Chapter 4:

Chapter 2- Character Profile: Darryl

System Gate Ignition

Darryl Robinson

Age- 19

Born- June 12th, Gemini

Favorite Food- Brisket Nachos.

Favorite Music Genre- Old School Rock

Hobbies- System Gate, Video games (First person shooters), History

Future Career- College Professor specializing in Math

Deck Profile-

Gate- Valley of Souls Gate

Gate Master- Arms of the Empress, Excalibur

4x Fairy Alchemist, Liza

4x Mysterious Artisan Leprechaun

4x Foundation Scientist, Franklin

4x Royal Soul Pharaoh, Cleopatra

4x Soul of the Quest Parzival

4x Soul Sword, Brainbiter

4x Protection Soul Evalach

4x Symbiotic Armor, Aegis

4x Soul Sword of the Dragon Hrotti

4x Fusing Blade Razor Tooth

4x Horror Tea Party

4x Guardian Soul

2x Endless Cycle