Chapter 2:


Another Freaking World

So as you all probably know, I’m an aspiring author, so most of my work quality would continue to grow over time. So over the past few weeks, I’ve been hard at work learning different styles and ways of writing to make something I’m all in all proud of. Looking back, the past chapters didn’t seem to satisfy my... expectations per se. I’m not saying that I’m dropping Another Freaking World, but I’m remaking chapter 1 and prologue. They’re going to be significant differences to the characters, and some will stay the same. I’m grateful for anyone liking any of my previous chapters; it may seem insignificant. However, stuff like that pushes me out of my procrastination and makes me feel that my hard work is somewhat being paid off. So I’ll hope you continue to read Another Freaking World in the future. 
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BTW, I’ve also been thinking of publishing this web novel to web novel if I ever became satisfied with my work. Bookmark here

Another Freaking World Cover art

Another Freaking World

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