Chapter 0:


Skin Starvation

"This is just a non-fictional story for entertainment purposes. The names are randomly not targeted towards any parties. Hope you enjoy my 1st  novel."

Before begin, let me do some introduction. My dad left my mom and me when I turned 5 after my birthday celebration. Father's absence made me envious of my classmate who has a father. It does not only affect me but also affect my mom. My mom has changed since then she no longer hugs me, touches me, and talks to me. Most of the time, she just hid in the room after work.

To be honest, I'm craving affection. When I had skin-to-skin contact with my girlfriend, Mina. My breathing rate went up. Already been so long since I had felt butterflies in my stomach. The last time was when my dad left me. We broke up after dating for 2 years. Honestly, part of me was still in the pain of a breakup and I still missed her. How I wish we could reconcile but unfortunately, she was in a relationship with my buddy Johnny. That’s hurt! , She betrayed me with my best friend, Johnny.

Johnny and Mina were my childhood friends. I hate them so much but at the same time, I love them so much. Hang out with them made me feel like my heart was being stabbed. After broke up with Mina, I started to have casual relationships. I thought that doing so could fix my skin hunger but unfortunately, it didn't help much. I still feel lonely in me.

I couldn't remember what was happening when I was 19 years old. I have tried to remember but I can't. My mom told me that I was seriously sick which made me lose part of the memories. Since then I have been on medication but most of the time I would skip the medicine.

Currently, I am in my second year of university, studying for a degree in Business Accounting. I have to admit that I was quite popular at my university. I have just had an ugly breakup with Lena as she wanted to move from a casual to a committed relationship. It was a perfect time that my mom gave me two options either to transfer to another university or break up with her as she caught me red-handed for having intimacy with Lena. I was proudly labelled as a badass! so I chose to transfer to another university. Do I feel sad? nah! I need new faces and a new girlfriend.