Chapter 15:

Kasegawa Sensei

Wind Sniper 0

I was greeted by an unpleasant sight when I walked through the school gates.

All the student council officers plus Otome and Kasegawa Sensei.

“Tsubaki! Council room now!” Kasegawa barked.


To my shock and horror, both Sakura and Erika were seated in the room when we got there. Akagame readied her phone as Himesaki began the interrogation.

“Yesterday at around 3 P.M. you went entered the shooting range, yes?”

“Yes,” I grumbled.

“And are you not forbidden from entering?”

“Pretty sure I’m just forbidden from practicing.”

“Taking school equipment IS forbidden which you did do. Theft is a very serious offense.”

“I didn’t steal anything! Kasegawa sensei just thought MY rifle was from the school.”

“But it was. I clearly saw it was one of the school’s rifles, albeit heavily modified,” Kasegawa stated.

My heart suddenly began beating quickly. Even Sakura seemed to be getting uncomfortable.

“What I’m more curious to know is why Harukawa decided to help you out,” Kasegawa glared.

There was no way to get out of this. My mind was just too incapable of coming up with a way out. Then things got worse.

Otome gently slapped her hands on the table and stood up.

“Where-is-Ouga?” she asked in a robotic monotonous voice as a tear rolled down her left cheek.

It was like she was a broken machine, which was what unnerved me so much.

“Multiple students saw Ouga Juukurogi chase after you. What happened!?” Simemura angrily glared at me.

It had been a while since I had last seen Shimemura, however she looked like a wreck. She had bags under her eyes, her eyes were red, heck her eyes looked far more vengeful than before.

There was now only one person I could turn to, though I didn’t want to do it. I shot a desperate look at Himesaki as she sadistically smiled back.

“I think this would go much smoother if we split them up and interrogate them separately. Shimemura, you and Kuriyama deal with Erika. Kasegawa Sensei, Sakura. I will deal with Zerou. As for you Juukurogi-san, please return to class. We will inform you of any developments,” Himesaki smiled.

Everyone seemed to agree. Erika shot me a death glare as she was taken away, while Sakura gave me a worried look. It was the first time I’d ever seen her looking so vulnerable and worried.

Once everyone else had left, I turned to face Himesaki as Akagame gleefully recorded.

“Ouga’s dead. I killed him.”

Both Himesaki and Akagame seemed to be taken aback by my words.

“That’s very hard to believe, yet you are a murderer so it’s plausible. Still Ouga though?” Himesaki mused.

“What did Kasegawa mean when she said the rifle was from the school? I got it from Ramona.”

Himesaki scowled as she began to contemplate my question.

“I only saw a glimpse of your rifle, however it looked more like a professional sniper rifle than a modified one from the school. Members of the shooting club DO modify their guns though.”

“Is that why Ouga had a railgun?”

“Yes, I believe that was one he built on his own. Though I doubt it’s competition legal. Hmm, if you’re mentioning his railgun, maybe you really did kill him.”


Sakura glared as Kasegawa stared her down.

“Who are you!” Sakura demanded.

“That’s my question. I did a background check on you yet found nothing. Your official documents look fine, but when I search for your name, nothing comes up,” Kasegawa stated.

“What did you mean by what you said about the rifle,” Sakura asked.

Kasegawa then walked over to Sakura and knocked her out in a flash.

“Wha- “Sakura groaned as she fell unconscious.


Suddenly, Kasegawa sensei returned.

“Back already? Did you find something out?” Himesaki asked.

“Yes, I believe Tsubaki and whoever that girl are have connections to the criminal underworld,” Kasegawa stated.

I immediately went on high alert.

“Quite the bold claim. Do you have solid proof?” Himesaki asked.

“I just know. Before becoming a teacher I was a government intelligence agent. I know these things.”

She was an ex-government agent!? That just made me get even paler.

“Well then, don’t you think we should go to the suspect’s home to retrieve the evidence?” Himesaki suggested.

“Yes but not-“

“It’s Zerou. You really think he can do anything? I’m sure one slap could take him out. I’ll meet you there once I’ve changed into something less conspicuous,” Himesaki stated as she got up.

Kasegawa sighed and ordered me to comply with Himesaki’s demand.


Himesaki emerged from the school wearing the same casual outfit she wore during the Gorobana incident.

“Dress, latex, sneakers…” Kasegawa muttered as she scanned Himesaki’s outfit.

“We wouldn’t want to attract too much attention, Akagame will also be coming with us for protection, so no need to worry,” Himesaki smirked.


As we arrived at my house, Kasegawa ordered me to enter first.

“The door’s locked,” I lied.

“Then knock. I’m sure I saw your mother inside just now,” Kasegawa growled.

Huh? I thought she went out around this time. This was bad, I didn’t want my mother to get caught up in this. Though I guess sadly she’d learn my secret. I knocked on the door and hung my head down.

“Oi Zerou! Head up!” said a voice from behind the door.

I recognized it immediately. It was Ramona. Rather than dwell on why she was here, I decided to comply.

I held my head up as the door opened.


Ramona fired a shot directly at Kasegawa’s chest. She then threw my sniper rifle to me and motioned for me to run inside.

Kasegawa groaned and grabbed my ankles before flinging me into the fence. I felt my ribs cracking as I struggled to stay conscious.

Kasegawa then removed her suit coat, revealing a bulletproof vest underneath.

She then pulled out her gun and ran in after Ramona.

“Hmm? So that’s Ramona? Now I think I understand everything,” Himesaki snickered.

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