Chapter 60:

Castle Caper Part 3: Looking up the answer online

Escape Witch

The girls all regrouped in the main room of the castle.

“Seriously? That’s the plan?” Serika asked.

“Time is of the essence. We aren’t here for fun anyway. Besides, that bitch merely tasked us with finding a key, so I assume she’s got more in store for us,” Emeri stated.

“But it feels wrong to do this to the staff,” Madoka pouted.

“We have no choice. I get how you feel, but we’re not here to enjoy the murder mystery,” Yuni said.

The girls then found the count and the lead detective.

“We know who the murderer is,” Emeri stated.

“Are you certain miss?” the detective asked.


“In that case I shall gather everyone, please wait a moment.”


All the staff and guests gathered in the main room.

“I will now reveal who murdered the count’s daughter. It was the count himself,” Emeri stated as she pointed towards the count.


“Yes, we found the murder weapon along with your bloody cloak,” Emeri stated as Serika walked up and displayed the dagger and cloak.

The count’s face went pale as the staff began whispering amongst themselves.

“That isn’t-“

“You decided to murder your daughter after finding out she had fallen in love with a young tailor. You had already promised her hand in marriage to the duke of a foreign land for your own personal gain. Therefore, murdering her would solve all your problems in one fell swoop.”

The detective then examined the cloak and dagger before whispering into Emeri’s ear.

“Um, where exactly did you find these?” he asked breaking character.

“The murderer hid these in a hidden tower with the hopes that no-“

“I confess! I killed her!” the count cried.

“It seems these fine ladies have done it. Thank you all for your help. Please make your way outside while Scotland yard cleans up. Oh, and a word with the fine ladies, you deserve a prize for your brilliant sleuthing,” the detective said.

Once everyone else had left, the detective and count broke character.

“These aren’t the murder weapons made for the game, but you claim to have found them in a tower?” the count asked.

“Yes, it was in the highest tower that could only be reached via an elevator from the underground dock. There was also a hidden room along with some staff members dressed as ghouls trying to kill us,” Emeri stated.

“What are you talking about? There is no elevator down in the dock. Plus these ghosts, was one a bloody girl and one a man?”


The count and detective went pale.

“Those are said to be the ghosts of Jack the ripper and the original woman that was murdered here.”

“Nah, they had a taser and I beat em up,” Serika smirked.


“Say, do you guys know about a key?”

“No, though two maintenance workers that arrived this morning said that they found this small lock box,” the count said as he pulled out a small lock box from a cabinet.

Emeri then entered the numbers on the back of the knife, unlocking the box. Inside, was a small modern key.

“I guess this is your prize, feel free to keep it along with the lock box, cloak, and dagger. They aren’t part of the game,” the detective said.

The girls left with their prizes and stood outside the castle gates.

“Looks like the bitch duo is gone. I guess we have to figure out where to go next on our own,” Serika groaned.

"It still feels a bit cheap that we looked up the answer for the mystery online," Madoka pouted.

"We didn't have a choice. Though, hopefully this bought us some time," Emeri stated.

“Hold up, There’s some freshly torn areas on the cloak. Though, the tears look odd. Hey Emeri, do you have an app that can identify rips and tears?” Yuni asked.

“Not really, but I’ll try whipping something up.”


“It says it was most likely torn by a gear,” Emeri said.

“So a factory?” asked Yuni.

“No, this time I’m going over all her words with a fine tooth comb. She said “save her in time.” I think she’s referring to a clock. And London has one of the most famous clocks in the world, Big Ben.”

As the girls made their way to Big Ben, they ran into Tetsuka.

“Doka! There you guys are! Bad news! Those shitty twins have taken Ka-san,” Tetsuka panted.

“Tetsuka nee-san? But-“

“No time!” Tetsuka shouted as she scooped up Emeri and ran off with Madoka in tow.

“That was weird. She looked like she was physically straining herself,” Serika stated.

“What do you mean?” asked Yuni

“Back in Venice, she didn’t look like she broke a sweat both during the carnival and when she saved us from the pizza place. Plus she’s strong. Why would she grab someone like Emeri to help her save her mother?”

“Maybe she needs a hacker?”

“She’d probably just eat through it. Besides, she called out for Madoka.”

“You sure you got time to be standing around?” a male voice rang out.

The girls turned to see the ghouls from the castle. Their makeup had washed off and they were covered in bandages and limping.

“At midnight, your friend will die. That’s the message Madam M. told us to tell you,” the woman stated.

“Oh good, you two were with her. Thanks for making things clear. Serika, finish the job,” Yuni smirked.

“Don’t order me around!” Serika growled as she kicked the two goons in the gut sending them crashing into a wall.

“Not a bad kick, though Madoka’s is stronger.”

“I’ve been exercising.”


After gaining some distance, Tetsuka suddenly hurled Emeri into a truck.

“I knew you weren’t Tetsuka-nee san,” Madoka glared.

Tetsuka ripped off her disguise, revealing herself to be Nadea.

“*Huff* Damn that bitch for making me play this role,” Nadea huffed as the truck drove away.

“Tetsuka nee-chan too strong for you to mimic?”

“Yes, I’m going past my limits just to mimic her. Even then, it still doesn’t feel right.”

“Probably because you used a normal wig,” Madoka smirked as she kicked Nadea in the face at full force, nearly killing her.

Nadea flew into a building and twitched as Madoka chased after the truck.

In the back of the truck, Emeri was bound and gagged by the twins, Oribia and Orise.

“Damn that bitch. She even had these shits involved,” Emeri thought.