Chapter 46:

Chapter 46

Prince of the Sun

The eyes of a soul tainted by the possession of a demon remain purple and they are passed down to the next generation as well.

Jace remembered the lesson, it echoed through his mind as it was his new reality.

Gone were his bright blue eyes, replaced with irises of lavender. He stared at Zebedaios who was completely broken by the actions he had been forced into. Hanging his head, horns glinting as they shifted, Zebedaios accepted his fate. Jace was allowed to take it out on him. Tears fell from his eyes and dropped onto the floor, the only sound in the empty hall seemed amplified.

“I’m so sorry,” Zebedaios whispered again.

He could feel the heat of Jace’s eyes on him. Yet the burning did not come. Only Jace’s voice, “How did the Myth Hunters do it?”

“They…” Zebedaios thought deeply, he lifted his head to see the Phoenix not looking angry but deeply distraught, “They used something that trapped my soul within their own, some kind of complex witchcraft, soul weaving magic. I can’t explain it yet they were weaponizing and enhancing my own abilities for their own sick purposes.”

“They’ve possessed everyone else it seems, wouldn’t the demons fight back?” Jace asked.

Zebedaios’ eyes widened. “Everyone? Ummm… the Demons fighting back… surely some of them might yet at least initially they probably wouldn’t. The other Demons are likely drunk on the power that the Myth Hunters have given them. They are either unable or unwilling to fight against them. Wait Jace does that mean your own mother has been targeted?”

Jace nodded, his face clouded in thought.

“We can’t delay, we have to help her,” Zebedaios’ voice was far more panicked than he intended.

“Phoenix can’t do anything for someone who is possessed,” Jace said, glumly.

“I can,” Zebedaios whispered.

A spark of hope lit in Jace’s chest. He quickly turned back the way he came and started to run. Zebedaios was close behind him.

They quickly made it to the emergency doors. With the help of Zebedaios they were able to open the doors. Jace was thankful to be trusted enough to be given access to open them a few years ago.

They continued down the hall both running as hard as they could.

Gaufrid was still on the floor trapped under the net, he was still. Jace opened it was because he was battling the Myth Hunter and Demon and not because his soul was being consumed.

Sadly they had to step past him into the office were the Queen was. After all she was extremely important, if it were up to Jace they would have gone to Lynn first. His mother was still hunched over clutching her head. She was a fearsome and powerful Phoenix she would not allow herself to be possessed and taken control of. Jana was also in the same position.

Zebedaios quickly disappeared. Jace just watched the spot where he once stood for a moment. So helpless.

He looked at Jana on the ground and held her hand. It was as much comfort as he could provide to her. He hoped that she could feel it in her state. She was still wearing her gloves, though his were off. He quickly pulled her glove off and hand her hand with bare skin touching. His power thrummed against hers responding to each other. Jace had always found the feeling to be uplifting.

He squatted there with her hand in his own and watched his mother. She started to writhe, her now purple eyes glowed the power she was using within. Jace worried for a second that by leading a Demon straight to the Monarch he had just doomed her to her own death, that Zebedaios had just made it worse and her internal fighting now was her making her last stand. Guilt swirled within Jace.

What relieved him of it was realising the Guilt was just prejudice, hammered hard into him.

Zebedaios could have consumed him, he had so many opportunities to destroy Jace yet every single time Zebedaios had made the opposite choice. Zebedaios had been kind and had fought to protect Jace. There was no reason for Jace to believe that Zebedaios was lying now.

And when Pearl let out a gasp and her body relaxed, Jace could feel nothing but pride for the Demon who had only shown compassion.

Zebedaios appeared beside him. “That was tough, your mother was up against one of the most powerful demons I’ve ever seen, I think it is from some kind of horrible prison. It wasn’t expecting me though.”

Jace gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Zebedaios smiled. It wasn’t the cocky and seductive smile Jace was used to seeing this was a cute one, genuine and from the heart.

“Thank you,” Jace said.

“I just possessed you, Jace you don’t need to be grateful.”

“It wasn’t your fault.”

Before Zebedaios could say another word the Queen began to stir and sit up. Yet next to her a woman appeared. Blonde hair pulled back into a tight bun, a severely tight blue dress and blue shattered eyes. The woman leered over the Queen. Jace gasped and shoot light across the room, hitting the demon square in the chest. It fizzled with darkness before reforming with the broken laugh.

“Pathetic,” said the Demon.

Pearl’s head turned sharply and she began to get to her feet, she was a little shaky but soon she stood at her full height, towering over the Demon. The demon blasted her with darkness energy but it floated around the Queen harmlessly.

“You don’t dare insult my son,” was all Pearl said before she blasted the demon with the most intense light Jace had ever felt. Pearl had truly unleashed her full power. Jace jumped in front of Zebedaios and flared out his jacket to shield Zebedaios from it.

The Demon never stood a chance, it was gone within seconds.

Pearl stopped the attack. She turned on toward Jace still with the sharp formality that she carried herself with at all times though her braids and curls were disrupted by the whole situation. Her now purple eyes locked onto Zebedaios.

White panic lashed through Jace. He knew that his mother was not going to ask questions. Zebedaios squeezed Jace’s hand and he was gone, a second later white heat blasted over Jace’s shoulder.

Pearl blinked a few times after using the light of her eyes.

“You got it,” Jace said, a lie that he hoped was truly a lie.