Chapter 13:

Season 1 Finale - Victory

Re Mari : I'll find you even if death did us apart!

I grabbed the iron spear from Mary's hand and stuck it under the carriage.

“What are you doing?” Mary was surprised. I dragged a big stone and placed it right under the spear.

“Sit here and try to push it down.” I pulled Mary back. I turned to those glowing eyes.

“But..” Mary wanted to say something but she stopped herself. Her eyes showed she had faith in me. Good I won't let them near you.

She rushed to the spear and started weighing it down. It was not enough but it was a lot better than trying to carry the Carriage alone. The lever will make it a lot easy.

Mary was also a warrior by heart. She pushed her every ounce of weight into it. A small crack could be heard from the carriage. The carriage was lifted just enough.

Those glowing eyes were still focused on us. They were assessing the situation from afar. The monsters had wolf-like shapes.

I turned back and pulled Arthur from under the carriage as fast as I could.

It was hard but I had no choice or wish to fail. I won’t let anyone I love die in front of me. Not ever again.

Arthur’s breathing was very shallow. Mary was sitting beside Arthur. The carriage was blocking my back so I had to deal with only three sides. I could hear faint growling. They came out from the darkness. Almost two dozen wolf-like creatures.

So they were waiting for the pack to arrive, pretty cunning.

They were bigger than average dogs, their fur was grayish blue. Unlike wolves they had a spike in their tail.

I pointed my sword at them. Bring it on.

The first wolf jumped at my neck, it seemed they didn’t consider swords dangerous. I swung the sword.

It went through its throat. The wolf died.

What is this feeling? The sword is very different than a wooden sword. It even became lighter.

The wolves sniffed the corpse of their fellow.

They were showing their sharp teeth. My feet were shaking but I tried to be firm.

Two wolves started circling me. One more joined. They figured out I could only attack one at a time.

They are smarter than they look.

Mother lend me strength. I whispered.

They all jumped together at me. I jumped back with a swing motion. The wolves from my sides ended up colliding. My small body helped me. I dropped the sword on their head.

Again same feeling. As if I wasn’t even moving the sword.

The handle started to glow.

"Vance?" Mother's voice echoed in my head. How is this possible?

"It's no time to explain." Yes, You are right, I have a pack of wolves blocking my way.

"What! I'll come there right away once I have dealt with this savage." Mother's voice seemed tired.

How can she hear me without even uttering a word?

"It is telepathy, you have called upon me. It seems your magic power has awakened." Mother was out of breath.

Are you okay? You should focus on that beast. While I was thinking that or saying that? Well whatever that was, a wolf attacked again.

the sword started to glow brighter.

Mother is this your doing?

"Yes, I'm lending you some of my powers. It was as I suspected. that sword is a fate's blessing."

If Mother is with me I have no reason to worry.

The wolves started getting more persistent. I have to finish this quickly. I slashed another one and next and next.

They are endless. I was getting tired too. Problem was their large number.

"Vance, listen to me carefully. There must be a wolf hidden behind them. That is the real wolf. The Shadow Wolf can mimic the whole pack with their abilities.

How is this even possible? But it was happening right in front of my eyes.

I can't leave Mary and Arthur behind.

"You don't have to. I'm going to teach you one of my spells."

Mother was speaking very fast. I wished she would focus on the beast in front of her.

"Just visualize what I do when I create a barrier. At the right time slash around them. It will grow a strong plant-made protection around them. You know what to do next."

Yes, Mother. The sword started to glow in my Mother's magic.

I ran backward and slashed around Mary and Arthur. It really grew a round shield made of vines and plants in an instant.

I ran past the wolves. They weren't focusing on me. They rushed to Mary and Arthur, trying to break the shield. I have to hurry and find the real Shadow Wolf.

There! I saw a wolf sitting way in the back. Its eyes were glowing blue. It seemed to focus on something else. I felt a bit hesitant to attack something that was harmless. But my worries didn't last much longer. I saw those wolves shredding the shield with their sharp teeth and claws. It is now or never. I made a clean cut, the Wolf was dead.

The other wolves started to disappear. I ran to Mary.

"What was that? You can use magic?" Mary was surprised.

"We don't have time, let's get Arthur to the village first."

The night was fading away. I was looking at my sword, the handle was still glowing a bit. I Imagined Mother's healing and swung it above Arthur. I wasn't sure if it would work.

We saw small green energy falling on him, His wounds started to heal. On the contrary, my vision started to get blurry. I looked at Arthur getting up. I'm glad. I lost my balance and fell.

When I looked around I saw Arthur running while holding both of me and Mary.

“You woke up? We need to get you and Mary to the village fast.” The forest around me was blurry, Arthur was running fast. All of his wounds were healed. Did I do that?

When we reached the village it was already morning. I could hear birds chirping. Everyone was gathered in the open.

A woman came running to us, it was Martha. She grabbed me from Arthur’s arms. Mary also got down while limping.

“Thank god you are alive.” Martha put me on a cloth and hugged Arthur. She looked at Mary’s wound. I got up.

“Where’s Mother?” I looked around. Martha didn’t say anything.

Mother? Mother? I tried calling her out in my mind like I did in the forest. No response.

Martha pointed at the seashore. There was a huge crowd standing there. I ran past everyone.

What in hell's name is this?

I saw a gigantic beast lying on the beach. Waves were getting around it. It had a whale like mouth, the remaining body was made with unrecognizable animals, the tail had long tentacles. It was horrifying. How did Mother even fight with the disaster like this? Where’s she?

Mother was standing on top of it. She looked so small in front of that giant. Eyes closed and head upwards. She did it again, she used her Goddess powers.

The beast was pierced with multiple tree trunks.

I realized it, everyone was afraid of her. A person capable enough to bring down a beast this big. Mother seemed completely Exhausted.

“Mother! Mother!” I shouted while running towards the corpse. She didn’t react. It was really hard to climb it. I grabbed the slippery skin and climbed up.

It was really high. The sun was hitting me after reflecting on the ocean. I climbed from the face part. Mother was standing on its belly.

I ran towards her. She was drenched and tired.

“Mother…Mother…” I hugged her.

“Huh? What happened?” Mother came back to her senses.

I was holding her with my every last bit of strength. She had no will to stand, she fell on her knees. I caught her. I put her head on my lap.

“What have I done…I showed them my true form…” Mother was sad. She had no visible injuries. Once again I was reminded how formidable my mother was.

“No, you saved a lot of people.” I cleaned her hair with my hand. They were all sticky from the purple blood of the beast.

The morning sun was very warm. “Can I lie down?” I asked Mother.

“I think we both should.” I let myself lose. Finally, the fatigue started taking effect. I fall as if I was not on a horrendous monster but on my bed.

“We did good right?” Mother said slowly.

“Yes Mother, we did good,” I closed my eyes. Mother wrapped her hands around my waist.

I could hear seabirds gathering around the corpse. The sound of waves crashing and falling apart was a lullaby to my ears.