Chapter 10:

Chapter 10 Chaos In The Cave

Hermit's Diary

I couldn't tear my gaze away, petrified by the gruesome horror unfolding before me. With a sinister cackle, the giant goblin chomped down on our gobbie friend, and I winced at the bone-crushing sound that followed. Munchkinsnout was slowly gnawed into a gruesome paste in the giant goblin's cavernous mouth. My stomach churned as I watched him disappear with a loud, wet gulp.

 I couldn't help but watch in dread as one group of hatchlings rushed toward the lifeless body of a slave goblin.

Amidst their frantic cries and mumbles, one hatchling, trembling with fear, attempted to hide by crawling into the mouth of the dead goblin slave. His desperate efforts were heart-wrenching to witness as he became lodged between the rotting, jagged teeth, where one tooth was busted. His scrawny feet dangled helplessly, paddling in the air as he struggled to free himself.

 The tiny hatchlings' desperate muffled pleas filled the air, "Help! Help! I'm stuck! It's so dark in here! Somebody, please! Get me out of here! It smells awful! Muma! Where are you, Muma? I'm scared! Why are the big ones so mean? I just want to be safe!"

His fellow hatchling reached the lifeless goblin's eye socket, and the hatchling's tiny claws frantically scrabbled at the sticky, vile fluids that oozed from the busted eye socket.

 "Ew, ew, yucky! What's this stuff? Why is this hide-hole so yucky!?" it whimpered, its small voice filled with revulsion.

The cavern seemed to close in on the hatchling as he desperately tried to understand the gruesome sight before him. 

"Wake up! Wake up! Don't leave me alone in this scary place!" he pleaded with the lifeless goblin, his mumbles growing increasingly panicked. 

The cavern, now filled with the grim aftermath of the goblin's demise, held an unsettling silence. Two eager hatchlings had emerged from the cluster of eggs, their tiny bodies covered in viscous fluids. They clambered onto the lifeless goblin's head in a desperate attempt at hiding.

One hatchling, driven by fear dived into the goblin's ear canal. He wriggled and squirmed as he burrowed deeper, unaware that the narrow confines of the ear canal would prove to be a deadly trap. Panic gripped the hatchling as he realized he had no air to breathe, and slowly, suffocation set in. Desperately, he struggled to escape, but the slippery, filthy muck sealed his fate. Helplessly, he writhed in the ear canal like a trapped worm, his tiny life snuffed out by the relentless grip of the ear's confines.

"I'm stuck! I can't get out! It's so slippery in here! Somebody, please! I can't... breathe! Air... precious air! Can't... gueghh... breathe!"

Meanwhile, the second hatchling, squeezed itself through a crack in the lifeless goblin's skull, gaining access to the vacant cavity within the head. He crawled inside the brain matter causing the body of a dead goblin slave to spasm and twitch in response to his brain being mangled.

 "Stop move! Stop moving, your big head! Stop twitching! Why won't you stop? It's scary! Help! Somebody, please, help us!"

One unfortunate hatchling found itself lodged amidst the gruesome remnants of its fallen kin's head. Inside the skull, the young goblin wriggled in terror and confusion, his tiny body twitching uncontrollably as he struggled to escape the ghoulish prison. Within the skull, the goblin's terrified mumbles grew louder and more hysterical.

 "Help! Let me out! It's dark! I'm stuck! It's stinky here! Hard to breathe!" he cried, his voice a shrill, panicked squeak. 

"Mumma! Dada! Anyone! Please, help me!" The goblin's tiny fists pounded on the fleshy walls of the skull, but there was no escape.

As the goblin slave skull clamped shut trapping him, the goblin's struggles grew weaker, and his mumbles turned into pitiful whimpers.

 "I don't want to be here! It's wet and slimy! Somebody, please!" But there would be no rescue, no salvation for the poor goblin trapped in the grim depths of its predecessor's head.

Their voices filled the cavern, a chorus of distress and terror echoing in the grim darkness, as the cruel twists of fate held them captive in this nightmarish ordeal.

Klutzfingers, in a moment of sheer panic, tried to disguise himself as a pile of tiny discarded bones. He clumsily stacked a few sticks and pebbles on his back, hoping to blend in with the cave's debris.

His voice trembled as he muttered to himself in a feeble attempt at self-reassurance, "Maybe they won't see me. Maybe I can become part of the cave, just a pile of bones, like they won't notice... oh, I hope they don't notice."

Unfortunately, his wobbly structure only drew more attention from the giants. The big goblin grabbed him without a single shred of care and crushed his tiny body killing him in a cruel way. His insides were forced out through his mouth, his eyes bulged and exploded, feces sprayed uncontrollably from his tiny butt, and his brain matter splattered grotesquely through his ears.

