Chapter 21:

My dear, beloved sisters

Re Mari : I'll find you even if death did us apart!

“I had neglected my bonds and family. My work became my first priority.” I was strolling on the beach with Mother.

This is a lot to unpack. All these regrets.

“Do you regret it?” Mother’s eyes had a hint of sadness.

I can’t really lie to her.

“I did, and it seems I still do. Maybe that’s why I took it out on them. Seeing Anne standing there protecting me, even the thought that what if something were to happen to her? I have made so many mistakes in the past. I should have cherished my loved ones more.” My mood turned sour. Painful memories started coming back.

“Then you shouldn’t repeat the same mistake again.” Mother pointed at Anne and Mary. They were looking at me with a worried expression.

“Go to your sisters. I’ll handle the aftermath.” Mother started walking towards the tent where the Crowned Empire people were.

Arthur was angry too. His daughter's life was in danger because of them. The Crowned Empire was in a pinch because two angry parents were coming for them. They both went inside together. 

May some other goddess save them, because mine won't.

I went to Mary and Anne. The first thing I did was to hit Anne.

“You don’t love me, do you? You know how sad I would be if something were to happen to you?” I was pretending to be angry. She needs to think before taking action and putting herself in dangerous situations.

“I-” I saw big tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. The more she was holding back, the more they were piling up.

Aw, my sister. Don’t make that face. Now I’m feeling bad.

She was angry at me. I looked at Mary, She shrugged at me.

What? Both of them at the same time? I can’t handle this emotional damage.

“I just want to say thank you for saving me, Anne.” I was such an idiot. All she wanted was to see me safe.

“Really? You are not angry at me?” She was looking with those big sparkly eyes.

“Y-yes of course. Why would I?” I hugged her. She is adorable.

“Yay!” Anne stopped crying.

“Yeah Yeah. You two keep me out of this.” Mary said with unpleasantness in her voice, she walked away.

“We should probably go after her.”

 I looked behind the commotions. Dead legendary beast, half beach turned into glass land. This day sure is wild. 

I saw Saintess Emma looking at us as we were walking up the village road. I could see she probably wanted to follow us but she didn’t. 

Right now I have to focus on the people in front of me. Maybe Sakura could be there, maybe not. But Mary and Anne are right here with me. I can’t neglect them.

“Wait up, Mary.” Anne was already panting from running.

“I have a plan,” I told Anne my mischievous idea.

She giggled, “Let’s do that. She will definitely feel better.”

“Mary just tell us what happened?” I stopped Mary when she was about to go inside the house.

She stood there in silence, I was confused until slow sobbing came from her direction. She was crying.

We both ran to her.

Anne hugged her while I went to see her face.

“Come on…We are fine.” Her eyes were wet. She was the eldest but she was still a kid.

She was talking while crying, “I thought I would lose you both at once. You know how scared I was? I couldn’t even gather the courage to help you. I thought if something were to happen to you both, I would die too-”

“Stupid!” I almost slapped her. I could see myself in her eyes, I thought the same when Sakura died.

“You think we would like that?” I was holding my tears. The way they both are just so casual about giving their lives after me, “Look what you did to Anne.”

Anne started crying again. Mary was confused too, it was hard to tell who was consoling who.

“Come with us.” Anne wiped her tears and started dragging Mary.

“Where are we going?” Mary asked me.

“You will see.” I pushed her from behind.

We arrived at our old tree, our hideout.

“Why are we here?” Mary still wasn’t sure why we dragged her there.

“Climb up.” Anne pointed at the tree.

“You mean you want to climb up? Let me help.” Mary went close to the stomp.

“No, we want you to climb,” I said while pulling Anne by my side.


“You never climbed it because you always were thinking about our safety. So we want you to climb it.”

She climbed with a surprised look.

“How’s it?” Anne asked with excitement.

“I don’t know...”

“Come on sit properly.” Anne was ordering Mary. It was really cute.

“Okay okay, see I’m sitting just like you.” Mary was a bit anxious but she laid back and sat just like we do.

“So? How’s the view?” Anne was more excited than Mary.

“Geez let me think.” Mary laughed. Few moment passed before I looked up.

“It is… It is beautiful.” I saw the evening sun hitting Mary’s face, shining the tears in her eyes.

“See! I know right!” Anne jumped with joy, “I knew you would love it.”

She bumped into me. Geez, this girl is having too much fun.

“I should get down. You guys must want to climb too.” Mary moved towards the trunk.

“No!” Anne screamed with her hands in a crossed position.

“Today you will stay there and we will stay down here.”

Mary was speechless against Anne.

“You should just do what she says.” I smiled at her.

I sat near the trunk with Anne. We looked at the sunset for a while. It was a blissful moment. Wish this goes on forever. Anne leaned on my shoulder.

“From now on we will take turns,” Anne said while hopping on one leg. She was running ahead of us.

I looked at Mary, “We are your siblings, and I know you feel that you have to protect us. But it’s fine to take it easy. We feel the same way about you.” I said while looking ahead.

“Thank you, I have the best brother in the world.”

“You sure do.”

When we reached my home I saw Mother and Arthur waiting for us.

“What happened?”

Arthur spoke first, “We managed to sort the issue with the Crowned Empire. Vance won the duel. Both kingdoms agree to that.” Arthur had a happy tone in his voice.

“That sounds a good thing. So why don't you look happy?” I turned to Mother. Mother was sitting down with one hand on her head, while her legs curled up.

“Those kids were going to the Royal Academia, as a cultural exchange program. You defeated their rising talent in a fair duel. Now the King Herald wants you to take Ryn’s place instead as a new student.” Arthur said while having a huge smile.

“Does that mean I have to go to the Royal Academia?”

Mother just nodded.

But I can’t even use the magic without the sword. I know why Mother is worried.

I sat down beside her with a hand on my head while curling up. Just like her.

Anne thought it was some game. She sat down near me with the same posture.