Chapter 9:

Biting the Blade

Afflicted by Snow

Disclaimer: This ch is from Haetia's
perspective so it's very
explicit/vulgar in its language
Also not all of the sex scenes will
be like that lol 

     Somewhere along the line his royal snow-white highness had fallen asleep on the couch likely from his satisfaction of a hearty meal. Unsure what time it was let alone how long he’d been asleep, he lugged himself off of the sofa and set out to explore before his servant came back.

The halls were unnaturally quiet and truthfully he hadn’t the slightest clue where he was going. That is, until he finally found a location he somewhat recognized.

This is…Linias’s room, right? There was some vague memory in there of the employee pointing it out to him. At the least, the rare flowers posted outside of the door should be a dead give away.

Even Haetia himself admitted that he was a little curious what Linias’s room would be like considering it was tailored to him. Not only that, but he’d also NEVER seen Linias even so much as lay down on a bed.

According to Mitsuyo he never used any of the bedrooms she provided to him outside of the brothel so this one had to have been in pristine condition, like one from a newly made home.

Probably far more appealing than his own room then, it just had to be! There were probably countless people that had slept in his own room before, but Linias’s?

He looked the length of the hallway just to be sure, then headed inside as swiftly yet discreetly as possible.

If no one had told him that this was his servant’s room he would’ve guessed it on his first try. Draped across the ceiling and walls were both regular and flowering vines and all sorts of potted plants in strange locations, as if trying to procure as many as possible. Contradicting the overbearing green imagery were the furred rugs: some form of canine pelts. The same was used to top his bed which made the actual fur blanket hardly noticeable. Overall, the room was smaller than his own but it fitted so much more personality into it that it was almost disgusting. Almost.

He threaded his hands through the vines, the plants, and then the pelts and furred blanket adorning the bed. Even he had to acknowledge that the fur was extraordinarily comfortable, the type best suited to touch as much bare skin as possible.

Now feeling a bit obligated to test it, Haetia removed his towering heels, setting it and his sleeves and cardigan on the couch, thus leaving him in nothing but his bare clothing: the cropped turtleneck, high-waisted shorts, and his harnesses.

First he let his pale hands spread in a full arm-length stretch across the dark fur, then he inched his body on until he was laying on his back. The soft, dark pelt delightfully absorbed him, sinking him further into the comfort of the fur. It almost made him feel…

He buckled his knees together in a weak attempt to evade the sensation. He couldn’t have been asleep too long, right? His servant wouldn’t be back for awhile, surely. Just once wouldn’t hurt. Who knows when he’d be able to feel this kind of pleasant fur against his skin again.

Haetia buried his cheek into the silken coat, trying to soak in as much of its touch as possible. His hand lowered, unfastening the buttons to his shorts before proceeding further within until reaching his desperate yet still limp length. It would probably be much easier for his fingers to move if he removed his pants entirely but he was far too feverish to even bother.

The ivory prince’s unnaturally long locks rustled as if they too wished to merge with the warmth of the pelts. His movements were slow as he gradually traced his own shaft as to be his own cock tease. Already his private started to get excited, rubbing back against his palm to encourage him further into more thorough caresses to which he caved.

He wrapped his delicate hands around his now semi-erect member, stroking its full length.

Somehow it felt more…exciting. Whether due to the sensation of the fur’s gentle graces or because his libido was getting to him, he wasn’t sure nor did he particularly care about the specifics. All he cared about now was reaching a climax; even his entrance stirred as it twitched slightly in the same rhythm as the fondles.

The soles of his feet slid with ease against the smooth coat as he grew more impatient at his own leisure pace. Thus, his patient strokes shortened to reckless and desperate ones, engrossing himself further and further into his growing fantasy of being held by another–someone larger and stronger that could encompass him and ruin him completely.

His crimson and lavender eyes came to a slow close, envisioning such a person. It could be some random passerby on the street, he didn’t care. He just wanted someone to get rid of this undying desire that he couldn’t extinguish on his own.

By the time the sound of the rattling door registered to him it was too late. It had already opened.

Haetia’s eyes snapped open and his back shot up.

In the doorway stood his servant, Linias, who looked extremely exhausted all things considered and he himself was barely processing the sight in front of him.

His Master. On his bed. Masturbating.

Linias’s dreadfully fatigued eyes slowly widened the more he absorbed the situation.

The prince on the other hand was stunned silent and still.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! I can’t let him get the wrong idea, there’s no way in hell in this life or the next that I’d ever masturbate to him! How the fuck do I explain this–!

