Chapter 11:


Re Mari : I'll find you even if death did us apart!

“You really don’t hold back do you?” Martha was applying some herbs on my chest. Although there was no visible wound, the pain throbbed deep within my chest like a relentless hammer striking against my rib-cage. 

I wanted to refuse but the fact that Mother was a Goddess must be kept secret. Her healing powers were too great for a battle mage.

That’s what everyone thinks mother is, I’ll have to bear the pain until we reach home so she can heal me.

“Do you see Vance crying? I mean look at him. This is a warrior, right here.” Arthur congratulated me by smacking my back.

I had to hold back my scream. That hurts so much.

Mother was rather happy. In her eyes, I have passed the first step required to venture into this unknown world.

Anne was still hugging my hand. She thought I really died back then. Tears were still fresh in her big kind eyes. I love this sister of mine.

She kept glaring at Arthur, it was amusing.

“Anyway, look at the reward of your win.” Arthur took out the silver sword.

Finally, the pain was worth it.

“You won fair and square Vance.” He handed me the sword.

Martha hit Arthur in the back, “Can you two stop talking about swords for a bit? I’m trying to patch him up.”

Yup, Anne is the adopted one for being such an angel. Everyone else in this family is a muscle head.

“Why do I feel you are thinking something bad about me right now?” Mary was staring at me. I averted my eyes. I would be killed if they found out what I was thinking.

Anne is my favorite one. I patted her head.

After we arrived home, Mother used a bit of her healing magic on me.

“I won’t heal you completely as you need to get stronger with your innate abilities.” I was sitting on the bed and her hand was on my back. The pain has already disappeared.

“It is fine, you need to break muscles for them to grow stronger.” I knew I needed to get stronger.

Mother got up and grabbed the sword. It had worn out sheath, she took it out and started reading the weird carvings.

“Vance, I may be wrong but this might be one of the Fate’s blessings.” She put it back.

“I don’t get it, I thought fate wasn’t with me.” I moved a bit so Mother could sit beside me.

“That is why this is weird,” She grabbed my hand. “If you were a normal protagonist with fate by his side, by now you would find out your parents are ex-adventurers or even heroes.”

She waved her hand. I started to see some images. A green glow surrounded our entire room. It was soothing to look at.

“Maybe finding a hidden magical sword in the forbidden forest. Or helping a great beast escape, that has been sealed for centuries. These are all steps that are necessary for a Hero to start his journey.”

I saw all of that in front of my eyes.

“I’m not sure, but this sword might be one of those blessings made for people of Fate.” She waved her hand again and everything started to fade.

“But Mary is the one who was supposed to get this sword.” I was curious and confused about all this new information.

“And we know she isn’t a protagonist.” I looked at Mother. No, I was looking at Goddess Elaine.

“Fate is far more complex than you think.” Mother grabbed my shoulders and pushed me gently onto my pillow.

“You should take some rest now, Mary is going away tomorrow,” She started patting my head. It was our daily thing she would do until I fell asleep. I stopped thinking about the sword.

The next day was very hectic. Everyone had already cried the first time so they were rather fulfilled. People even gifted Mary things. It wasn’t every day that a Backwater Village like ours had someone going to the Capital, let alone getting selected at the Royal Academia.

I was standing a bit farther from the crowd.

“How’s my little Vance doing?” Mary spooked me from behind.

“Shouldn’t you be there?” I bumped into her.

“No need, everyone is busy talking about Aunty Elie.”

“Well, that’s because they don’t know how scary she is.” We both started to laugh.

“Don’t leave me out.” Anne rushed in the middle. She was older than me but I had always treated her as younger. She was a curious and kind girl.

“We were just talking about how you cried like a baby.” Mary teased her.

“But But …” Anne started crying again remembering Mary was going away. We both felt guilty for teasing her.

“What will I even do with you?” Mary wiped her face.

“Don’t worry I’m here,” I reassured her. We all three hugged again.

I love you, my sisters.

Anne kept waving her hand until the last carriage was out of sight. She was smiling all the way through.

“You know she will be back after two years right?” I gently put Anne’s head on my shoulder.

“But that is so long.” She sighed. Anne seemed a lot more mature now that Mary was gone. Maybe she could act herself because Mary was there.

We went home. Mother decided that Martha and Anne would stay with us for a few days. Arthur and Mary were away, and they might feel too lonely. Especially Anne. Afterward, we kids helped them to prepare dinner.

Anne was happy staying together with us. Mother and I were sleeping on one bed while Martha and Anne were sleeping on the other.

It was past midnight. I heard some faint knocking.

Mother was the first to wake up. She grabbed her clock and rushed out.

“What is happening?” Everyone started to come out of their houses. We were all shocked. We saw faint smoke from the direction of the jungle.

What is happening, are we being attacked by some country?

“I’m not sure but I heard some commotion.” Ivan was on guard. He was making sure everyone was there.

Martha woke up too, Anne was still sleeping.

“Where were you?” A man came running. He was breathing very heavy.

“The Caravan …The Caravan was attacked!” His legs gave out and he fell to the ground.