Mom's been baking way too many of them lately," he explained and asked if he could help with anything.

"No cheesecake?" I asked in despair.

"No, because you wouldn't share it with anyone."

Of course, no one allowed him to help, and he was seated on the couch until the table was fully set. I walked over to him and leaned in, smelling the new cologne in the process.

"Nice smell," I muttered, and he jumped in fear. I chuckled to myself that he was so nervous. "So what do you think of these two, handsome?"

"You can be calm, full compatibility," he replied. "But at least your father is acting reasonably normal. My mom is already starting to mention something about the wedding." He sighed heavily.

I thought about it and tried to imagine what Kiyoshi would look like in a suit. What colour would suit him best? Would you choose a tie or a bow tie? I've seen him shirtless on the beach before, but it'd probably be nice to see it again after undoing a few buttons on a smart shirt hidden under a jacket. Sometimes watching dramas was too inspiring for my imagination.

"I don't even want to know where you've been with your thoughts." He tapped me on the arm, signalling that we were being called to the table.

"In a very nice place." I laughed and mischievously ruffled his hair.

He wanted to repay me by doing the same but realized that two laughing adults were staring at us. I gave him a victorious look and hurried to the table.

The dinner went very well, but I regretted that Kiyoshi couldn't stay longer, we weren't supposed to see each other until the next day at the festival. For a long time, when we were not spending time together, or when I was not busy helping in the shop with antiques or repairs, I planned something meticulously.

I flipped through my notebook again, checking more details. I wanted to share this with Kiyoshi during the festival when we will be alone. Then, I was hoping he'd agree to come with me to watch the fireworks show on that hill I took him to on our first date. I hoped he'd like the surprise. However, he was suspicious when I asked him to dress more comfortably than elegantly for the festival. He didn't ask for details, he just accepted it. Which was good for me because I didn't have to lie to him or answer very evasively, so he wouldn't guess a thing.

We met up with everyone else, Alice and Daisuke mentioned that they would like to separate themselves from the group for a while, which was to be expected. We didn't blame them, Cupid in love at least didn't provoke me, staring at my friend with too much admiration.

"I've already lost my whole family to other men," Kiyoshi muttered, shoving his hands into his pockets.

Our parents and their new partners also went to the festival, so he looked around nervously that we might run into them. He'll probably be pleased that I'm going to take him somewhere else, not wanting to be in a crowd of people myself. Maiko quickly joined her classmates but didn't fail to show us all, proud to hang out with such super older kids.

Pretty soon we were alone, surrounded by people, young and old, absorbing the atmosphere of the festival like sponges. Children complained that they did not win the coveted prizes and ran among the walkers, chased by tired parents. Some praised the food, others the level of artistic products offered by local residents. Rather positive emotions prevailed everywhere, unless one of the young people decided to use the opportunity to confess their feelings. I wished them good luck, remembering how unromantic it was in my performance.

"Let's get out of here," I said after we'd already had some time between booths.

Kiyoshi looked at me with obvious relief and finally smiled widely. I grabbed his hand and pulled him the other way. I could tell from his expression that he quickly guessed what our goal was. His sentimental nature was appeased, so he was smiling all the time. I was hoping to get there while it was still light, reading in the dark or with a torch from my phone was out of the question, it would spoil the whole effect I wanted to achieve with my surprise.

He sat on a bench and, just like then, was staring at the beautiful view of our city. It was starting to get dark, that day the sunset was supposed to be equally beautiful, but the spectacle of nature could not get all the attention. I pulled out the notebook and, squeezing it tightly in my hands, walked over to my boyfriend, and sat down next to him, but I couldn't bring myself to hand it to him. He looked at me curiously, but not expectantly. I did not know how his assessment of what I felt and needed was so accurate.

I handed him the notebook and gave him a moment to look through it. He studied my notes carefully with a thoughtful expression. He looked at me shocked, asking for an explanation.

"I know it's your dream, but I told you I'd love to join," I said, afraid of his reaction. "After I found out that nothing could separate us anymore, I couldn't help but start researching and planning. We still have at least a year and a half of the school itself to work out the details and set aside money."

"Let's do it!" exclaimed Kiyoshi and threw himself on my neck, probably the first time I've seen such an outburst of joy in him. "Starting tomorrow, I will be looking for a part-time job."

"What about the rest of today?"

"Today, I'm just waiting for the fireworks to watch with you." He took my face in his hands and forced me to look him in the eyes. "But promise that you will include in our plans what you want to see."

"Of course," I laughed.

We sealed the promise with a kiss, and then we hugged and waited for the festival spectacle. The night sky finally burst with colours and floral shapes. The organizers did not lie, there was indeed something to admire. They perfectly developed the sequences of individual types of fireworks. Kiyoshi let out sighs of delight, pointing to my hand the ones he particularly liked or were more surprising. I loved him and was looking forward to our future together.