Just as he had opened his mouth to say something–anything!–to make this situation any better even if by a hair, Linias’s eyes relaxed and he started to close the bedroom door.

“Wait–!” Haetia’s voice moved before his thoughts could.

As ordered, Linias stopped.

Fuck me do I wish this was the ONE time you wouldn’t listen to everything I say!

How the hell could he make this any better? It was already descending far far further than he had wanted.

Without much thought once again words flooded out of his mouth, “...Come in.”

The retainer entered the room and closed the door, standing by it as he awaited further orders and thus banking the responsibility of anything that was to transpire on his Master.

“...Sit here.” Haetia gestured to the edge of the bed beside him, and as always Linias obeyed. He looked over his shoulder at his exposed Master, awaiting further instructions. I did say anyone but anyone but you! ………Ugh, what am I doing…Just–Delete the memory as soon as it happens…

Haetia scooted closer and buried his face into Linias’s upper-arm so as to obscure himself and his own sight as he tried to detach the person from the act as much as possible.

“...Just…go along…alright?”

He guided Linias’s right hand to his now shamefully erect dick, using it as an instrument to provide a few caresses before leaving his servant to do the rest.

Linias’s hand was surprisingly not as rough as he had expected it to be. Rather, it was right in the perfect center of smooth and coarse. His grasp was much larger than his own, enfolding his a-little-less-than-medium sized shaft.

It’d been so long since he was touched by another that his muscles tensed and his usual cold temperature began to warm until it reached a near scald. A shade of bright pink dyed his shoulders and cheeks and he unconsciously started to push himself deeper into his retainer’s hold.

Starting from the base, Linias would slowly make his way higher until teasing the tip before returning back to the base. The tease was enough to make his toes curl as his heart sat on the edge begging for its completion each time, and soon he obliged.

Linias gently encircled the tip with his fingers, switching between outlining its curves and fondling it with his palm.

Haetia bit his lips, a slight sigh breaking past. Shit…He’s…actually kind of good at this…

After the first gasp, his breaths turned into audible, slow pants. The pale prince’s painted nails dug themselves into their servant’s coat as he felt himself reaching his limit.

The moment he formulated his voice to ask Linias to go quicker, his retainer was already increasing the pace, causing what was once going to be words to turn into a broken whimper instead. “A-h!”

Precum had flooded down his length and only made the strokes easier to perform while his frame couldn’t decide whether it was trying to tense or tremble from the pleasure. His mind went blank as he lost the time to decide himself and so it performed both, tensing and spasming as he expended his last into Linias’s palm almost tearing his sleeve in the process.

Respirations still short and heavy, he could feel something within him ignite, wanting–needing–more. A ferocious desire to just mount his retainer and shove it all in at once screamed in the back of his consciousness, but he couldn’t listen. He wanted to get all he could out of this interaction because who knew when an opportunity like this would come again, and being hasty wasn’t going to be all that fulfilling in comparison to soaking in as much of the moment as he could.

     Recollecting as much of his breath as possible, Haetia brought himself together and straddled his servant, closing his eyes until he knew for sure they were facing each other. Linias’s expression was just as neutral as ever…and he wanted to change that. He couldn’t be the only one getting lost in the throes of lust.

Haetia slid his jacket off then unfastened the belt and lowered the fly to his pants. He himself couldn’t even believe that he was doing this but he tried his hardest not to think too much of it. Tomorrow-him would most definitely be enraged but right now all he cared about was having a dick in his ass.

He lowered his underwear and–fuck! It was HUGE! Did he always carry this thing around?! Obviously he didn’t think at all about what his servant’s dick looked like but even if he did he wouldn’t have imagined this.

Almost feeling a bit lost, Haetia tried to wrap his hand around but couldn’t do so all too well so he left it at the half grasp that it was and gradually started pumping. He’d done this for countless men in the past though never with a dick this…girthy.

His hole started to twitch eagerly at the sight, walls already moistening in preparation. This would’ve been one of the only times he cursed his body for being the way that it was because it made it exponentially harder to focus on the handjob.

Albeit slightly, soon enough a little faint tint of red started to form in Linias’s cheeks as his member started to rise. The more that he stared at it, the more his mouth watered, wanting to absorb it fully.

Haetia shook the thought away. He needed to occupy his mouth before he started getting too promiscuous. The last thing he wanted was for Linias to know how desperate he was for dick let alone HIS dick.

Not believing in what he was about to do himself, Haetia shut his multi-colored eyes and locked lips with Linias. At the invitation, his hands ran up the length of his snow-touched thighs, fingers barely sneaking below the hem of his shorts. Haetia tried to distract him further as he pressed his lips deeper until Linias’s tongue had no choice but to intertwine.

