Chapter 1:

A new life is

Kaneki's new life

Today in the afternoon I visited Yoriko.

"Hi Yoriko."

"Hi Touka.How is Ichika?"

"She is fine.She went for a walk with Ken.How is Takeomi?"

"He is ok."

"What about the baby?"

"He is sleeping.But still I haven't thought a name about him."

"I am sorry Yoriko for not being honest..."

"I know...But if you think about it...It isn't fair.Ghouls have also rights for living.Right now the dragon orphans are mortal enemies of both humans and ghouls."

"There are ghouls that still eat humans.It still amazes me...It's been six years."

"I know.Touka,when did you fell for Kaneki?"

"To be honest...I don't know...I got attached to him the moment he told me that he would be sad if I had died.How is your life with Takeomi?"

"I am very happy.I never imagined someone like Takeomi would choose me."

"I am glad you are happy.To be honest...I never imagined how my life would be.I always thought I would die alone.I was wrong.I want to tell you something..."

I wispered at Yoriko's ear.

"Congratulations Touka!"

"Thank you.I should go see Ken and Ichika."

"Ok.See you soon.Have a good day."

I went home.Renji arrived.Ken told to Renji to watch over Ichika so we could spend a little time together.We went for a walk at Kaneki's old univrsity.

"It brings back a lot of memories,right Ken?"

"Yes.Touka,I am sorry for calling you a monster back then."

"I understand you were afraid and confused."

"Later I became a monster too."

"You were never a monster Ken."

I touched his cheek.

"My dear Touka..."

I blushed.

"I miss Mr.Yoshimura a lot,Touka."

"What happened to Eto?

"I don't know.I haven't heard anything from her.Touka,I am glad I am here.I am grateful for everything I have.I have you,our family,our friends.I am happy."

I kissed him.

"Ken...seeing you happy makes me happy too.Well I am slowly turning into an old hag."

"Don't say that.You are beautiful."

"Don't mess with me Ken."

"I am not messing with you.I mean it."

Ken and I kissed.Then he kissed my forehead.So we continued our walk until Ken carried me to his arms.

"Ken!What are you doing?"

"You will see.Trust me.Hold on."


So Ken jumped high on rooftops of houses and appartments.Until we reached the Tokyo Tower.I could see the whole Tokyo dressed in the lights in the night.

"It is so beautiful!"

"You like it?"

"No...I adore it.How do you feel?"

"I am ok.Don't worry."

We hugged tight and we kissed.So we returned at home.Renji awas taking care of Ichika.

"Ken,can we talk in private?"

"Sure.Is something wrong?"

"I went to the doctor.Ken...We are going to have a baby."

"This means..."

"Are you ok?"

"Ok?I am so excited!"

Ken hugged me tight.We kissed.

"Hey little one,your papa,your mama and your sister can't wait to see you."

I laughed.So we went to our bedroom.We announced to Ichika and Renji and that we are going to have a baby.Kaneki patted Ichika's head.Ichika was so happy.She looks so much like Kaneki.I never expected I would have a family.But I am very greatful and happy for my family.We went to Tsukiyama's mansion.He threw a party about the anniversary of the US Front and the beginning of ghouls lives.Ayato,Hinami,Nagi,Miza,Nishiki,Kimi,Hori,Hide our friends came.We arrived at the party with Ken,Ichika and Renji and we told them the news.That was an extra reason for Tsukiyama to celebrate.Also Nagi and Miza were expecting a baby.Thanks to Kimi we had synthetic foods for us and 0f course there was human food for our little baby girl,our human friends.

I am happy that finally the ghouls are able to live.The fight with the dragons isn't over.But we earned our rights to the life too.Right now we are living the moment.

Kaneki's new life