Muddlehead dashed in zigzags across the cavern floor, making erratic loops and spins in an attempt to confuse the giants. He ended up running headfirst into one of their enormous boots, sending him tumbling to the ground.

He had somehow survived the initial impact, and from the floor, he shouted in desperation, "P-please, s-spare us! We're just l-little goblins... Just looking for a p-place to live in peace!" His words trembled with the weight of the horrors that surrounded him, a plea for mercy in the face of unthinkable brutality.

The giant goblin kicked him so hard that his puny body splashed all over the boot. The remains of his body were littered all over the cave.

The chaos and horror continued to unfold around me, the cavern filled with the chilling sounds of giants mercilessly selecting their victims. 

Meanwhile, I scurried for cover, my heart pounding like a drum. As I scuttled away I noticed a sizable pebble and dived behind it head first, my tiny body sliding on the feces-soaked ground. Amidst this madness, I couldn't help but overhear the terrified ramblings of Gruk, one of our fellow goblin hatchlings.

"M-me G-Gruk," he stammered, his tiny voice trembling, "Why big giants do this? Gruk no understand. We tiny, yes, but we goblins, too. Goblins stick together, yes? Why did they hurt us so? Why did they hurt fellow gobbies and poor Daddy? It is not right, it is not right at all. It is not!"

Gruk burrow into a mound of steaming dung, believing the giants would find him too repulsive to touch. He disappeared beneath the fecal pile, leaving only his tiny feet sticking out. It was a bizarre sight, to say the least. His muffled mumbles were audible from the pile of dung.

"They say we find a new home, but this not home, this terrible place," Gruk continued, his voice quivering, "Gruk miss Diggy's cave, miss our gobbie friends, miss feeling safe. We must be strong, goblins strong, yes? Find a way out, find a new home, new hope. We survive this, we must. Together, always together."

Gruk's words resonated with all of us, a reminder that even in the face of unspeakable horrors, the spirit of the goblins endured. We clung to his words as a source of comfort, knowing that we had to find a way to escape this nightmare and rebuild our lives.

But the giant stomped on the pile of dung squashing Gruk into a puddle of gore along any traces of our hopes for salvation. I watched as his scrawny legs flew off deeper into the cave after the mighty stomp exploded his pitiful form.

Spindlytoe tried to scale the giant's legs, thinking he could climb to safety. He barely managed to reach their knees before he was plucked off by a giant's massive hand.

"Wait! Stop! Please, no more! I didn't mean to! Help! Somebody help me! Why? What did I do? It's a mistake! I promise I won't be scrawny anymore! I won't! Stop! Don't! AHH! It hurts! I want to go home! Somebody, please! I'll be good! I'll be strong! Please, don't let this happen! I don't want to be squashed! Not like this! No, no, no! It's dark! I can't breathe! Help! Please! Anyone!"

His futile attempt at plea was met with his face exploding after colliding with the bloody wall, smearing, even more, hatchling gore all over it.

Farty let out a comically loud and smelly fart so large that even his tiny body lifted off the ground. He had a hope to create a diversion with his fart for his fellow gobbies to escape.

"Farty, you're a genius! Oh! The fart! Biggest yet! And stinky too! Sniffers will burn with this stink!" he chuckled to himself as if he has gone crazy, believing that his stinky fart would save the day. But one of the giant goblins, irritated by the sudden stench, reached down and plucked Farty from the ground with a single, enormous hand, fingers like massive tree trunks closing around his fragile form.

Farty's goblin heart raced as he found himself lifted high into the air, suspended in the giant's colossal hand. The giant's grip was suffocating, and Farty struggled to breathe as he dangled precariously over the dreaded bucket. In a desperate bid to escape, he kicked his tiny legs wildly, trying to wriggle free from the giant's crushing grasp.

"Gotcha now, you little pest!" the giant goblin grumbled, his grip tightening around Farty's fragile form. With an impatient huff, the giant attempted to toss him into the bucket along with the other unfortunate hatchlings. However, in the chaos of the moment, Farty's trajectory was off. He struck the edge of the bucket with a sickening thud, and a horrifying crunch filled the air.

The impact had been devastating. Farty's minuscule body had been sliced in two by the harsh edge of the bucket. A chorus of horrified gasps emanated from the remaining goblins as they witnessed the gruesome demise of their fellow hatchling.

In his final moments, Farty's voice trembled with pain as he wheezed out, "I... I thought it would save us... I'm... I'm so sorry." His life flickered and faded, and Farty's sacrifice, both comical and tragic, had at least bought the others a few more precious seconds to evade the giants' merciless hands.

Farty's minuscule body was severed in two by the force of the impact. His upper half tumbled into the bucket, while his lower half remained on the cavern floor and released a final weak fart. The gruesome sight sent shockwaves through the remaining goblins, their cries of terror reaching a crazed pitch.