Chapter 0:

A ghost with perks

Mystery ghost foresight

There once lived an infamous manga and novel author named Nobuto Shiragiku. Better known by his pen name Shiruka, he wrote many works. Six chances at love and Grouping of ghosts are regarded as his two greatest works, while his short stories Four very bloody sentences and One letter are infamous for their meme like quality. Both short stories were infamous for piggybacking off of Shiruka's two most popular works in order to get physical releases of their own. Shiruka truly was a genius ahead of his time. He had a talent for hitting it off with the public no matter how crazy his works or marketing strategies were.

However, something happened. On February 29th 2000, Shiruka was found dead in the studio of a major news station. He was found next to a slain female news anchor grasping a knife shoved into his throat. Apparently, he had just been interviewed by said reporter on air in regards to the television drama he wrote. Upon discovering the crime scene, the news station prematurely pushed the narrative that Shiruka killed the anchor before committing suicide. The police investigation also backed up the claim as Shiruka's fingerprints were the only ones present on the knife. This incident would chain start many great events, the two most notable being Fuka Kirika's underground journalist career and the formation of an odd detective duo. This is the story of the latter.

Shiruka opened his eyes and stared around.

"Where- AHH! THE KNIFE! MY THROAT! Huh!? I'm fine?" he said as he examined himself.

He was dressed the same as he was on the day he was killed.

"Yo Shiruka! How you feeling?" I snickered.

"Muramasa Jouzu? Um, I'm fine. Everything feels normal," Shiruka replied.

"Well you are a ghost, but your a ghost that can interact with the environment."

"Huh? Ghost? What do you mean? I feel alive."

"Go buy a magazine from the convenience store," I smirked as I warped him to the store.


"Nobody can see you. This is reality though, so go grab something."

Shiruka noticed that there was one package of melonpan left and grabbed it. When he did, a copy of it spawned in his hand.

"Huh!? This was the last one, so why is there another one on the shelf?" Shiruka trembled.

"Because you're a ghost. Though I gave you some perks that allow you to live like you used to," I replied.

"No way. Here, let me go buy this to prove it," Shiruka declared as he went up to the register.

Despite him repeatedly calling out and slamming the melon pan on the counter, the cashier acted like he wasn't there. Then finally he showed a reaction. Shiruka smiled, only to go pale when the female customer behind him phased right through him. Then it finally hit him. He was a ghost.

"Impossible! But then, if I'm a ghost..."

Shrikua immediately opened the melon pan and ate it.

"Sweet! I can taste food and I don't have to pay! Being a ghost with perks rules!" Shiruka smirked.

"You can even go online, watch porn, and jerk off. Can't make babies with living people though," I smirked.

{Though I could easily allow him to do that and even fully bring him back to life like nothing happened, but where's the fun in that?}

"Hold on, if I'm a ghost, what about my works?" Shiruka asked.

"Oh good, you remembered the contract. Since you finished Grouping of ghosts beforehand, I just published the remaining chapters in the weekly magazine.  As for your mystery novel, I want you to do something a little more non-fiction esque."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you'll write about crimes that WILL happen and have a detective solve them."

"Huh!? But wait! How can I even turn that into a published work?"

"You won't, you'll be forming an IRL detective duo with a mortal girl."

"Wait, You said this is reality, what's happened since I became a ghost?"

"In the 7 years since then, everyone thinks you killed yourself for a publicity stunt."

"BULLSHIT! I was murdered along with Amanuma-san by that crazed bastard!"

"Yeah, and it was a pain to prevent your soul from being poached, though I effortlessly managed to get it and decided to phantasmally resurrect you at this point in time, March 12th 2007."

"Wait, 7 YEARS!?"

"Relax, I kept all your stuff safe. Your corpse is also frozen in a block of ice like you wanted. It's also not tied to your current state so feel free to do what you want with it. There's also no risk in it going on a rampage or being controlled by anyone else."

Shiruka struggled to digest everything, but eventually excepted his reality when he stared at the magazines.

"Yeah, these are all series I don't recognize. Even Two pirates which was around back then, looks like its been going on for years. Heck, I don't even recognize two of these characters," Shiruka grumbled.

"Internet's also evolved. If you want to upload some art or novels, just create it and I'll have it uploaded. You'll be credited as a Shiruka fanartist though."

"No worries, though explain the detective stuff. How will that work?"

"Simple, I'll give you low tier future insight. You'll be able to see the default future crime scene and how the culprit did it. As you find more clues, the original vision will become clearer. Keep in mind, your actions WILL change the future a bit so keep that in mind. As for an example, T-Highschool."

Shiruka's eyes went wide as the prophecy of future events flooded into his mind. He immediately pulled out a notebook I provided and wrote everything down.

"Good, now you just need a partner, I think that high school girl that phased through you will do just nicely," I smirked.

"Wait, the girl with short silver hair and large breasts? Hold up, her uniform is the same as- _! T-Highschool!"

"Not bad. Now go fly after her. first period will be ending in an hour. You won't be getting direct help from me, but I'll be watching just in case one of my rivals tries to mess with things."

Shiruka happily floated away. This would be the start of an intriguing detective duo.