Chapter 59:

Castle Caper Part 2: Multilevel puzzle

Escape Witch

The ghouls dispersed upon being satisfied with their work.

"Looks like they're gone," Emeri whispered.

She and Yuni then emerged from behind a barrel.

"We're lucky they didn't search her," Yuni stated.

"More like they're lucky. If they had come over here, we would've kicked the barrel and potentially sent them into that electric puddle they created."

The girls then noticed a wrecked boat and went over to it.

"I wonder if this is what we're supposed to look for, hmm. I think there's a note with a bottle inside," Yuni stated.

She grabbed the bottle and read it's contents.

"From bards the great winch shall lift thee to the tower's peak. Find cloak and dagger, then sway the count."

"I thought I heard Mado-chan say bards back in the library," Emeri stated.

"You think they're still there? I hope those ghouls didn't get them."

"Nah, Mado-chan would just kick them. Anyway, let's look over there, I think I see something that might be part of the riddle."

Emeri and Yuni walked over to a makeshift elevator.

"I guess this our lift to the top, but how do we get it working?" Yuni asked.

"I guess maybe we leave thing to Mado-chan and Serika-chan," Emeri stated.


Serika began to sweat as the timer ticked down.

"Shit! This is bad. My left wrist is wired to the bomb, while Madoka's right wrist is. Worst of all, I don't have any tools on me due to all the traveling so I can't free myself easily. We also can't talk with each other due to the gags so-"

"Serika, my left arm is free. I'm going to free your wrist with my foot at the same time I free my wrist. That should safely get us out without diffusing the bomb," Madoka said as she took of her left sneaker.

She then moved her left foot on top of Serika's wrist. In an instant, Madoka had freed them both from the bomb. She quickly freed Serika before running over to the bomb.

"Looks like it'll require some work," Madoka sighed.

"Shouldn't we just escape?" asked Serika.

"No, who knows how much damage this bomb might do. We wouldn't want the castle to blow up on us."

Serika pulled out her phone as Madoka got to work disarming the bomb.

"Oh, I got a call from Emeri. Hey are you alright? We're trying to diffuse a bomb."

"BOMB!? Ugh. We're in the underground dock in an elevator. We got a clue asking us to find bards and that it will show us the way to the highest point in the castle," Emeri stated.

"Huh, well whada ya know. Madoka found a book about bards. Though it contained sleeping gas."

"Damn that bitch! I bet those ghouls that chased us were her idea too."


"Yeah, one bloody girl and one guy with a mask-like face that has a taser."

"Great we _!"

Serika went silent as she noticed the bookcase moving.

"Shit, they're back," she whispered as she hung up.

Serika crept into position while Madoka continued to work on the bomb.

The ghostly man noticed Madoka and secretly began pulling out a gun. Suddenly Serika appeared and threw a vile of liquid at his face while sliding under him and kicking him in the crotch. The bloody girl behind him recoiled in shock as Serika slid under her too, and tripped her. Once she was down, Serika stood up and kicked her in the head a few times before picking her up and punching her in the face. She then walked over to the man who was curled up in a ball as he groaned in pain. Serika elected to kicking him in the back, since she didn't want the unknown liquid to get on her. The one kick was all it took to knock him out.

"Done!" Madoka declared.

She had successfully diffused the bomb. She reclaimed her left sneaker before looking around the room with Serika.

"Great, they have a picture of the cringe clown himself," Serika growled as she spotted a picture of Jester hanging on the wall.

Madoka sighed and removed the frame.

"Buwahahahaha! Madoka! Sorry, I can't be here to see you die, so hopefully this pre-recorded message plays on time," Jester's voice rang out from the photo.

"Jester, this is MY game. Do not move the bomb in here," Melinda's voice rang out.

"Screw you! I out rank you!"

"Fine, I'll only allow them to hear this recording if they win, it will be a key needed to unlock the elevator."

"BOO! Then they won't know it was me that killed them!"

"I predict they'll escape. Just think of this recording as getting the last laugh."

"Alright fine. [**** YOU Madoka!] Listen to my theme song!"

"Great, we have to listen to this," Madoka glared as Jester's theme song  began to play.

“Yo Yoi! I am the greatest criminal from the depths of Edo. The great daimyo of organized crime. Everyone fears my name! For every atrocity, I have attained! Murder! Kidnapping! Drug Smuggling! None can match my Might! Theft! Assault! War Crimes! All now fear my wrath! With my evil ninjitsu I will conquer all that’s good. They say Jesters are the fools, WELL WHO'S LAUGHING NOW DUMBASS! Lalalalalala! Jester-sama is the evil, dastardly, wicked, inhumane, dark ninjutsu daimyo! Oh oh oh oh! Yooooooo!”

As the recording  ended, a light behind the picture turned green.

Down at the dock, the elevator gained power and Yuni and Emeri rode it to the top. There they found a small room containing a cloak and dagger.

"I guess this is for the murder mystery event at the castle," Yuni stated.

"No way, this is way too out of the way, though this dagger has a code on it. Might as well take them back to the main room with us. Looks like it's time to solve the mystery," Emeri stated.

"Wait, how do you know who the murderer is?"

"Through this," Emeri smirked as she showed Yuni her phone.

"If we weren't in a rush and were here as normal tourists, I'd be a little upset, but since we gotta save Nakajima and I hate Melinda, I'm on board with it."