Chapter 12:

Chapter 12 The Outside World

Hermit's Diary

The giant goblin's temper shifted from anger to cruel amusement as he examined me with a sinister grin. He cast an appraising eye upon me, his twisted grin spreading so wide it seemed to touch his pointed ears.

"Oh! Lookie here! A fine slave hatchling!" His voice took on a sinister lilt, oozing with a perverse delight, "Mmmm... ears big! Good! Beautiful even! This one will grow to be used for breeding to lay more slave goblin eggs! At least one decent hatchling so far." He callously tossed me into one of the buckets with a heartless chuckle.

 I soared through the air, helpless and disoriented, before crashing face-first into the bucket's inner wall. My face, wrist, and body collided first with the bucket wall, and I tumbled down, crushing my fellow goblin hatchlings beneath me. My landing was nothing short of horrifying as I crashed face-first into a jumbled mass of goblin hatchlings that were already squirming and whimpering in pain inside the bucket. The confined space of the bucket offered no respite as we writhed in a desperate frenzy, our bodies piling upon one another.

Amidst the chaos inside the bucket, the pitiful cries of goblin hatchlings filled the air. Their tiny voices, high-pitched and trembling with fear, joined together in a chorus of distress.

"Ow! That hurt! Ouchies! Get off me! Ouwies! Ouchies! Eeeeek!" one tiny goblin wailed, his voice a mix of pain and confusion.

"Mumma! Where's Mumma? I want my Muma!" another cried out, his voice laced with desperation.

"I can't breathe! Somebody help! Wree! I'm down here! Below you all!" a third goblin squeaked, his little voice choked with panic.

"Ouch! What happened? Who's that? Stop kicking me! Stop pulling my ears!" the next goblin cried out, his voice shrill with fear.

"Get off me! Get off! My poop is bursting! You crushing me!" another goblin yelped as my weight pressed down on his belly.

"Where's the exit? I can't breathe! I... can't breathe! Gruughh!" yet another goblin wailed, his panic infectious.

"Get out of the way! Move, move!" a goblin shouted, pushing and shoving in a futile attempt to escape the jumbled mess.

"Hey, watch it! That's my foot! You will snap it! I need it to walk!" a scrawny goblin yelped, his tiny voice barely audible amidst the commotion.

"Help! I'm stuck in a goblin sandwich! Help!" a goblin wailed, seemingly unaware of the irony in his statement.

"Ouch, that's my ear! Quit nibbling on it! Who sucking my toes!" one goblin shrieked as another goblin, driven to delirium by the chaos, apparently decided that nibbling on ears was a viable escape strategy.

"I found the treasure! It fell out of gobbies butt! It's squishy and smells funny! It must be a treasure! It has to!" one goblin cheered, grasping onto an odorous lump of dung while vigorously sniffing and snorting it.

In the middle of our chaos, another goblin hatchling came crashing into the bucket. It slammed into my already battered face, causing me to reel backward, half-knocked out and dazed. I shivered uncontrollably as I lay atop the squirming mound of goblins, my senses overwhelmed by the relentless pain.

The collision inside the bucket added another layer of chaos to the already absurd situation. As the incoming goblin hatchling smashed into the pile, a chorus of unintelligible, panicked voices erupted.

"Oof! That hurt! Who did that? Who hit me so!? Not nice! Not nice gobbie!" one goblin squeaked, his voice barely coherent through the mumbles.

"My feet are wet, but I don't see any puddles. What's going on?" a second goblin pondered, utterly perplexed by the situation not realizing that he pissed himself.

"I think I'm a pancake now," another goblin mumbled, oblivious to the severity of the situation.

"Where's my nose? I can't find it!" a third goblin cried, his voice filled with bewilderment as he rubbed his crushed nose.

Amidst the disarray, I lay in the center of wriggling fellow goblins, half-knocked out and in a state of disorientation. My face twitched and spasmed uncontrollably, my eye swollen shut, and my lip oozing blood. I attempted to move my limbs, but they responded with strange, jerky motions that seemed to have a mind of their own. My eyes, now looking in opposite directions, added to the bizarre tableau, and blood continued to spurt from my injured snouty sniffer.

"Oooof! That goblin hit me in the nose! My poor noggin hurt! Big ouchie! My sniffer is leaking!" I mumbled weakly, struggling to regain my senses.

Curled up into a small, miserable ball and wrapped in my own meaty goblin ears cocoon, I whimpered in agony as my swollen face throbbed with pain. Every moment felt like an eternity as I lay there, helpless and vulnerable. The relentless stream of goblin hatchlings continued to rain down from the sky, each impact sending shockwaves of pain through our crowded, squirming mass.

With each successive crash landing, the bucket grew even more cramped, turning it into a nightmarish pit of torment. We hatchlings were packed together like sardines, writhing in a desperate attempt to find space that simply didn't exist.

Finally, the hatchling harvest ended and the giant goblins came to the buckets. His voice thundered through the cavern, a racket of cruelty as he shouted at the adult slave goblin, "Come here, you useless piece of steaming shit! Now, I say!"

 The slave scuttled toward us, his movements akin to a toddler in dire need of an urgent restroom visit. His legs wobbled with a comedic desperation that defied description as if his bladder was about to explode.

