Chapter 1:

Mysterious Library!?

I'm Basically The Strongest

The library stood in solemn silence, its ancient wooden shelves lined with dusty tomes that seemed to sag under the weight of forgotten knowledge. Faint rays of feeble sunlight struggled to penetrate the heavy curtains, casting feeble pools of light amidst the gloom. The air was thick with the scent of aged paper and memories long faded, creating an atmosphere that clung to the senses like a lingering regret.

The floorboards creaked softly beneath each tentative step, a mournful echo of the past. Cobwebs draped themselves across forgotten corners, while the whispered sigh of the library's patrons, long departed, seemed to linger in the air. Rows of leather-bound books stood in silent vigil, their cracked spines and faded gold lettering bearing witness to the passage of time.

The librarian's desk, once a hub of activity, sat deserted, covered in a shroud of dust. A solitary, flickering candle cast eerie, dancing shadows on the timeworn oak, lending an air of melancholy to the room. The ornate chandelier overhead hung in a state of disrepair, its crystal pendants dulled by neglect.

In this dimly lit sanctuary of forgotten knowledge, the past whispered its secrets, and the present hung heavy with the weight of history. The library stood as a mausoleum to the dreams and aspirations of countless souls, its atmosphere a melancholic testament to the inexorable march of time.

As the first pale light of morning seeped through the library's heavy curtains, he stirred on the dusty, leather-covered couch. He blinked groggily, disoriented by his unfamiliar surroundings. A musty scent filled his nostrils, and he realized he had fallen asleep amidst the rows of old books.

Rubbing his eyes, he sat up slowly, his back stiff from the uncomfortable makeshift bed. The library, still shrouded in a hushed silence, seemed to come alive with the dawn. The faint rustling of pages and the distant creak of the ancient floorboards greeted him as he yawned and stretched, trying to shake off the remnants of sleep.

With a glance at his surroundings, he took in the dimly lit shelves, the forgotten tomes, and the worn carpet beneath his feet.

"Where am I, and how did I even get here?" he muttered to himself, his voice carrying a note of perplexity. He tried to piece together the events leading up to this strange moment but found only fragments of memory, like a jigsaw puzzle missing critical pieces.

With a sense of curiosity driving him forward, he stood up and began to explore the library's dimly lit aisles. The shelves loomed tall and imposing, like silent sentinels guarding the secrets of countless books.

His fingers brushed along the spines of the old tomes, each one whispering its own tale of history and knowledge. The titles ranged from dusty classics to forgotten manuscripts, their pages worn with age. He marveled at the diversity of subjects, from philosophy to science, mythology to poetry, and everything in between.

As he ventured deeper into the labyrinth of knowledge, he discovered forgotten alcoves and hidden corners, each holding its own treasure trove of wisdom. Cobwebs clung to forgotten volumes, and the air grew even heavier with the scent of ancient paper.

The old wooden floorboards creaked beneath his every step, providing a steady rhythm to his exploration. Shafts of dim morning light filtered through the gaps in the heavy curtains, casting sporadic pools of illumination that danced on the shelves.

"Lost in the words, but what am I searching for?" he mused aloud, his voice echoing through the library's stillness. The question lingered in the air, unanswered, as he continued his journey through the endless expanse of books.

Each step felt like a step deeper into a realm where time had lost its meaning. He couldn't help but wonder if he was the only living soul in this forgotten sanctuary of knowledge or if there were others, lost in their own quests for understanding.

The further he ventured, the more the library seemed to envelop him, like a cocoon of stories waiting to be unraveled.

As he wandered deeper into the library, he came across a small area with a wooden table and a worn-out chair. The table had seen better days, covered in marks and stains, and there was an old journal resting on it. The chair, though faded, looked inviting.

Curiosity got the best of him, and he picked up the journal. Its pages were old and filled with handwritten notes and sketches like someone had poured their thoughts onto the paper.

He sat down in the chair, the journal in his hands, and began leafing through it. It felt like he was glimpsing into someone else's thoughts, a fellow explorer of the library. Closing the journal, he placed it back on the table, feeling a connection with the unknown person who had left it behind.

Seated in the quiet library, surrounded by books, he contemplated the mysteries of the place and the journey that had brought him there. The table and chair offered a moment of respite, a chance to collect his own thoughts, and maybe even add his story to the journal, like those before him.

As he read the journal, his brow furrowed in concentration, trying to decipher the faded words. Suddenly, a startling interruption occurred. A brilliant blue window materialized before his eyes, its brightness momentarily blinding.

The brilliant blue window reappeared before his its radiance commanding attention. It displayed a message in elegant, glowing letters:

"Welcome, Seeker of Knowledge. To proceed, may we know your name?"

He blinked in surprise, his heart racing with a mixture of awe and trepidation. It was as though the library itself was acknowledging his presence. The words left him with a thousand questions, but there was no immediate answer in sight. The journal, the table, and the chair suddenly seemed like minor mysteries compared to this unexpected digital intrusion.

He leaned back in the chair, bewildered by the sudden appearance of the glowing blue system. "What's going on?" he wondered aloud, his voice tinged with confusion.

Turning his attention to the enigmatic window, he scrutinized it for clues. It seemed to be awaiting a response, specifically, a name. His thoughts raced as he considered his favorite anime shows and movies.

"Alright, let's see... 'Ryū' from 'Ryūkendo' and 'Ken' from 'Kenpachi,'" he decided, his choice now clear. "Ryūken, that should do it." With that, he spoke the name aloud, hoping it would satisfy the mysterious system.

The moment he uttered the name "Ryūken" the brilliant blue system responded with a subtle glow, and the message on the screen changed:

"Name accepted, Ryūken. Welcome to the library's digital realm. How may we assist you today?"

He couldn't help but feel a sense of amazement wash over him as the library's digital system responded to his chosen name. It was as if he had stepped into the pages of a fantasy novel or a video game, and he couldn't suppress a grin as he contemplated the possibilities that lay ahead.

As he continued to inspect the luminous blue system, he became aware of a new presence in the library. A visitor had entered—a woman with striking black hair that cascaded like a waterfall and piercing blue eyes that seemed to hold a world of secrets. Her presence added a touch of intrigue to the otherwise quiet and solitary atmosphere of the library.

The woman with short, ebony hair and piercing blue eyes swept her gaze around the library's dimly lit expanse. Her eyes met Ryūken's, who was seated nearby.

The woman's eyes widen, The sudden display of deference from the woman left Ryūken utterly bewildered. As she knelt before him and greeted him with the respect typically reserved for a superior, he could only stare in surprise, his confusion deepening.

"Huh!?" he stammered, feeling uncomfortable with the unexpected show of reverence.

The woman, still kneeling before Ryūken, spoke with a tone of deep reverence, "Forgive my intrusion, Great One. I have sought you out across realms and dimensions, guided by the whispers of ancient texts and the songs of forgotten stars. It is an honor to stand before you."

Ryūken blinked, his confusion giving way to a sense of wonder tinged with disbelief. "Great One?"

End of Chapter 1