Chapter 29:

Zeno's flyby

AGONY! The Omnipotent Deity's Dastardly Quest

Let's see how things went down from Zeno's perspective...

After Tetsuka leapt out, Zeno showed himself and went to free Harumi, Madoka, and Emeri.

“Not bad Zeno. I can see why Ramona places the amount of faith in you that she does,” Harumi smiled.

“Heh, well saving’s part of the job,” Zeno, the sniper, smiled.

“No, I can see why she treats you the way she does. Sure you took out our captors, but you don’t have an antidote for the immobilization serum,” Harumi growled.

“Geh! Just ask Jouzu for that. He’ll cure you in a second"

I responded to that by spawning the antidote in his pocket.

"*Tch* well guess this is his way of saying do it yourself,” Zeno grumbled as he pulled the antidote out of his pocket.

Once the girls could move again, Madoka and Emeri immediately began running off.

“Emeri! Madoka! Why are you running off!? It’s dangerous!” Harumi shouted.

“Yuni and Serika will die if we don’t reach them in time! Oh yeah, Nakajima’s tied up in the truck, please save her!” Emeri yelled as she pulled out her phone.

Harumi ran after them as Zeno went towards the truck. He found a purple haired woman in nothing but her undergarments, bound and gagged.

“Well, guess I’ll save her,” Zeno grumbled.

After untying the woman, Zeno explained that he had just freed Harumi and two young women.

"I can tell your telling the truth, though you wouldn't happen to have a cloak or overcoat would you?" the woman asked.

"No," Zeno blushed as he ran back into the warehouse.

He then froze as the woman caught up with him.

"What's wrong, is someone there?" she asked.

"No, it's the lack of someone being here that made me worried. The twins are gone. Both the unconscious one and the dead one. I guess she carried her sister off with her," Zeno groaned.

He suddenly received a call from Harumi.

"What's wrong?"

"Madoka's friend has been kidnapped. I think the kidnappers are taking her to the airport," Harumi stated.

"Got it, I'll head out."

"Good, hopefully we can save her before they flee. I'm already back at the mansion so no need to worry about me."

Zeno hopped on a tornado and flew towards the airport.

"And what about me huh?" the purple haired woman growled.

"Mutsumi? What are you doing here dressed like that?" Hanabi asked as she and Izumi approached the woman.


"The map says it's this direction, and there's the tarmac. Hmm? Shit! Is that them over at that plane over there!?"

Zeno desperately sent a gust of wind towards the faraway plane as a girl was dragged into it. The blast merely managed to blow her hat off.

"Shit, I can't attack recklessly now that they have a hostage," Zeno growled in frustration as he commanded his wind to deliver the girl's hat to him.

"Chartreuse? Well, I guess it's a cute hat, though it feels a little heavier than a regular hat. The flower also looks odd for a fake flower," Zeno muttered as he examined the hat.

As he flew back, he noticed the two girls he saved earlier meeting up with another girl in front of the airport.

“Do you know where he took her?” the girl asked as she handed Madoka and Emeri their backpacks.

“Sadly no,” Emeri sighed.

“I think I can help with that, Ojou-chans,” Zeno smiled as he appeared before them holding Serika’s hat.

“Zeno, right?” Madoka asked.

“You know him?” asked the girl.

“He helped save us; I think he’s working with momma.”

“Well, that’s the simplified answer. Oh yeah, your purple haired friend is safe. Good luck, we’ll probably have some backup pursue them too,” Zeno waved as he handed off Serika's hat and walked away.

Zeno then flew back to the mansion.


As he arrived, he was greeted by the now angry purple haired woman, Mutsumi.

"Geh! Why are you mad?" Zeno nervously asked.

"Because you left me in nothing but my undergarments!" Mutsumi glared as she slapped Zeno.

"Lol! Your a perv Zeno," Kumi laughed.

"I don't care what you think," Zeno growled.

"Well how about me then?" Ramona glared as she approached Zeno.

"GEH! Why are you-UGH!"

Ramona kneed Zeno in the gut and dragged him off.

"Who's that?" Mutsumi asked.

"His girlfriend I guess," Kumi replied.

"Oh, so he already has a girlfriend," Mutsumi dejectedly sighed.


Inside, Harumi lounged on a sofa as she finished her call with Emeri.

“Iceland huh?” she muttered.

“Iceland? They have some sweet volcanoes,” Tetsuka said as she walked in.

“What’s with the box and dagger?”

“Yuni got em and said I could eat em. Looks like there’s a story considering the box is stabbed. I figured I'd show em to you in case they were something valuable. ”

Harumi gazed at the dagger.

“Hmm, looks like there’s a code on it. I wonder if it’s the code for this box.”

"Probably, Oh yeah, Yuni also gave me this key," Tetsuka smiled as she placed the key on the low table.

Harumi instantly grabbed the key and stared at it.

“Huh? Ka-san? Why’re you starin so intently at that key?” Tetsuka asked.

“I think we just found a breakthrough in the war against Illumous,” Harumi smiled.