Chapter 16:

Ayaka Himesaki

Wind Sniper 0

Sakura awoke bound and gagged.

“Dammit! She knocked me out. Worse, she used zipties to restrain me. Ugh, I’m still not fully healed. If my painkiller wears off before I break free, I’m screwed. I just hope Madam was able to take appropriate counter measures,” Sakura thought as she rolled around the room.

She attempted to finesse her knife out, only to find it had been confiscated.

“SHIT! If I can’t find something to cut these ties…”


Kasegawa focused as she pointed her gun towards the top of the stairs.

“If she pulls out a rocket launcher, I blow it up along with her,” Kasegawa thought.

When nothing happened, Kasegawa slowly began ascending the stairs.


“You dead Zerou?” Himesaki sneered as she stomped her sneaker on my face.

“No! UGH!” I groaned in pain as I stood up.

Judging by the pain, I had fractured a rib or two at the very least.

“No, you should stay down, if you wish to live,” Himesaki snickered as I noticed Ramona escaping to the roof.

I then got back on the ground and acted like I was still knocked down as Kasegawa approached the open window.

“Think you’ve got the advantage, think again,” Kasegawa said as she leapt out the window and climbed up the roof.

Ramona took shots at her, only for them to either miss, be deflected, or hit her bulletproof jacket.

Kasegawa quickly approached Ramona and knocked the gun out of her hand.

“I’ll be probing you for information. Come quietly if you- _!”

Kasegawa struggled to regain her footing as the roof tile she was standing on broke. She then looked down and saw me pointing my rifle at her.

She glared at me as Ramona lobbed a punch at her, only to be blocked.

“It’s not that high, you’ll survive the fall,” Kasegawa growled as she hurled Ramona down the roof.

I then fired multiple shots towards the back fence as I lowered my rifle and stared at Kasegawa.

Ramona had managed to just barely hang onto the rain gutter as she dangled from the roof.

“Kazerou Tsubaki. You’re in a hellpit of trouble for this. Himesaki, Akagame, please stop treating this as a spectacle and restrain Tsubaki until the police arrive,”Kasegawa ordered.

“Say Kasegawa sensei, what did you think of my shooting?” I asked.

“Wasted. Wasted potential. There are far more competent individuals on the shooting team deserving of your talent,” she answered.

“So if I beat you, would that make me superior to you?” I smirked.

“Tsubaki, you’re going to prison. There’s-AHHHH!”

Kasegawa screamed in pain as bullets pierced her arms causing her to drop her gun.

“Where did- “

“Home field advantage. I easily know all the places to fire at to pull off a sneak ricochet shot attack. I just needed to keep you in place until they hit.”

“HOW!? You’re terrible at math.”

“The wind. The wind guides me.”

“How unscientific,” she groaned as my final shot pierced her left thigh causing her to fall face down on the roof.

She then slid down before landing on the ground with a thud. Ramona then maneuvered to the drainpipe and slid down.

“Looks like she’ll survive,” Ramona snickered as she pulled out another gun and pointed it at Himesake and Akagame.

“Now, you two get on your knees, hands above your head,” she ordered.

Akagame then smirked and ran off.

“Oi Kan! Where are you go-Ugh!”

Himesaki looked at her neck to see a tranquilizer needle in it. She fell unconscious before she could react.

“Hmm, she got away. Well, at least I got her master. Come Zerou, we’re bringing her to the base,” Ramona stated as her black sedan pulled up.

The middle-aged man driving got out and loaded the unconscious Himesaki and the wounded Kasegawa into the back seat. Ramona then motioned for me to get in as she got in the passenger’s seat.


Himesaki awoke securely bound to a chair.

“Hoh? Kidnapping me are you?” She sneered as she saw Ramona standing in front of her.

“Kidnapping? Oh no. You’re in for a far crueler fate miss student council president,” Ramona sneered as she slapped a piece of tape over Himesaki’s mouth.

Himesaki grew visibly angrier as she began to struggle.

“Now then, time for your “graduation” miss student council president,” Ramona sneered as she pulled out her phone and began recording.

Before Himesaki woke up, Ramona explained what she wished to do to Himesaki. Half of it made me shudder, but the other half brought a big evil smile to my face.

I then approached Himesaki and turned on the hair clippers I was holding.

“If you don’t want me to do this, just say no,” I snickered.

Himesaki’s muffled protests rang out as I began shearing off her hair. I stopped when her hair became as short as Erika’s.

“Hmm, come to think of it Erika had far less hair at the graduation. What do you think Ayaka-chan?” I sneered.

“MMMPH NGH MMPH!” Himesaki roared in anger as I sheared her hair as short as the clippers would make it.

I then began brushing the hair off her clothes and gathering it up off the ground. Himesaki attempted to stomp on my fingers with her sneakers, but was unable to lift her legs high enough to effectively do so due to the restraints.

I then lathered her head and eyebrows with shaving cream causing her anger to peak as I mercilessly shaved her smooth. Himesaki was now completely bald and browless, but unfortunately for her, she was far from over. I then covered Himesaki’s entire head and face with shaving cream and shaved her again.

Once I was done, Ramona walked up and ripped the tape of Himesaki’s mouth.

“YOU BITCH! I’LL KILL YOU FOR THIS!” Himesaki roared as we began the next phase of Himesaki’s punishment.



Himesaki’s anger went down a notch as her voice became a little more afraid.

“NO, Don’t you-Mmph!”

Ramona covered up Himesaki’s mouth before covering every inch of Himesaki’s head and face in wax. Even her eyes were covered up. I was then ordered to pull off the wax causing Himesaki to howl in pain.

“Hmm, seems there’s still some eyelashes left,” Ramona sneered as she covered Himesaki’s eyes and mouth with wax. 

Once she was satisfied with the result, she ripped the wax of Himesaki's mouth and showed her a mirror.

“AAAAAHHHH! YOU BITCH! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!?” Himesaki cried in anger as tears poured down her face.

“Serves you right for all the hell you’ve given me, Erika, and anyone else that crossed you, Hagesaki,” I snickered as I slapped her bald head.

Ramona then stopped recording and placed a restraining device over Himesaki’s mouth as her driver walked behind Himesaki.

“Alonzo, chip her,” Ramona ordered.

Himesaki’s muffled screams of pain and despair rang out as she was chipped.

“And now you’re my civil servant. You’ll still have your will and consciousness, but I’ll be able to take control of you at any time should I please. Now Zerou, your turn for a shave. You won’t get chipped, but I think you need to match Ayaka Hagesaki in looks,” Ramona snickered.


“Tee hee, that’s an order, now sit down!”

I forgot how much I hated this woman.

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