Chapter 53:

Casino Cruise Part 2: Odds of winning

Escape Witch

Emeri gritted her teeth in frustration as she hung up.

“Dammit! Why aren’t they picking up!? Don’t tell me that bitch did something,” Emeri grumbled as she bolted towards the room.

When she arrived, she found a giant hole in the wall.

“What the hell!? The suitcases are gone too! Though two backpacks are left. Mine and Mado-chan’s. Ugh, I don’t like the looks of this.”

After confirming the backpacks weren’t booby trapped, Emeri opened hers up and changed out of her stage outfit.

“Surprised the boots can fit in here, but I’m glad they do. I’d rather not wear them everywhere,” Emeri stated as she exited in her default attire.

She also took her backpack and Madoka’s with her as she made her way back to the Casino.


When Emeri arrived, she was greeted by Melinda and Nadea, both of whom were dressed in Casino attendant attire.

“Hmm? It seems you are alone. Well, I shall grant you 300,000 euros. Keep in mind if you run out there is a loan counter. Of course, your credit card will not be accepted, so you’ll need to convert cash on hand. If you win each of the four games that I hinted at have the keys, you shall be granted the keys in addition to your earnings,” Melinda stated as she presented a tray of chips.

“How do I know nothing’s rigged?” Emeri growled.

“You don’t,” Melinda scoffed as she and Nadea walked away.

Emeri sighed and tapped the grutooth device hidden in her ear.

“I hope you bastards are truthful.”

Emeri walked in and spotted a key symbol on one of the slot machines.

“Hmm, so one of the keys is in a slot machine, come to think of it, that Nadea bitch listed off various casino games when disguised as Lawrence. Maybe those were hints. That means Bingo, Roulette, and a card game probably house the remaining keys. It looks like Bingo will take some time, nor can I do it right away. The slot machine I might be able to hack, but if I do, than I’d want to do that last to avoid that bitch from changing the rules on me. Guess that means roulette.”

Emeri headed for the roulette wheel and sat down.

“Ah welcome miss. We’re currently running a special. If you win 100,000 or more, you get a free piece of key lime pie,” Melinda said in a cheery voice.

“Dammit! I’m playing exactly as she wants me to,” Emeri thought.

Since she needed to be careful on time, Emeri decided to go all in on some bets.

The first roll ended badly. So did the second. The 3rd roll however resulted in Emeri’s win.

“Well congratulations. Here are your winnings as well as your key lime pie,” Melinda snickered as she handed over the winnings and a key.

“I bet she let me win that one. The wheel was undoubtedly rigged,” Emeri thought as she went to the Bingo Hall.

As far as Emeri could tell, Melinda nor Nadea was present in the room. However, there was a crowd, meaning she’d be competing against them all in order to get a bingo.


Emeri began to sweat as the game progressed.

“Dammit! I’m still 2 away. Plus, this game has been going on for ages. If someone calls Bingo now, I’ll have wasted all that time,” Emeri thought.

“I 12!” the host called out.

Emeri was now one away.

“B 2!”

“O 60!”

“BINGO!” Emeri shouted.

As she walked up to have her card checked, she noticed a lot of people were resting. Luckily, her win was confirmed, and she gained an additional 100,000 in chips and a key. As she exited, she noticed Melinda hovering by the slot machine.

“Ah, I thought I should mention that an anti-cheat system has been put in place for this slot machine. Should a cheater be caught, they will be ejected into the sea. The odds of winning a key are high, assuming you put in a sufficient amount of coins. Now, how much do you wish to exchange?” Melinda asked.

“Just 10,000,” Emeri growled.

“Hmm, just so you know, you will need 3 of a kind in order to attempt the card game. You’ll also need far more than the mere 250,000 chips you have on hand. 300,000 is the entry fee,” Melinda taunted.

Emeri inserted all 10,000 credits into the slot machine. She was able to get 3 keys, however, it was just the key. No additional earnings came out of the slot machine.

“I will await you at the high roll Poker table,” Melinda sneered.


Emeri glumly stared at Nadea at the exchange counter.

“Need more money? How much you got? We only do loans no higher than 10,000. Sorry, gotta keep the gambling addictions down,” Nadea sneered.

“But if I have more than 10,000 cash on hand I can exchange it, right?”

“Yeah sure. But do you?”

“Yes, I’ll give you something you’ll pay top dollar for,” Emeri stated as she walked away.

After confirming Melinda was at the poker table, Emeri made a dash for her room.

30 minutes later…

Nadea blushed in shock as Emeri slammed a pile of her shorn hair at the exchange counter.

“My eyebrows and eyelashes are included. Now, give me some money," Emeri growled.

Nadea carefully looked at Emeri before smiling and giving her 1,000,000 in chips.

“Looks like you’re freshly shaved. I’d have loved to do it myself, but at least I’ll be content knowing you went bald in vain,” she snickered.

After pocketing the chips, Emeri ran back to her room and ordered lots of milk.

1 hour later…

Emeri’s hair was back to normal along with her eyebrows and eyelashes. She carefully avoided Nadea and made her way to the poker table.

“I’m in for 300,000,” Emeri declared as she sat between two women.

“Seems you got lucky in some of the other games. Very well, the 5 of you here shall compete against the house in standard 5-card poker,” Melinda stated.