While he attempted to bring the overwhelming shaft to a full rigidity, he drew Linias closer by the soft tickle of his fingers against the strands that barely reached the nape of his neck.

There was probably no way for him to not seem like he was conveying some form of desire at this point but all that mattered to him was that it didn’t seem like he wanted him all that much–although he did.

And to his surprise as well, Linias was an amazing kisser. Just the sensation of his feverish tongue against his own was enough to get him anxious for more if his previous display of skill wasn’t enough.

All that he hoped was that he was a good lay in bed as well, and if anything preceding was a sign then he had a lot to look forward to. Maybe his past brothel work really did pay off.

As sly as a fox, he pulled down Haetia’s shorts with him hardly noticing until they and its neighboring underwear were completely removed. Now that his hole was exposed to the air, he truly felt a rush as his libido skyrocketed, making his strokes become more yearning and reckless.

The moment their lips parted for a partial breath they were reunited once more, and what was once a fair paced trade was now much more haphazard. It was his way of begging without words for his hole to be touched.

The hands once settled on his thighs aimed higher until reaching their destination. His fingers circled the puckered rim until one breached through. It was immediately welcomed by a warm, wet sensation and if Haetia gave it a little more thought at this time he would’ve remembered to be ashamed for his servant to see him like this. But right now, he didn’t see Linias as a servant. He felt like any other person he would find on the street or in his hometown. Just another person to sleep with.

It didn’t take much effort for another finger to fit in with his rim already drenched enough for it to saturate his fingers. Now fully aroused and engaged, Linias’s time as a follower came to a halt. Linias removed his lips from his Master’s then lifted him higher until his still erect dick came to replace him.

By the time Haetia had the thought to stop him, his dick had already disappeared into his mouth.


Linias didn’t spare a moment as he went straight to fully and nearly frantically imbibing it. The assault on both ends drove Haetia’s head into a spin as he unknowingly clutched onto Linias’s black locks to cope.

Whether the fluids streaming down his thighs and dropping in deep taps were from the front or back of his crotch, he hadn’t the slightest clue and nor did the specifics really matter right now. All he knew was that he didn’t want his fingers, he wanted him, yet already did he ejaculate a second time, this time into Linias’s mouth.

With the back of his hand, he wiped away whatever semen managed to leak from his corners and the rest he swallowed without issue.

Just the sight of that alone…and Linias’s sharp, silver eyes afterwards…Did he always look this seductive?

Haetia’s erection didn’t fade in the slightest and if anything he was even more aroused than before, if that was even possible.

     Linias effortlessly swept his Master off of him, guiding them both to the center of the bed and setting him back down on his back…with himself between his legs. Butterflies ran amok within Haetia as the moment he was waiting for what felt like an eternity was finally here! His arousal was over the roof just thinking about how a cock that large would feel inside of him. He’d never been all that satisfied after sex before as much as he loved to do it, but he knew almost for certain that this would be different–it had to be!

The retainer threw off his semi-form fitting long sleeved shirt and only until just now did Haetia realize that he had never seen Linias shirtless before.

He was covered in all sorts of tattoos of flowers of varying sizes, shapes, and breeds, but flowers nonetheless. And all of them had indentation in his skin of likewise varying sizes and depths: scars he garnered. Usually he would consider such an appearance revolting yet somehow the blossoming tattoos made him look all the more appealing to the eye, like a human bouquet.

While still drawn in by his stalwart torso, Linias pulled his Master closer, placing a leg over his shoulder.

Mild panic started to set in since Haetia felt like he needed more mental preparation before taking in his heat but by that point the head had already started to creep inside. There was only a slight tinge of pain but his body’s overwhelming desire for the rest overthrew whatever pain he might have felt.

Haetia wrapped his free calf around Linias, egging him on to hurry and fill him completely, and like the servant he was he obeyed without question. Every time that he had felt that he had fully inserted himself Linias had only delved deeper until his walls began to throb in both exhilaration and from having been parted beyond their usual limits.

Once the base had met with his entrance, Linias started to move with a firm hand on his hips and the other his thigh.

Instantly Haetia felt his previously roller coaster of a fever start back up again. His back slid against the pelts beneath with little to no resistance from the fur, creating more heat from the friction. Usually he loathed the sensation of anything above room temperature but intercourse was an exception.

It almost felt like he was sinking into the void of the furred coats as the steadily zealous drives pushed him deeper and deeper into its clutches and in no time he passed the point of mere whimpers and went straight to moans.

