Chapter 21:

OBJECTION! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Mismatch Romance

I waited for my ride outside the airport terminal. I can feel the humid air pressing against me. I keep thinking about what I last said to Rika on that flight. “Have a nice trip.” I know, I should have confessed then, but I couldn’t get the words out. Not to worry, next time I see Rika face to face, I will tell her.

Thanks to Prez, I know Rika and her fiance are staying at the Grand Golden Royal Resort. I called a cab and checked in for the night. When I woke up I noticed a lot of missed calls and texts. I guess I forgot to update the group last night. I sent a few texts in the chat, I mentioned how I’m okay, that I saw Rika and I haven’t confessed yet. Afterwards, I finished getting ready.

I took a deep breath. Okay, I know what I want to say. The question is how am I going to say it to her?

(Knock, knock, knock.)

Is it room service? Checking through the peephole I couldn’t believe who I saw. I opened the door.”

“Really guys, I said.”

“Hey, Kazu.”

“Hi Kazuma.”

“Greetings Ito.”

“What are you guys doing here?”

“Checking to see how the crop of love is faring, said Prez.”

“Translation, Midori started getting worried about you two, so we took her private jet.”

Prez turns her head to the side, “It’s not like I care.”

“Aww who knew Midori-chan was such a softy,” said Dachi.

“What was that Yamazki, you would like to walk back to the mainland.”

“Ah, no, sorry.”

“So how did things go yesterday with her?” Saori asked.

“Well, I wasn’t able to confess. But it was nice to hear her voice again. But guys, I’m glad you’re all here. I could really use your help. I’m stuck on what to do next.”

“You know they say one of the most honorable things one can do is ask for help. Lucky for you I already have a plan. First a bit of context. Yamazaki, why is Rika and her fiance here?”

“For her fiance’s sister's wedding rehearsal.”

“Exactly. The plan is quite simple really. Through a generous, anonymous donor, I acquired four invites. While I dazzle the crowd, Team Daori will do the necessary setups to make sure everything is picturesque. Once everything is ready, I will encourage Johnson to say his wedding vows. This is where you come in, Ito. You will emerge from the shadows, shout I object, and then proclaim your love for Tanaka. To not arouse suspicion. You three will be my bodyguards.”

“So pretty much I’m confessing at a wedding. That’s extremely cliche.”

“Just because something is cliche doesn’t mean it’s bad. Cliches are cliches for a reason. That means people enjoy them. So what do you think of the plan?”

“Will it even work?”

“Who knows, but don’t you think that's what makes life interesting? The uncertainty of it all. Even if we can actually predict what will happen. It’s the journey, not the destination that makes life fascinating.”

“Well, I have nothing else to lose.”

The three of us put on our bodyguard disguises, which consisted of suits, sunglasses, and masks. She also brought wigs for Dachi and Saori.

“I’m surprised she didn’t ask me to wear a wig.”

“It’s probably because you look like a generic NPC character,” said Dachi.

“Better than looking like a generic anime protagonist.”


“Ah, hem.”

Prez exited the bathroom. She was wearing a long, revealing dress, with cat-eyed frames instead of her usual rounded one. If I didn’t know who she was, I would guess she was a model.

“I can see you staring boys. The dress is a custom order Hashimoto original. ”

“Midori,” Saori chuckles.

“Hashimoto original?” I asked.

“Yeah, my father is a famous fashion designer. He has also designed Midori dresses ever since she was young. Actually, the day we became close was when I selected a green dress for Midori.”

“It was love at first sight. She shifts her glasses. The most stunning dress I have ever seen. Enough, reminiscing, let's put the plan into action.”

The four of us headed towards the reception area, after giving our invites. The plan was put into motion. As I remained out of sight, Dachi and Saori spent their time rearranging the decorations, while Prez captivated the crowd. Given how she’s dressing and acting I doubt Rika will realize who she is. Once we finished going through the planned rehearsal. Prez makes her move.

“Oh I don’t know,” said one guy.

“Come on, you heard her, it'll be fun,” said one woman.

I realize those voices are coming from Johnson, Rika’s fiance, and his sister. Prez must have convinced him to practice reading his vows.

We all headed back to the altar. I was amazed at how stunning everything looked. Lit tiki torches, bubbles, and yellow flowers abound, Dachi and Saori did a good job.”

At the altar stands Rika and Johnson. It seems that Johnson’s sister is playing the role of the officiator.

Johnson began to speak. Rika you are the most beautiful person I have ever known. I am happy for our present and excited for our future. I can’t wait to see our relationship grow from simple strangers to so much more. I hope you will take me to be your…”

“OBJECTION!” I shouted.

“Isn’t the phrase ‘I object?’” I hear Saori ask.

“His timing is off too,” added Dachi.

“Kazuma-kun,” Rika whispers.

Again, all eyes are on me.

“Rika you’re the sunshine on a cloudy day. Talking to you makes everything okay. There are so many things about you I can say. From your optimism, and positivity, to even your quirks, doubts, and fears, there is not a thing I don’t like about you. While our time was short, I’m happy to have met you. There are so many things I have left to say, but there is one thing I want to get out of the way.



That you found someone who cares about you. I wish for everlasting happiness between you and Johnson. In the end, love isn’t constant, it changes and grows. As he has said, your love is bound to bloom. Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. I apologize for the interruption. I will take my leave.”

Goodbye, Rika Tanaka.

I know I should have confessed. But it’s like he said eventually their love will turn from strangers to something more. That’s what happened with us, isn’t it? Not every story gets a happy romantic ending. But that’s okay. Even though it wasn’t technically a confession, I feel okay. I’ll just have to mov-”


That voice….

I turned around, it was Rika with tears in her eyes.

“The evidence you have is faulty, and as such is rejected in the court. Therefore your objection is overruled.”


“I know, I know, I said I was happy. That’s what I have been saying to everyone, but it’s not true at all. Everything, everything I’ve said has been lies. Let me for once just say the truth. Have you ever heard of the saying if you repeat something long enough it’ll come true. So that’s what I've been doing, if I say I’m happy then I’m happy. If I say I hate you, then I hate you. But it doesn’t work at all! No matter how hard I try I can’t change how I feel. When I saw you again I was genuinely happy. You reminded me how this past month I’ve been the happiest I've ever been.”

“For real?”

Kazuma I really wanted to tell you how I truthfully felt about you. But I couldn't, after all, I’m Rika Tanaka, heir to Circle Link Technologies. I have to obey my parents' wishes. But I’m tired of living this way. I no longer want to be anyone's puppet. I’m tired of lying, I’m tired of stress. I’m tired of believing that I have no choice and pushing others away. Remember that panic attack back at the Ferris wheel, the cause wasn’t heights but the thought I’ll lose you. Kazuma, you said I was your sunshine, to me you're the sweet gentle rain that washes away my pain. From here on out, I’m taking my stand. Now in closing, Kazuma-kun I-”

Before she finished, I ran over to hug her. Her tears began to run down her face. I can feel my own tears running too.