Chapter 86:


A Terrible Evil Villain And Their Destiny

“Why do I have to do this?” Bryson complained as he thrusted his training rapier forward at Sable.

“Training in all forms of combat will help grow your magic capabilities.” Phillip informed him as Sable easily parried his thrust and came baring down her massive training sword that was nearly as wide as her down at him.

“This is not fair!” Bryson screamed as he lifted his small buckler up in a pathetic attempt to parry it.

Not thinking much of it, Sable continued her downward swing deadest on smashing past the feeble guard and crushing her brother. Only to be surprised when the shield managed to absorb the blow. Though if Bryson’s face was anything to indicate, with a lot of effort.

Even more surprising was the sudden pushback that Bryson mustered forcing Sable to take a small retreat. Sable looked at Bryson in bewilderment before coming to a realization of what transpired.

“That’s cheating! You used magic to enhance your shield!” Sable complained.

“It’s not cheating! You’re doing it too!” Bryson yelled back.

“I can’t enhance weapons!”

“Yeah, but you were enhancing your entire body!”

“That’s not cheating!”

“Then how is enchanting a shield cheating!”

“Because you’re using magic!”

“You’re using magic!”

“Lady and Lord Coldwater.” Phillip the elderly butler called out loudly as they quieted down and looked over to him, he talked in an even voice, “Settle down please. We wouldn’t want to be seen creating a fuss now would we.”

“But he isn’t suppose to fight with magic.” Sable complained to Philip.

“Again. You were using magic the entire time. How else do you think you were able to fly around with that massive sword?” Bryson said flippantly.

Before Sable could snap back Phillip raised a hand to indicate to her to settle down. Sable reluctantly shut her mouth, slamming the training sword into the dirt she crossed her arms in a huff.

“Now Lord Bryson, you know as well as I do that those whose bodies are naturally enhanced with magic are not considered true magic users as the mana within them do not behave as mana normally does.” Phillip said politely but still very much as a lecturer.

“Thus it does not count as them using magic. You know this. However enhancing a weapon to become far stronger than it naturally should and that is cheating. You would be disqualified from any real competition. Remember you are training your skills in all regards. Both magic and non-magic.” Phillip continued as Sable stuck her tongue out to Bryson behind him.

“Hmph.” Bryson grunted unhappy but begrudgingly agreeing with Phillip.

He was right that the innate magic that allowed pure physical fighters to be pure physical fighters was so different from that of what would traditionally be called magic that they were practically different things. Still Bryson thought it was stupid, perhaps in part due to his eyes. With his eyes, he could actually see the magic in a person when they perform extreme feats, such as Florence, though she herself does have some magic capabilities. It was different than magic from a spell, but Bryson could still recognize it as magic being used.

“On the other hand Lady Sable, you were being rather impolite during this training session.” Phillip said turning to Sable. Sable suddenly becoming sheepish and Bryson having a smug smile growing on his face.

“You are aware that Lord Bryson’s physical prowess is subpar.”

“Hey.” Bryson interjected. Why are you still taking jabs at me? Bryson complained inwardly.

“Yet you still went a much higher pace. You could have injured him.” Phillip said disapprovingly, “This sparring session is meant for you not only to help you learn control. But how to think in a fight when you are evenly matched.”

“But I’m better than Bryson.”

“Only when you use your combat abilities. You need to know how to deal with opponents without simply using your power.” Phillip chided, leaving Sable in a huff.

“That being said.” Phillip said now looking at both Coldwaters, “Despite your flaws, both of you showed great improvement. Lord Bryson you successfully are applying your knowledge in combat and Lady Sable your swordsmanship is impressive as always.”

Both Bryson and Sable gave small shrugs to the compliments. Just trying to make us feel better. Bryson thought.

“Now this will conclude today’s session. Get yourselves cleaned up and ready for the tournament that Lord Gilles is participating in.”

Oh right. That. Bryson recalled. He had completely forgotten that today was the day of the under-seventeen annual tournament held at the Sofi Stadium in Darlington. Gilles who was currently fourteen had been droning on and on how would win the tournament.

It was a rather bold claim considering that people from all around the world would travel over for this type of tournament. Even some students from The Academy would take time off from their studies to attend this tournament in the past, and they were no joke.

The Academy was, as the name would suggest, an academy. An academy specifically tailored and made for the best and brightest children. Those who reach the age of fifteen were eligible to join. Though, it didn’t mean that all of the best went there. Most direct heirs of nobles tended to study elsewhere such as Bryson’s eldest brother Gareth. But it had plenty of melee fighters more than willing to prove themselves if an opportunity arose.

“Phillip. You’ve seen my brother’s abilities, correct?” Bryson asked.

“Lord Gilles? Yes.” Phillip said with a nod.

“What would you say his chances were in winning the tournament?”

“I have seen the list of contestants and am confident that he stand a good chance of winning. Not without effort however.”

“You have the list of his matches?” Sable asked as she stored her training sword.

“Yes. I can send them to your Communicator.”

“Good.” Sable said and without another word left to head back to the manor.

“So how about the competition? Anyone notable?” Bryson asked.

“A few from The Academy, a couple of children from other noble households, ah. I just remembered that adventurer Spencer Khan will be participating in it.” Phillip said looking through a list of names on his Communicator.

“Who?” Bryson said blankly.

“The adventurer that aided in procuring the magnolia flowers.”

“Oh, right. Him. Wait how?” Bryson asked surprised.

“He is only sixteen, and all are eligible to join.”

“But isn’t there an entrance fee?”

“Paid for by the adventurer’s guild.”

“Huh. They must really like him.” Bryson mused.

“It appears so.”

“How long do I have before we have to go?”

“You are expected to be in the car in one hour.”

“Alright then.” Bryson said as he stashed away his training equipment.

“Oh and one more thing.” Phillip mentioned.


“I understand your reluctance in doing these training sessions. But they will help you in real combat situations.”

“I know, I know.”

“Make sure you study the fights in this tournament.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Bryson said as he left the training area.