“Hha-~..! Lin–ias..~!”

If someone told him that there’d be a day that he’d cry his servant’s name in irresistible pleasure, he would’ve laughed–more than laughed even. Probably hollered! And yet here he was, gesturing for him to close the distance between them so he could etch his scarlet nails into his biceps and back.

More. He wanted more.

This was already more than enough but if he could go any harder–fuck him any more violently he wanted it. Then, Haetia remembered. All he had to do was ask. He was his servant after all.

“H-H-a!!...Har–der…I–fha~!” The words came out in a jumbled mess, ultimately leaving him unable to finish his statement. Though, somehow, Linias understood exactly what he wanted.

Temporarily the retainer removed himself, flipping his Master over as he guided his rear higher and his palms onto the pelts.

A soft breath then tickled and flushed his ear, “You should hold on tight.

The low, sultry voice set his heart ablaze and butterflies at an all time high–this couldn’t have been the same Linias that always chastised him about his safety over every little thing! If anything, this whole affair wasn’t safe! Who knew what would come of it afterwards and if anything Haetia was starting to get more excited at the prospect than dreadful.

For the first time in his life Haetia was the one who obeyed as he clenched his fists around the furs which absorbed the droplets of perspiration from his palms; and it was a good thing he did because in one harsh and fervid motion Linias thrust back inside.

“Gh-ah!” Haetia immediately gasped. From that thrust alone it felt like that he had dislodged his heart and forced it into his throat.

This time around Linias cut straight to the chase just as his Master had wanted. He disregarded the methodical thrusts and instead violently pounded his walls which squelched each time his groin met with his own rectum.

“Linias~~...!! Linias..! Ff..hah~!” His feeble legs trembled and would’ve collapsed altogether had Linias not had a death grip on his hips. The miniscule rationality in his head felt it more wise to crawl away and escape but the other vast majority of himself was relishing in the violation.

Suddenly his head was met with a sharp jerk–his abundance of hair intertwined in Linias’s fist as he spared no effort in pulling it.

Then that same sultry voice spoke against his ear, rather than in a seductive purr it was now cold and abusive. “You’re so loose and wet down there. Do you always take cock in this easily? Or were you just desperate?”

Now that really didn’t feel like the Linias he believed and knew him to be. The question didn’t exactly register in Haetia’s mind which was reduced to numb and blank paste by this point. To jog his senses back into him, Linias slapped his rear with a fully open palm, leaving a searing sting and an imprint in its wake and causing an unfiltered moan to erupt from Haetia’s throat.


He cruelly tugged back on the locks all the fiercer. “Or…Is it just my cock that you like so much?”

Linias struck him again, indicating his desire for an answer but fuck did Haetia love the sensation. The slaps almost had the adverse effect from the intended one because of it.

What threads of his speech were left he wove together to try and articulate some form of response, “Y-our..Your c-cock~!! More–!...M-ore..~!! Hha!

As if to reward him for his response, he struck him as hard as he could one last time and Haetia moaned in delight, savoring every drop of pain as it all registered as pleasure in his mangled mind.


“Ah-ah-ah, don’t cum yet.” Linias pinched his overzealous, skittish member who had already poured precum all over the fur blanket, soiling it forever. “Such a selfish whore.”


Though Haetia didn’t exactly articulate the desire correctly, Linias perfectly understood what he was trying to convey. And if anything, Haetia himself could hardly believe how badly he wanted to be filled with Linias’s cum. He absolutely abhorred the sensation of a creampie and especially the aftermath of cleaning it (although it was usually his servant’s responsibility to do so anyway).

But for whatever the reason he felt himself yearning for the full and complete package, to be well and truly treated like a street slut, and for that he had to take every bit of cum that left his cock.

Linias’s throbbing heat mercilessly thrusted against his prostate, sending a shiver and shock through his spine as the strength started to scatter and flee from his limbs.


His hole pulsed, preparing itself for the meal it was about to receive and soon enough it was fed. In one final drive Linias ejaculated his seed into his Master. With already no space left inside it leaked out, the lactic fluid almost blending in with Haetia’s winter-touched skin.

As soon as Linias released his hold of him, he collapsed onto the pelts panting heavily as he tried to slowly scurry the fractures of his blank mind back together.

Every time Haetia reached one goal post he set another one further down the line just to extend this moment for as long as possible. And now…Haetia wanted to be fucked until the his consciousness left him, and for that, it would be a long night for the both of them, starting with a glance back and melted eyes that begged for more.

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