Chapter 1:

The sweet release of a beginning

The Sweet Release of Happiness

“Might as well get this done,” I mutter as I’m walking up some stairs. The time is around 11 pm, give or take a few minutes, so the roads of Tokyo are basically empty.

At most, there are just four drunks and one driver returning from karaoke once in a while, perfect for today.

In the middle of the bridge, I think of that day 10 years ago and confirm to myself that this is what I want.

I step on the railing, cross my arms, and dive headfirst onto the road. “At least it’s over,” are my final thoughts as I hit the ground. Is that screaming?

“What are you guys screaming about?” says a male with a voice that sounds kind of like an American.

Another voice, male again but with a higher-pitched voice, shouts, “A guy just fell from the sky and landed in the car through the sunroof!”

Then guy 1 says, “That has to be the worst joke you ever told Jiro, and that’s saying something.”“But he is telling the truth! The guy landed right in front of my face,” a female voice says, which sounds right beside me.

“Even Atsuo is in on the quote-unquote joke?” the guy1 says.

“Just fucking look!” barked another female voice, but more assertive.

“Fine, I’ll lo-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” A loud squeal came who I think is the driver because as he screams, the car starts to swerve right and left.

“Told you,” says another female voice, sounding a bit smug but also a little panicky.

“Who even is this person?!” yells the driver.

“It’s Masao Ishida,” says girl 2.

“Oh Daitan, you know this guy?” asks the driver.

“No, I stole his wallet and- man this guy is broke,” says who I think is Daitan.

Guy1 makes some sounds of frustration.

“I may be reading this wrong but shouldn’t we get this Masao guy to a hospital?” asks who I think is Atsuo.

Then, who I think is Jiro, says, “I may be reading this wrong?! People like you are the reason I’m on medication.”

Girl 3 remarks, “OK now that’s a bad joke. Copy and write some better jokes on your hand next time.”

“Oh, you’re talking about writing? Why don’t we write about how you have been failing to get a published book for 5 years, Reina?” Jiro says very condescendingly.

Then who I think is Reina replies condescendingly with “Oh we’re going there now? Why don’t we talk about your Google search history?”

After that reply, they just start to argue unintelligibly and then Atsuo says to herself “I just wanted to know if we should go to the hospital.”

Then Daitan says “Of course! Unlike stupid America, we have free healthcare right Anton?”

Then the driver, who I think is Anton, snarled “You know YOU live in MY house.”

“And I pay more rent than you,” replies Daitan.

“Anton look” Atsuo advises but he doesn’t respond to that and instead growls “Oh shut up with that! I know all your earnings come from Twitch.”

“Anton,” Atsuo tries again but is ignored again.

Daitan remarks “So you’re jealous that people want me and not you?”

Then Atsuo yells “Anton!” and he yells back “WHAT IS IT ATSUO?!”

Atsuo yells to him “Look!” Then there is a pause for a second and then Atsuo yelps and I hear the loudest drift ever.

I then hear Jero remark “Now that’s what I call a Tokyo drift.” 

Finally, I hear a loud smack, and just like all my other senses, my hearing also goes.