With a bellow that could have rivaled a volcano's eruption, the evil goblin roared, "These hatchlings are beyond filthy! Smeared in shit and stinking horribly! Filthier than the foulest feces-soaked swamp! They need to be cleaned and scrubbed! Clean them up! Now!"

 The goblin slave, trembling like a leaf in a storm, approached our bucket, his entire body quaking as if it were on the verge of pissing himself.

 He clutched his humble egg-laying straw and unleashed a torrent of steaming-hot yellow piss upon our tiny, defenseless bodies. The stream that shot from the straw was relentless, as powerful as a firehose, and the force of it battered us like leaves in a storm. We tumbled and rolled within the bucket, our fragile bodies tossed about like twigs caught in a whirlpool. The vile urine soaked us to the bone, its noxious hot stench filling the air.

Amidst this wretched ordeal, the goblins inside the bucket tried to make sense of the absurdity, their dim-witted voices rising in a chorus of sheer idiocy.

"Gah! Wet! Why am I wet? Why stink so much?!" one goblin blubbered, failing to grasp the obvious.

"Is this... is this a quencher?" another goblin wondered aloud, oblivious to the stench.

"I can swim! Look at me swim!" a particularly dazed goblin yelped, flapping his limbs as if he were drowning in a kiddie pool.

"It's raining goblin juice!" yet another goblin chimed in, confused by the stream of piss.

I attempted to scream, but the disgusting stream invaded my mouth, forcibly filling my stomach with its noxious contents. I winced and gagged, but the unrelenting pee stream proved overpowering, threatening to strip the very skin from our shivering bodies.

Amidst the torment, my fellow goblin hatchlings babbled and shrieked in the chorus of misery.

"Make it stop! It stinks! My sniffer is burning! Make it stop!" one goblin wailed, his voice muffled by the mouthful of piss.

"I'm drowning in pee! Drowning! It is not a quencher!" another goblin screeched, his tiny arms flailing helplessly.

"Why? Why is this happening to us?" a particularly distraught goblin cried, his voice trembling with dread.

"I can't see anything! It's all pee!" another goblin shrieked, blinded by the flood.

As time passed, the bucket gradually filled, and we squirmed desperately to stay afloat. Then, the goblin slave seized the bucket, violently shaking it as if we were dirty rags in a washing machine, determined to rinse every last trace of filth from our tiny bodies. 

Finally, he flipped the bucket, casting us all upon the ground with a brutal splash before hastily tossing us back into the suffocating confines of the bucket. The ordeal left us drenched, disoriented, and helpless, trapped in a grimy bucket once more.

The torment was far from finished, the slave goblin turned his attention to the second bucket. The goblin hatchlings inside that bucket could only watch in horror as their fate mirrored ours. The slave goblin, his body still quivering from his previous exertions, took hold of his tortured egg-laying straw once more. He unleashed another gush of repugnant piss upon the hapless hatchlings.

The urine surged like a merciless jet stream, engulfing the goblin hatchlings and subjecting them to the same nightmarish bathing that we had endured. They were flung about like ragdolls, their pitiful cries and mumbles of distress joining the cacophony of misery that filled the cavern.

As the second bucket filled with vile water and the hatchlings inside struggled to stay afloat, the goblin slave continued. He shook the bucket vigorously to rid every last trace of filth from their tiny bodies. Then, just as he had done with us, he upended the bucket, casting the drenched and traumatized hatchlings onto the cold, unforgiving ground, before tossing them back into the confines of their bucket.

The cavern resounded with the pitiful wails and mumbles of goblin hatchlings, their spirits broken and their bodies thoroughly drenched. The malevolent adult goblins reveled in their suffering, the twisted satisfaction in their eyes painting a grim picture of their future torment.

One of the giant goblins walked up to the goblin slave and backhanded him across his face so hard that the poor slave flipped in the air and slammed onto the feces-soaked ground whimpering in pain.

"Useless trash! Clean the hatchery! And return to your work!"

With each adult goblin grasping a bucket, they trudged out of the cave, their steps reverberating through the massive, foreboding doors that creaked ominously. We, the helpless hatchlings, peered out from the buckets, our tiny eyes widening as the goblins carried us through a seemingly endless cavernous hall. Minutes ticked by, and the dimly lit corridor gradually transformed into a blinding light.

The once-darkened hall began to brighten, and finally, we stepped outside. A world of wonder and sensory overload unfurled before our innocent eyes. The pure, untainted air enveloped us, a mix of enchanting fragrances wafting through our minuscule nostrils and flooding our fragile lungs.

As the world outside the cave unfolded before our innocent eyes, we goblin hatchlings couldn't help but chatter in our peculiar, high-pitched voices, our tiny mouths forming exaggerated expressions of awe and bewilderment.

"Wow! What's that smell? It's like... like many different things! Tasty! Like stink but not the stink that burns sniffer! Delicious stink!" one goblin hatchling yelled, his voice quivering with excitement and confusion.

"Look at the colors! So many colors!" another hatchling chimed in, his tiny finger pointing at the vibrant flora that surrounded us.

"Is this heaven? Are we in heaven now?" a particularly naive goblin hatchling wondered aloud, his wide eyes reflecting the sheer wonder of the moment.