Chapter 25:

Season 2 Finale - The new allies and past enemies

Re Mari : I'll find you even if death did us apart!

The Royal Capital was huge. I have seen old European cities in pictures. It was way bigger than those cities. The whole Capital was surrounded by big walls. I saw a long line of both people and carriages.

“Look look.” Anne pointed at a girl with cat ears.

“Hey! It’s rude to point fingers.” Mary grabbed her hand while getting embarrassed.

“Nyaa!” the cat girl was walking along with our carriage. She came close while jumping.

“Are you new to the Capital?” She smiled at Anne.

Anne was startled, it was her first time meeting someone new, and that too a beastman.

“Y-yes, I’m sorry for pointing a finger at you.” She quickly got up and apologized.

“What a sweet girl nyaa! It is fine fine. Want to touch them?” The cat girl also had a small orange tail. Her eyes were wide yellowish, with cat-like similarities. It was also my first time seeing someone like her.

“Can I?” Anne asked Mother. Mother nodded.

“Yay!” She went and fluffed her ears.

“Um, I’m Vance Alison, and these are my sisters. Mary and Anne.” I got out and introduced myself.

“I’m Nara nyaa! I’ll see you around kids.” She seemed an easygoing girl.

“Bye bye nyaaaa!” Anne was trying to copy her speech.

The line was long so the caravan leader asked us to get off while we could.

“In the afternoon there will be too many vendors and shoppers. I advise you, if you don’t have too much luggage you get off here. You can just walk at that gate and the soldiers will let you go. May the Goddess Crutia protect us all.” He was a very humble and caring person. We all thanked him for taking care of us in the journey.

Everyone got out and took their bags. Anne had her small bag with her too. I was holding multiple bags as we had too many things with us.

“Welcome to the Royal Capital. Please tell me your name and your reason for this visit.” A very tall-looking girl asked us. She was wearing knight armor. She had a blue long hat.

We handed our names and Mother explained about the Royal Academia admission.

“You must be very proud, please proceed this way while we register your names. If it is your first time here I suggest visiting the City office and getting your verification card made. Thank you.”

She was so well-spoken and polite. It reminded me of employees in stores.

Guess this world has a pretty stable society and system in place.

There were three different gates. The last gate would open directly into the Royal Capital. Mary and Anne got scolded as they were too immersed in looking around. I held Anne’s hand while Mother held Mary’s hand.

It was overwhelming. I saw all kinds of people and things. Some had long ears, while some even had horns. Some were in groups. The place was filled with shops and vendors. Everyone was selling and buying something.

We asked around for the Royal Academia.

The further we walked we found fewer vendors but more shops. The shops had glass windows and their name carved on it. Everyone had vibrant clothes and dresses.

We noticed soldiers in different uniforms patrolling the area.

“Halt!” A shout came from behind.

“I’m arresting you all,” A white-bearded knight came to us. He smiled while waving his hand.

Anne and Mary started panicking. I saw the mischievousness in his eyes. Mother didn’t say anything.

“Is it because Anne brought peaches? I didn’t know they were illegal here.” Anne took out some plum peaches from her bag. She was looking down.

“Correct, now come with me.” That guy was having too much fun teasing Anne. Anne was about to cry from guilt.


He suddenly burst out laughing.

“I knew you were adorable but this is too much,” he wiped his tears.

“I’m Grant, one of the Royal Guards. King Herald himself had instructed me to guide you to the Castle. I had asked the gate to inform me if someone named Vance Alison arrives”

Grant was wearing a tight white shirt and had a ponytail.

“Meanie uncle.” Anne started pouting and hitting him.

He was laughing even more. It seems he loves kids.

“I’m sorry for playing a prank on you.” He apologized to Anne, but Anne was still angry.

“Give her some time, she will come around,” I said while formally introducing myself.

“Can we visit the Royal Academia first? Mary here is already late for her admission. If we don’t hurry they might forfeit her name.” Mother asked Grant.

“Why not! Let’s go there first.” Grant looked like he would do anything if we asked.

I noticed some burn marks around his hands. His hairs were a bit grey, Grant was probably in his mid-40s. I loved constructing theories in my head as a detective in my past life.

The Royal Academia was not far from the City Center. We went straight to the admission office.

Anne was fidgeting, I looked at Mary. She asked Grant about the bathroom. I had figured that was the reason.

“Just follow this tree line, you will arrive at the Royal Academia building. It is right around that corner.” Grant explained nicely.

I went together with Anne. Mary and Mother went inside the office to talk about the admission.

This world was really well established compared to the rural village. That’s Royal Capital for you. The bathroom was a big building designed for the students of the Royal Academia.

Anne went in and I was strolling when I saw two kids following a girl.

This looks suspicious.

“Anne wait for me here once you are done,” I shouted from the outside and followed them.

I wouldn’t usually follow someone else’s trouble but it was weird.

I felt I should follow them.

I could only see the girl from afar, those two kids were a bit older. They are wearing uniforms so must be students of the Royal Academia.

I quietly followed them around for a while. What am I even doing? Anne must be waiting for me. I was just thinking that when I heard a scream. It was a girl’s voice.

I ran towards the scream. Those two kids from before came running from that direction and bumped into me.

“Hey! Watch where you going.” They were pretty rude.

“Let’s teach this brat a lesson too.” One of them said.

“Should I make you cry, just like that peasant trash?” They both started laughing.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking properly.” I didn’t want to fight them before I even got into the Academia.

“Now that’s a rat who knows his place. You all should be like that. Staying in your place and keeping your head down.” It seemed that the kid felt in power.

Well, I’ll just play along.

“W-what exactly did you do to that girl? I was just curious so I don’t end up like her.” My talent for buttering ill-natured people was handy.

“Yes yes, you should be smart and keep your head low. We are your seniors and pure blood.” The one with yellow hair said.

“That girl is a new admission in the peasant class, she was being too much cocky. So we just used some hallucination magic on her.” The red-haired guy supported his friend. They both were boasting about their skills.

Ahhh… I feel sad for her but it seems they didn’t do anything harmful.

“Dear seniors you even know complex spells?” I was more interested in spells. I could use these guys to find out some information.

“You have a good eye for a dirt rat.” The yellow haired guy wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“Using this spell is very easy on weak people. You just use the potion on them and they will do the work. The spell will show them some nasty nightmares based on their fears.”

“Isn’t it quite fitting for these kinds?” He asked me.

“Yes yes, I agree one should always remember their status.”

“You know what is more hilarious? That girl was crazy. She was even shouting some weird shit while crying.” 

It seems they really bullied the poor girl a lot.

“Yeah, that was hilarious. Wonder what was that.”

I nodded in affirmation. 

“Sato- what was the word?” Yellow haired said.

“Satoshi?” the redhead asked.